Apple iPhone 12 Mini test: “little pimousse report!” “

The iPhone 12 Mini may be the smallest of its siblings, it has nothing to envy its big brother, the iPhone 12. And even if it does not have all the strengths of the competition, it does. is one that no one can take away from it: its compactness. Thanks to it, the iPhone 12 Mini wants to be the most portable… portable! Especially since it is equipped with all the finery of the iPhone 12, including the beautiful overpowering platform. But such a small size also means a few concessions. Which ones? Answer in this ultra complete test.

apple iphone 12 mini cover test

When Apple announced the arrival of the iPhone 12 Mini in October, the editorial staff had two very different reactions. There are the skeptics on the one hand, believing that Apple is wasting its time (and money) creating small smartphones. The high-end smartphone offering today consists mainly of smartphones with screen sizes of 6 inches or more. So why take the risk of marketing a tiny mobile for 800 euros.

Especially since there is already the iPhone SE 2020 to fill the segment of small-sized mobile offering good performance. Even if the design In addition, with the iPhone 12 Mini, Apple would not need to launch a successor to the 2020 iPhone SE. But could the company want to launch one early next year? Not sure. Four years have passed between the first iPhone SE and its successor.

Faced with skeptics, there are the astonished (of which I am a part), in a good way. Those who have long hoped that a manufacturer would take the risk of releasing a modern, powerful, complete and above all easy to handle with one hand smartphone. The iPhone SE and SE 2020 attempted to fulfill this role. But the retro design (which some even call outdated) failed to convince.

The iPhone 12 Mini is therefore perhaps the model of reconciliation with small high-end formats. But is it still possible today to enjoy all the content offered on smartphones when the screen is less than 6 inches? This is a question we will attempt to answer during this test (in addition to any we usually answer).

Our test of the iPhone 12 Mini in video

Technical sheet

iPhone 12 Mini
Screen 5.4 ”
Super Retina XDR OLED
2340 x 1080 pixels
476 pixels per inch
Chipset A14 Bionic (5nm)
Storage 64/128/256 GB
microSD No
Main sensor Ultra wide-angle (120 °) 12 MP, f / 2.4
Wide angle 12 MP, f / 1.6
Digital zoom up to 5x
OIS (wide angle)
Selfie sensor 12 MP, f / 2.2
Drums 2,227 mAh
20W wired fast charging
Fast wireless charging up to 12W with MagSafe
5G Yes
Biometrics Face ID
Water resistance IP68

Price and availability

apple iphone 12 mini accessory test

The iPhone 12 Mini is available for sale in Apple Stores, operator stores and in open-market since November 13, 2020, after a week of pre-ordering. It was released on the same date as theiPhone 12 Pro Max, which will also undergo a full test in the coming days. Apple has started marketing its small smartphone three weeks after the release of iPhone 12. This is the second time, after the iPhone X, that Apple has delayed the release of a smartphone.

The iPhone 12 Mini is available in France from 809 euros in 64 GB version. Its price then changes to 859 euros in 128 GB version and 979 euros in 256 GB version. The price per gigabyte is much higher for the last tier (94 cents per gigabyte of additional storage) than the second (78 cents per giga). The best value for money is therefore the 128 GB version.

Every year, we are disappointed with Apple’s proposal for storage. Either it is too weak or it is too expensive. This is still the case in 2020 with the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Mini. We don’t understand why Apple still offers smartphones with 64 GB of storage when its operating system already weighs a tenth of the proposed space. We therefore strongly advise against purchasing the 64 GB version of the iPhone 12 Mini.

At this price point, the iPhone 12 Mini competes with some of the flagships we’ve enjoyed in recent months. We’re talking about the Asus ZenFone 7 Pro and the OnePlus 8T in particular. They are two excellent smartphones considering their selling price. We could also have mentioned the Mi 10T Pro from Xiaomi, as well as the Reno4 Pro from Oppo and X51 from Vivo, not to mention the Xperia 5 II from Sony, the full test of which was published in our columns a few days ago.

