Apex Legends season 7 brings new legend, map and even vehicle

Apex Legends it is one of the great battle royals that we have today and because of all the success, it receives constant updates to bring new players to the title and engage even more loyal fans.

Tomorrow, November 4, Season 7 game will be released that will add many things, like new character, map and even a vehicle! We talked to the developers at Respawn and brought the news that will come to the game soon.


A catastrophe in civilization

The seventh season of Apex Legends will bring the new map called Olympus, which is a city with a very colorful look that has a great balance between verticality and horizontality. It has luxurious properties, shopping malls and industrial docks.

The problem is that an accident ended up creating a gigantic bubble of Phase energy, called Phase Runners, which caused the inhabitants to leave the place. If the player decides to enter them, he will be teleported to other places on the map.

For those who want to get to know the environment better and prepare for matches on site, there is a mode called Olympus Preview, which will allow you to study the areas of loots, drops and set up routes for gameplay. The only thing is that it will only be available for a week.

A totally crazy doctor

Before being the Horizon legend that shoots everyone, Dr. Mary Somers was an astrophysicist who had found an answer to the energy problem her land suffered from. In the middle of the mission, she was betrayed by her colleague and spent tens of years without aging wandering in space, which made it impossible to return home, as she had promised her son. Now, she is entering the Games to get enough money to set up a time machine and find her loved one again.

Even though her story is cute, she is here to get a bullet and win. Your Ultimate, called the Black Hole, releases a gravity sphere that pulls all enemies in the area towards you, which facilitates a confrontation against many opponents. Even though it looks very strong, the developers ensured that this ability was balanced so as not to adversely affect the game’s goal.

A snapper for anything that comes and goes

Often what we need is fast locomotion. The circle is closing and we need to run or the area we fall into has almost no items. For this, the Trident was introduced, a vehicle for up to three people that will take players from one corner of the map to the other. While one drives, the other two enjoy the look of Olympus or shoot whatever is in the way.

In order not to affect the experience of the players too much, the developers stated that it will not be possible to run over opponents with him and, instead of reaching the corner of the map and falling to his death, players will be ejected and may fall to a more interesting place.

When asked if the addition of a vehicle would make Olympus not only the largest in the game but also the most horizontal, game director Chad Grenier said he was larger than the King’s Canyon and smaller than the ends of the world at the same time. which mixes horizontal open areas well with a very vertical city center.

A club to call my own

Anyone who likes to play with friends will now be able to join them in one place, the Clubs. The new tab allows players to access their colleagues and updates related to the game.

Each player can be in only one club, which will be limited to 30 people, but the developers’ idea is to evolve and improve the feature over time with the community.

New platform, new generation

The game has been confirmed for new platforms. It will arrive on Steam on November 5th with crossplay and players will be able to migrate their Origin account to the Valve platform with all the progress saved and exclusive weapon charms.

It will also be available on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S on launch day, thanks to backward compatibility, with several optimizations thanks to the most powerful hardware. At first, there will be no support for specific console features, such as adaptive triggers in Dualsense.

A brand new battle pass

The new battle pass will bring you completely new rewards. For those who like to stay in fashion, two new skins will be available: “High Class” by Wraith and “Fast Fashion” by Octane.

The seventh season of Apex Legends will be available tomorrow, November 4, for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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