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THE apple announced, this Thursday (26), changes in the rules of the App Store. The decision stems from an out-of-court agreement between the iPhone maker and developers to end a class action lawsuit over the US app store. Apps will now be able to advise users that they can purchase items and subscriptions over the web – often for less. The company also unveiled a fund to help American programmers.

App Store on iPhone (Image: André Fogaça/Tecnoblog)

Apps may notify you via email of lower prices

Apple will ease some app store rules based on the deal, including how developers contact their users. Until then, it was prohibited to notify – either through the app or by email – about subscriptions that can be paid outside the App Store.

The idea, in theory, is to protect users from possible scams – but this also serves the interests of Apple itself, which retains 30% of purchases made via the App Store (15% in the case of the first year of a subscription). That fee is the main reason Netflix removed the in-app purchase option in 2018.

It will now be possible to use email and other forms of communication to inform about payment methods outside your iOS app. Still, this doesn’t mean that alternative pricing and subscription methods can be displayed within the app; is what the company tells the 9to5Mac.

What else changes in the App Store rules?

You search results App Store will be based on “objective characteristics” for three years. They are: “downloads, star rating, text relevance and signs of user behavior”. In addition, the company will make the way developers contact their users more flexible.

In addition, the parties agreed to maintain the current structure of the small business program which lowers the commission for developers earning less than $1 million a year. As such, this group will remain at a rate of 15% instead of 30% for three years.

At price ranges will be expanded from 100 options to more than 500 alternatives. The option for developers will also be maintained question the rejection of an app based on unfair treatment. The company also committed to making transparency reports on the App Store for at least three years.

App Store Icon (Image: Disclosure / Apple)
App Store Icon (Image: Disclosure / Apple)

The measure responds to a class action filed by developers in the US in 2019. The expectation, according to a press release, is that the new definitions will lead to a solution to the process, which still depends on court approval.

“The terms of the agreement will help turn the App Store into an even better business opportunity for developers, while maintaining the secure and reliable marketplace that users love,” the company announced.

Apple Establishes Fund for US Developers

Apple has proposed a fund to help small developers in the United States. Applicants must have earned $1 million or less at the US store each year the developers had an account between June 4, 2015 and April 26, 2021. Details of the Small Developer Assistance Fund program will be revealed later.

The News Partner Program is another initiative announced this Thursday (26). The program is aimed at periodicals that offer their content on Apple News with Apple News Format. “Participating organizations will benefit from a 15% commission on eligible subscriptions to their news apps,” they said.

With information: 9to5Mac, Apple (Newsroom) and The Verge

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