The Xperia 5 II, but also the Samsung Galaxy S20 and the Huawei P40, are alternatives that are closest to the iPhone 12 Mini in terms of positioning. They are all relatively small with nice technical characteristics. But they are not sharp enough to worry the more expensive models. The Xperia 5 II may be an exception to this rule.

We will not devote part of our test to this, but we note it once again: Apple sells a mobile for 809 euros without an AC adapter, but only with a USB cable. We covered the subject extensively during our iPhone 12 Pro review. In France, the mobile comes with a pair of wired EarPods. We are the only country in the world in this case. And that’s almost shameful (even if it’s less than with the Pro line).


apple iphone 12 mini design test 1

Let’s talk about the design of the iPhone 12 Mini. It’s a smartphone that gives pride of place to easy handling and extreme portability. Remember the demonstration by Steve Jobs during the keynote presentation of the iPhone 4. He explained that the size of the smartphone was ideal for reaching the far corners of the panel with the thumb.

apple iphone 12 mini design 5 test

The smartphone here is a bit bigger than the iPhone 4, which it draws heavily on, but not by much. 13 cm in height. 6.4 cm in width. And 7 mm in thickness. It is therefore also possible here to reach the different corners of the smartphone with the thumb, without having to change the position of the phone in the hand. The iPhone 12 Mini has clearly been Apple’s easiest to handle smartphone for a long time.

As you can see in the photos below, the iPhone 12 Mini is smaller than the iPhone 6. It is very legally larger than the iPhone 5 and much larger than the iPhone 4. You can also see that the iPhone 12 Mini is smaller than the Galaxy S20 and the Xperia 5 II. It is the smallest premium smartphone today.

apple iphone 12 mini design test with iphone 6
iPhone 12 Mini on the left, iPhone 6 on the right

Let’s take a look at the product. The iPhone 12 Mini carries over the design we previously reviewed with the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro. We find two plates of mineral glass and an aluminum frame (stainless steel being reserved for Pro). The angles are rounded. The edges are straight. The photo block is placed in the upper left corner. The label of the American brand is in the center. And a notch is present on the front to house the earpiece and the Face ID facial recognition system.

On the edges, interspersed with separations for the antennas, you find the Lightning port at the bottom with the main microphone and the main speaker (because the phone earpiece also acts as a secondary speaker, as with the iPhone 12) . On the left, the SIM drawer, the volume control and the switch to mute the mobile. On the right the start button. No technical element on the right edge: the secondary microphone is placed in the photo module.

apple iphone 12 mini design 3 test

The differences between iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini are essentially physical: the first is bigger than the second. This has three consequences, of course. The iPhone 12 Mini is lighter; its battery offers less capacity; and its screen is narrower. Otherwise, there is no difference. So that’s the whole iPhone 12 experience packed into a small package. It’s very amazing.

apple iphone 12 mini design 4 test

And it’s also very nice. Because the grip of the iPhone 12 Mini reminds us of what it was to have a good little smartphone in your hand. Impression reinforced by the light weight of the smartphone: 135 grams on the scale. Here is a small mobile which impresses with its small size and which will slip into any pocket (even in your favorite slim fit!).


apple iphone 12 mini screen test 1

Despite its small size, the iPhone 12 Mini offers a fairly large screen. It measures 5.4 inch (in 19.5 / 9th format), i.e. 0.7 inch more than the panel of the iPhone 6 / 6s / 7/8 (which is however larger) and 0.7 inch less than the iPhone 12 This screen is surrounded by borders slightly thicker than those of the competition. They measure 2 mm all around the screen (except where the notch is of course).

The screen is OLED, like all the other panels of this generation of iPhone. Apple has finally standardized the display of its range. The iPhone 11 will therefore be the last “flagship” with an LCD screen. It’s better this way. The screen brightness is similar to that of the iPhone 12: 600 nits in normal use and up to 1200 nits maximum. The display is therefore very bright, even outdoors, in bright light. We find it less bright than the iPhone 12 Pro, however.

