Android hides privacy settings, NFT market collapses, weekly recap

Google has done everything to prevent Android users from activating privacy settings, investors are losing interest in NFTs en masse, Linky is paying (or not), here is the recap of the week.

Eventful news this week. On the one hand, exposed documents revealed that Google has deliberately made it difficult to access Android’s privacy settings to prevent users from turning off ad tracking. Then we saw the near end of NFTs, which investors are losing interest in en masse. Not to mention the Linky scandal, of which no one really knows who will finance the installation. Fortunately, some are working to fix issues, like Microsoft and Samsung on their respective devices.

Google doesn’t want you to go to Android’s privacy settings

For a while, Google was not the fervent privacy advocate it tries to be today with Android 12. Quite the contrary, since documents have revealed that the firm has deliberately made it difficult to access the privacy settings in older versions of the operating system. This would indeed have observed a “Substantial increase” the number of deactivations of functionalities allowing the collection of data for advertising purposes when they were easily found. To top it all, the company put pressure on different manufacturers so that they do the same on their overlay.

Android 12

Is NFT out of fashion?

Investors seem to think so. On May 3, 2021, the NFT market reached its historic peak, with $ 100 million spent on that single day. Yet this past week he has only recorded $ 19.4 million of sale. Buyers are becoming increasingly rare. Since May 3, the number of virtual wallets dedicated to NFTs has increased from 12,000 to 3900. “It’s definitely an economic bubble. It’s hard to predict when we’ll reach the top “, warned investor Nate Hart at a time when the system was at its peak. It seems like the bubble burst.

stock market fall
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But who pays for the installation of Linky?

On the one hand, Enedis ensures that “Consumers will not pay additional cost due to Linky”. On the other hand, UFC-Que Choisir claims that the installation is supported by users up to an additional cost on the invoice of € 15 per year for 10 years. When we know that the deployment of the meter has cost 5.7 billion euros to the state, the question of financing arises legitimately. Especially since the cost savings, supposed to cover the costs, will only be “1 billion euros over the next 4. years” according to the Energy Regulatory Commission. For the moment, the mystery continues.

Linky counter

Windows 10 update derails taskbar

As often, the last update KB5003214 has turned Windows 10 upside down. Indeed, some users have reported problems with the taskbar. When the icons are not displayed in cascade with respect to each other, they disappear completely. The concern obviously comes from the new feature that displays news and weather in the taskbar. While waiting for a patch to be deployed by Microsoft, two solutions exist. You can choose to uninstall the latest update or deactivate the functionality. News and fields of interest.

Windows 10 desktop taskbar start menu

The Galaxy S21 is put to the test … by opening the camera

You have noticed latency issues on your Galaxy S21 when using the camera? You are not the only one. The concern intervenes in particular when optical zoom is activated. The performance of the smartphone then seems straight out of another time. Fortunately, Samsung is already in the process of work on a fix. “We have confirmed that lag occurs when there is insufficient memory or compute resources in a specific path, especially in portrait mode”, wrote the latter on his official forum. So the problem should be solved in the next few days.

Galaxy S21 Ultra
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Our test of the week

Sony secures its leadership position in the OLED TV market. After a more than successful A8, the Bravia XR 190J takes up the challenge to do better. The faults to be deplored are very few. Barely if the reflections on the slab and the amount of preinstalled streaming services are disturbing. On the other hand, the quality of its screen, which offers delightful contrasts, its exceptional audio quality and its sober and elegant design make the TV a pleasant experience with every use. Count all the same 2699 € minimum to get it.

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