5 Best and Newest Android Battle Royale Games

5 Best and Newest Android Battle Royale Games – Lately, the game with the battle royale genre is in the middle of a conversation, among smartphone users. Because this type of game began to be liked by smartphone users.
5 Best and Newest Android Battle Royale GamesAfter some time ago the MOBA game succeeded in dominating the mobile platform, now it’s the battle royale game which is a favorite of smartphone users.

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The number of smartphone users who love the game battle royale, can not be separated from the challenging gameplay they offer. Therefore, the battle royale game is a battle game, which is very thick with intrigue and survival.

The Best Android Battle Royale Game 2020

Actually there are quite a number of types of android battle royale games that can be a player’s choice. Some well-known game developers have made and released their android battle royale game.

For those of you who have never played a battle royale game, here is Earngurus giving a list. You can try one of the 5 best android battle royale games.

1. PUBG Mobile

5 Best and Newest Android Battle Royale GamesThe PUBG Mobile game is a battle royale game, adapted from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. After about a year of popularity on the PC platform, this game finally comes in a mobile version.

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Until now the total PUBG Mobile downloads have reached more than 100 million times. Though the best android battle royale game has not even been a year present on smartphones. Of course, this is a very brilliant achievement for Tencent Games, as the developer of this game.

2. Fortnite Mobile

5 Best and Newest Android Battle Royale GamesFortnite Mobile is also a game adapted from PC games, known as the Fortnite Battle Royale. An early appearance on the mobile platform, this game made by Epic Games is only available for iOS users only.

After a long time, Fortnite Mobile finally arrived for Android smartphones. But unfortunately, only a few types of Android smartphones can install this game. For Android Fortnite, requires a very high mobile phone specifications.

3. Free Fire Battlegrounds

Free Fire Battlegrounds
Free Fire Battlegrounds, is one of the battle royale games, which has been around for quite a long time. Garena is the developer who is behind the success of this android game.

Long before PUBG Mobile and Fornite appeared, in fact, Garena Free Fire was already available for Android and iOS. It’s just that its popularity is not as great as the two best battle royale games.

4. Creative Destruction

Creative DestructionCreative Destruction is also one of the battle royale android game genre, which lately is widely played. The concept that resembles Fortnite, makes this game much liked by smartphone users.

At least users who have a mid-end smartphone can make a CD as a replacement for Fortnite. Because this Creative Destruction game can still run on smartphones with mediocre specifications though.

5. Rules Of Survival

Rules Of SurvivalNext is the Rules Of Survival, which is a battle royale game similar to PUBG Mobile. There are many similarities between ROS game features, and those found on PUBG Mobile. Even the term PUBG’s Chicken Dinner is also used in this game.

So do not be surprised if this game made by Netease Games, was debated by Tencent Games. To the point that PUBG Mobile demands Rules of Survival.

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The Final Word:

So, friends, This the 5 recommendations battle royale android game the best, the most popular throughout 2018. If your smartphone is strong enough, then you can try PUBG Mobile or Fortnite Mobile.

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