The definition announced is ” Retina XDR “. In fact, it is a Full HD + : 1080 pixels in width and 2340 pixels in height. Contrary to popular belief, the iPhone 12 Mini offers the best resolution of any iPhone 12: 476 pixels per inch (compared to 458 pixels per inch for the iPhone 12 Pro Max and 460 pixels per inch for the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro).

apple iphone 12 mini screen test

The display is compatible HDR10 and Dolby Vision. This means that the screen displays more colors than some competitors. The colorimetry is also always well managed with a beautiful reproduction of tones over the entire spectrum, without being overly vibrant. We also note an excellent contrast, with very deep blacks. It’s a really nice screen.

Above the slab, you find the new mineral glass Ceramic Shield, developed with Corning. This glass protects the LED layer and provides good fluidity. Note that, even if the screen displays 60 frames per second, the refresh rate of the touch layer reaches 120 Hz, like on other iPhone 12 models. Today, having a touch layer twice as fast as the display almost seems like a norm, even if it does add extra power.


apple iphone 12 mini interface test 1
Home (left), multitasking (center) and notification center (right)

The iPhone 12 Mini ships in iOS 14, a version of the operating system we’ve encountered in the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. We have devoted a complete dossier to the new features brought by this version of the OS. We will not go into it here.

For those who do not know iOS, know that ergonomics are enough close to that of the latest versions of Android. Both spend a lot of time copying and reinterpreting each other’s good ideas. You will therefore find a home screen with a permanent bar for your most common applications (Phone, Safari, iMessages and Apple Music by default).

apple iphone 12 mini interface 2 test
Widget (left), Application Library (center) and Control Center (right)

By sliding to the left you will find the new widgets screen. If you slide to the right, you discover a second screen for the applications (and more if appropriate). And by swiping again you get to a new screen called Apps Library which looks like it in the Android app drawer. Swiping down from the center of the screen opens the global search engine with Siri suggestions.

By sliding down from the top of the screen, you open the notification center. Finally, by swiping from the top of the screen, to the right under the battery icon, downwards, you open ” Control Center “, The equivalent of Android’s quick settings area. Swiping up from the bottom of the screen is used for navigation: return to home and display multitasking. Finally, a long press on the apps calls up a context menu previously supported by 3D Touch. We really regret his disappearance, but Haptic Touch does the job too.

apple iphone 12 mini interface 3 test
Shortcuts (left), Locate (center), Translator (right)

IOS 14 is, like all other versions of iOS, a lot of preinstalled applications. But they are all developed by Apple. No commercial application here. No marketing partnership. The range covers all needs: office automation, entertainment, photography (and video editing), information, management of connected devices.

Some (most?) Will be useless to you, while others may find their purpose when you equip yourself with a connected accessory, such as a watch, a speaker, a thermostat, a camera or a bulb. But is it really necessary to preinstall them? Fortunately, most can be deleted to save space.

apple iphone 12 mini interface 4 test

With such a screen, we also wonder about the relevance of certain uses with the iPhone 12 Mini. Let’s take a few examples: Keynote, Numbers, Pages, Garageband and iMovie. Are you really going to use them with a 5.4 inch screen? We don’t. Editing a movie or creating a PowerPoint is not effective on such a display. Some may however have a specific need. If so, feel free to share your experience in the comments.


apple iphone 12 mini performance test

And yet, the iPhone 12 Mini has more than enough power to handle all possible uses with a phone. Do you want to play? It’s possible. Do you want to shoot in 4K? Of course. And edit the video directly in this little car? Obviously. Want to watch a movie in Ultra HD? This is not the ideal smartphone for this. But Apple’s A14 Bionic chipset is perfectly capable of handling this eccentricity.

apple iphone 12 mini performance test 2

Let’s talk about what the smartphone is capable of developing in terms of power. You can see in the screenshots above and below, the iPhone 12 Mini features a similar technical platform to the iPhone 12 and a very slight step backwards from the iPhone 12 Pro. It makes sense: the latter has 6 GB of RAM, when the iPhone 12 and 12 Mini only have 4 GB. Never mind, the little chick gets excellent marks, on AnTuTu, GFXBench or even 3DMark .

apple iphone 12 mini performance test 3

We have three remarks about the results proposed during the benchmarks. First, the iPhone 12 Mini shows some consistency in long tests. With the Wild Life Stress Test benchmark, which simulates a game in 3D for 30 minutes, we noticed that the results of each loop are stable, except for the 17th loop which is very different. We believe there was an external event that caused this framerate drop. Otherwise, the iPhone 12 Mini is unperturbed.

