There are hacking tools for Android apps and games on the Internet. With the help of hacking tools, you can make games fun and use apps more enjoyable and less boring than usual.

Here, We have a collection of well-known Android hacking tools used for game or performance information. Here ApkVenue provides an overview of some Android hacking applications for the most popular games in the community.

Android Game Hack Tool

Android Hacking Software For Games

1. Game Hacker

For those of you who are familiar with Cheat Engine, of course, using this application won’t be too difficult. Game Hacker is the Android version of Cheat Engine. You can scan and change scan output values.

2. Freedom

Google Play implemented a software purchase system to make it work better. However, some apps are still weak when it comes to buying apps. Freedom uses its weaknesses and offers to buy in-app purchases without the need for a credit card.

3. Lucky Patcher

Having trouble checking your license? The best answer is Lucky Patcher. Thanks to Lucky Patcher, the license control system has been modified, so you can use the software without denying the license.

4. xxzhushou

xxzhushou or Chinese APK is an Android tool that is useful to add MOD to certain Android games. The program works well and is constantly being updated according to the version of the game.

5. Game Killer

Unlike SB Game Hacker it’s an easy-to-use game killer with an Android app or game information.

6. Game Guardian

Game Guardian is also the Android version of Cheat Engine. Game Guardian is used to review app information and changing grades.

7. Xmodgames

Not much different from the previous xxzhushou, the difference is that Xmodgames uses English as part of it. So new users will have no problem using these Xmodgames. In terms of performance, Xmodgames is still like xxzhushou.

8. DaxAttack

DaxAttack is a hacking tool that has similar functionality to Cheat Engine. DaxAttack is a tool that people rarely use. So DaxAttack is not yet known for most apps or games.

9. Hack App Data

Hack Data App is an essential Android application to convert data stored in Android apps and games. With this program, you can modify the stored information as you wish.

10. Hex Editor

Hexagon Editor is an Android application that is useful for converting information from apps or games like Hexagon.

11. Cheat Droid

Cheat Droid is an Android hacking application developed by FLX Apps to convert game information stored in states or games. You can easily view, edit or add anything. Before you use the Cheat Droid Android app, make sure your Android phone is rooted.

12. App Ops

App Ops is an Android application developed by Droid Mate to monitor the performance of each application. With App Ops, you can set functions that work across multiple apps. Android marshmallow users should be familiar with the following.

13. CheatEngine

CheatEngine is one of the best desktop apps that you can use on your Android. The program can scan and change the values ​​as you wish. Almost all Cheat Engine features on PC are available on Android Cheat Engine. For those who want to try Android Hack Cheat Engine tool, you can download it from the link below.

14. Slash Game Buster

Like CheatEngine, Slash Game Buster is suitable for those who want to edit game information directly. You can add or delete various information easily and quickly. Don’t forget to root before using this program. You can download the game Slash Buster from the link below.

15. Root Explorer

Root Explorer is an Android application developed by JRummy Apps Inc. With this program, every user has an easy way to access system files. Users can quickly edit, delete and add files to the Android system.

Here are some Android hack apps used in Android games and apps you can use. Use as needed. You can download all applications for free from JalanTikus. Good luck!


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