Second note, the iPhone 12 Mini does not heat up much, even during long tests. Yes, it is heating up. But that’s still very reasonable. And this, despite a very small footprint. In a small smartphone, it is more difficult to regulate the temperature, especially with passive systems. Here, however, it is. This certainly goes hand in hand with the framerate control that we observed previously.

apple iphone 12 mini performance test 4

Finally, as a final point, we once again observed significantly higher results in benchmarks using Metal, Apple’s 3D engine. The iPhone 12 Mini scores 4 times higher when tested with Metal than when tested with OpenGL, both using the same 3D animation. This means that the iPhone 12 Mini could be four times more efficient if the games are developed with Metal than with OpenGL.

Let’s talk about games, since this is the use that makes the most of the excellent performance offered by the A14 Bionic. We tested several games, including the two we used in the iPhone 12 Pro review: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and Dead Trigger 2. We also included FF XV Pocket Edition. The result is very satisfactory. Both games are very smooth and very responsive (sometimes the small size of the screen does not help the handling). And this even if we opted for the highest graphics settings.

apple iphone 12 mini game 1 test
Dead Trigger 2
apple iphone 12 mini game 3 test
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

The iPhone 12 Mini could be a great ultraportable gaming console. This little monster of power might even have become your preferred platform for accessing Fortnite, if it hadn’t been banned from the App Store. There are so many great games on iOS, however, that you shouldn’t suffer too much from the absence. Oceanhorn 2. Cat Quest 2. Jade Empire. Monster Hunter Stories. Etc. All are smooth and even on this small mobile provide excellent experiences.

apple iphone 12 mini game 2 test
Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition


apple iphone 12 mini battery test 1

To assume such power, you normally need a battery worthy of the name. But it is not the case here. And we didn’t really expect it. For several reasons. First, Apple has never integrated a battery with a capacity similar to the competition in his iPhone. At equal size, an iPhone will always have a smaller battery. Then, Apple prefers to optimize. The firm manages to offer an excellent relationship between autonomy and capacity. Finally, iPhone 12 Mini is small. Tiny. Which means small battery.

The battery capacity is therefore much lighter than other iPhones. And even lighter compared to the competition. Smartphone teardown specialists have released videos confirming that the battery capacity of the iPhone 12 Mini reaches 2227 mAh. That’s almost half the battery of the Xperia 5 II or Galaxy S20.

apple iphone 12 mini battery test 2

During the Wild Life Stress Test benchmark, iPhone 12 Mini lost 15% of its battery in 20 minutes. That’s about 0.7% battery in one minute. This means that the battery could completely discharge when About 133 minutes of testing. It would therefore only take a game of two and a quarter hours to exhaust the iPhone 12 Mini. Which is obviously very little. For comparison, the iPhone 12 Pro would exceed 3 hours and the Xperia 5 II would last 6.5 hours, under the same conditions.

Apple’s official figures confirm this impression. According to the firm, iPhone 12 Mini offers 15 hours of video and 10 hours of streaming. This is one hour less than the iPhone XR and two hours less than the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12. But it is two hours more than the 2020 iPhone 8, iPhone X and iPhone SE . According to our calculations, the little pimousse has a mixed autonomy that does not exceed the day.

Charging times and charger options

apple iphone 12 mini cable lightning test

With such an autonomy, you might as well say that you will be very regularly (even daily) hooked to your charger. So let’s talk about the problem of charging. There are several issues related to charging. They are not as bad as autonomy. But, the iPhone 12 Mini still suffers.

The first is charging time. The smartphone’s technical sheet indicates that the mobile is compatible with 20 watt fast charging. Which is not that fast. However, with a 2227mAh battery, that’s only half a problem. Apple announces a charge of 50% in half an hour. And it is indeed. To go to 100% you have to wait 45 more minutes. That’s an hour and a quarter to charge the entire battery. Oppo, with the Find X2 Pro, charges 5,000mAh in around 40 minutes.

The second concern is the cost of fast charging. Apple does not ship a fast charger with its iPhones. Worse, the company no longer provides an AC adapter. So there are two situations. Either you already own an iPhone (most likely with a ligtning port). Either you’ve never had one. Either way, you’ll need to pay extra to charge your phone quickly and safely.

So in the first situation, you already have a power adapter and a Lightning cable with your old phone. If you had an iPhone 11 Pro or an iPhone 11 Pro Max, you are already well equipped: a Lightning to USB type-C cable and an 18-watt fast charger. It’s not 20 watts, but it’s already good. If you had another iPhone, then you are in possession ofa very slow 5 watt charger and a Lightning to USB type-A cable. It can be used to charge the iPhone 12 mini. But … it’s … very … long. If you want it to be faster, take out the wallet. It will cost you 25 euros in an Apple Store.

In the second situation, you might already have a fast charger. And hope it is USB Type-C compatible. But be careful with the power delivered, because you could damage your new iPhone (although we believe there are safeguards in it to cut off fast charging and switch to slow charging). If you need a charger, it costs 25 euros. And if you try your luck with your non-Apple charger, a Lightning to USB type-A cable costs 25 euros at Apple (we do not recommend buying it from Aliexpress). At this price, better to buy the charger.

So you are good at buying a charger in the majority of cases. If you wish, you can also opt for a wireless charger. Especially since iPhone 12 Mini is Mag Safe compatible. But, like wired charging, this solution has flaws. This is because the little pimousse does not support wireless charging power greater than 12 watts (compared to 15 watts for the iPhone 12). A Magsafe charger costs 45 euros. And a Qi charger costs minimum 60 euros for a power output of only 7.5 watts. Yeah.

We clearly believe that wireless charging was not required in this product (especially as it is diminished). Obviously, a larger battery would have been much better. But Apple is making a lot of money on wireless chargers. It would have been a shame not to do it here.


apple iphone 12 mini design 2 test

In audio, the iPhone 12 Mini offers almost the same experience as the iPhone 12. You will find a Lightning port to connect headphones compatible with this connection (or adapters to be purchased in addition). And you also find the two speakers : one on the bottom edge and another hidden in the earpiece.

As with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, Apple took care of the balance between the main loudspeaker, which is powerful, but oriented to the side, and the secondary loudspeaker, placed on the front towards the user, but less powerful. The result is a clear and powerful stereo audio system, offering good mids and highs, as well as deep bass. In use, it’s perfect for watching a movie or playing a game.

In the latter case, pay attention to the positioning of the hands when you hold the smartphone horizontally: the index finger (right or left depending on the orientation) regularly obstructs the main speaker. In that case, opt for the Earpods hands-free kit or, better, a pair of wireless headphones. Indeed, the EarPods kit is not the best pair of headphones in the world and the most comfortable to wear. Its main advantage is that it comes in the box in France and is Lightning compatible.

apple iphone 12 mini earphones test

At 800 euros per smartphone, we are still disappointed that Apple is only satisfied with the minimum service on the audio part. The brand already had removed the 3.5mm jack port of his phones, preventing any headset from being plugged in. Then she has removed the adapter 3.5mm jack, confirming its intentions. Now, it is phasing out EarPods internationally. The firm is clearly pushing for consumption here.

To finish on the audio part of this test, we would like to come back to the two microphones. Thanks to the integration of the secondary microphone in the photo module, facing the scene you are capturing, it is possible to film and record the sound in stereo. The effect is of good quality. In addition, the primary microphone captures your voice well during audio or video conversations, with the secondary microphone attenuating ambient noise. The exchanges with your correspondent are clear.

Photo and video capture

apple iphone 12 mini photo test 1

Finally, let’s move on to photography and video capture, two areas where the iPhone 12 Mini is very similar to the iPhone 12, once again. And that’s normal. On the one hand, you have the same photographic equipment, two 12 megapixel sensors hidden behind two objectives opening respectively to f / 1.6 and f / 2.4. The first of the sensors is stabilized and equipped with a Dual Pixel autofocus. The second lens is wide-angle with a viewing angle of 120 °. The whole thing is accompanied by a dual tone LED flash, quite large, but rather anecdotal. And on the other hand, you have the same A14 Bionic chipset. And therefore the same image processing.

apple iphone 12 mini photo 4 test
Main sensor, automatic mode

By day, the result offered by the iPhone 12 Mini is a fair balance between the chromatic exuberance of Huawei and Samsung and the natural sobriety of Sony. The photos are beautiful. Perfectly balanced between areas of light and shadow. The former retain their details, while the latter remain under control. And whatever the sensor you choose. Image processing does not smooth details too much. You keep sharpness and contrast.

apple iphone 12 mini photo 2 test
Main sensor, automatic mode

The main sensor is your best ally, day or night. It allows for excellent photos, rendering vivid colors, but not fluorescent. Contrast, brightness, sharpness, finesse: the iPhone 12 Mini is a good add-on camera. Backlighting is handled well (better than with most phones), with beautiful colors and even contrast, although you will lose brightness. Despite a definition a little below the competition, the iPhone 12 Mini does not deserve. Far from there.

apple iphone 12 mini photo 3 test
Main sensor, automatic mode, backlight

The secondary sensor also takes beautiful photos with automatic mode. Obviously, given the nature of the wide-angle lens, the photos produced by the second sensor will be slightly less bright and contrasting. Normally, you should take close-up photos with him. But it’s not always the best choice. Also pay attention to deformations due to the lens. The recovery is very well managed on the panoramas. Less on the detail photos (second photo below).

test apple iphone 12 mini wide-angle photo 2
Wide-angle sensor, automatic mode
apple iphone 12 mini wide-angle photo test
Wide-angle sensor, automatic mode

Once the day goes down, iPhone 12 Mini activates night mode. This is a mode that is not manual, but integrated, as with Sony, in automatic mode. IPhone measures ambient light and adapts pause time between 1 and 4 seconds. You have a slider to deactivate night mode or, on the contrary, set the default break time to the maximum. The result is really good, even if it does not meet, according to our findings, that of Oppo’s night mode. With the main sensor, the photos are detailed and the result remains natural. Et grâce au stabilisateur, les flous sont maitrisés. Avec le capteur grand-angle, le résultat est moins impressionnant.

test apple iphone 12 mini photo nuit
Capteur principal, mode nuit automatique
test apple iphone 12 mini photo nuit 2
Capteur principal, mode nuit automatique (gauche) et mode nuit désactivé (droite)
test apple iphone 12 mini photo grand angle nuit
Capteur grand-angle, mode nuit automatique

Le mode portrait, compatible avec les deux capteurs arrière, mais aussi avec le capteur selfie, est très efficace. Ici aussi, Apple a fait de grands progrès. Le sujet est bien isolé. Le flou d’arrière-plan est bien maitrisé. Et, de jour, il est possible de prendre en photo un sujet en mouvement et obtenir une photo nette. Pas besoin donc du capteur LiDAR des iPhone 12 Pro et 12 Pro Max pour être créatif. Évidemment, avec le capteur selfie, l’effet est plus accentué encore, grâce au module Face ID qui remplace le capteur LiDAR. De nuit, les portraits sont également très bien gérés, même si le mode portrait n’est pas cumulable avec le mode nuit.

test apple iphone 12 mini photo portrait
Capteur principal, mode portrait

Une remarque sur le zoom : il n’y a pas de zoom optique ici, même 2x. Vous devez vous contenter d’un zoom numérique qui monte jusqu’à 5x. C’est un zoom qui offre quelques services de temps en temps, mais qui reste de qualité passable de jour et médiocre la nuit. La faute en est à la définition du capteur : 12 mégapixels. Un zoom numérique est, par nature, un élargissement des pixels. Plus il y a de pixels par pouce à l’origine, plus il y en aura à l’arrivée. Le zoom hybride du Galaxy S20 Ultra s’appuie sur le zoom optique 4x, mais aussi sur les 48 mégapixels de son capteur. On ne joue pas dans la même cour.

test apple iphone 12 mini photo zoom jour
de gauche à droite, de haut en bas : capteur grand-angle, capteur principal, zoom numérique 2x, zoom numérique 5x
test apple iphone 12 mini photo zoom nuit
Capteur principal, mode nuit automatique : sans zoom à gauche et zoom numérique 5x à droite

L’iPhone 12 Mini offre plusieurs modes vidéo avec la possibilité de passer d’un capteur à l’autre dans chaque mode. Vidéo classique, en définition 720p, 1080p et 4K (jusqu’à 60 images par seconde). Ralenti en 1080p jusqu’à 240 images par seconde. Et Accéléré. Les vidéos réalisées avec l’iPhone 12 Mini offrent les mêmes qualités que les photos : belles couleurs, beaux contrastes, équilibre de la lumière, du détail.

test apple iphone 12 mini photo reglage

Un petit mot pour finir sur le format des photos. Par défaut, elles sont enregistrées au format « AppleRaw » (extension de fichier HEIC). Tous les logiciels de traitement d’image ne le prennent pas encore en charge, notamment sous Windows (alors que macOS est nativement compatible, évidemment). Si votre ordinateur n’est pas un Mac, pensez à basculer au format JPG en vous rendant dans le menu paramètre (voire la capture d’écran centrale ci-dessus).


test apple iphone 12 mini cover 2

L’iPhone 12 Mini est un excellent smartphone. Il offre un très bon rapport qualité-prix (à l’échelle d’Apple), notamment en version 128 Go. Il est idéal pour celui qui cherche un petit modèle doté d’une belle puissance et d’atours haut de gamme (design, étanchéité, photographie, interface, etc.). Un segment où Apple n’a que très peu de concurrence directe. Nous pensons au Xperia 5 II, au Galaxy S20, au P40. Mais tous trois sont vraiment plus grands.

Dès la première prise en main, le charme agit. Nous irions même jusqu’à dire que nous retrouvons avec l’iPhone 12 Mini les mêmes sensations qu’avec l’iPhone 4 et l’iPhone 5. Son format est certes petit, mais son écran n’est pas ridicule non plus : 5,4 pouces. C’est plus que ce que proposent l’iPhone 8 ou l’iPhone SE 2020, par exemple. L’iPhone 12 Mini enterre ce dernier à plate couture dans le domaine des petits smartphones puissants.

Nous regrettons bien entendu ses quelques défauts. L’absence de chargeur 20 watts dans la boîte, par exemple, qui vous obligera à passer à la caisse pour charger votre mobile suffisamment vite. L’autonomie en berne, qui ne dépassera pas la journée d’utilisation normale. Et ce alors même que les réseaux 5G ne sont pas encore disponibles. L’inutilité de la charge sans fil. L’exiguïté de la version 64 Go, un volume de stockage clairement trop petit pour 2020. Ou encore l’absence d’un zoom optique, même 2x, pour pallier la justesse de la définition des capteurs photo. Pouvons-nous lui pardonner ces écarts ? Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ignore…

Car, l’iPhone 12 Mini est vraiment un produit à part, que ce soit chez Apple ou sur le marché des smartphones en général. Si vous cherchez un petit smartphone capable de tout, le petit pimousse de la téléphonie est un choix évident. Ce n’est pas le seul. Mais il doit être dans votre sélection finale. Nous avons adoré ce produit, malgré son autonomie. Mais si vous cherchez juste un smartphone puissant, est-il le modèle qui vous conviendra le mieux ? Pas sûr.

Vous êtes joueur ? Vous êtes vidéaste amateur ? Vous êtes un cinéphile averti ? Vous êtes un gourmand de séries ? Si votre réponse est oui, alors peut-être devriez-vous passer votre chemin. Aujourd’hui, pour ces usages, même s’il est capable de les assumer, l’iPhone 12 Mini est aujourd’hui trop petit. Car ces applications appellent (exigent ?) un grand écran. Ce n’est d’ailleurs pas pour rien qu’Apple intègre son meilleur stabilisateur vidéo à l’iPhone 12 Pro Max. Alors, à qui s’adresse vraiment ce super produit ? Quel profil d’utilisateur en tirera le maximum de ses capacités ? Nous cherchons encore la réponse à l’heure où nous finissons ce test. Si vous avez une idée, n’hésitez pas à la partager dans les commentaires.

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