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A interface Material You is one of the big news of Android 12. With it, users can apply wallpaper colors to operating system elements of the Google to customize it to your liking. The feature, on the other hand, causes games to be closed when performing a Wallpaper change.

Android 12 (Image: Disclosure / Google)

The mechanism is related to the function to change Android buttons, icons and other graphic elements. To recap, Android 12 takes the main colors and auxiliary tones of the chosen wallpaper. This set is then taken to both native system items and applications installed on the mobile.

The feature, however, has been drawing attention for its behavior when changing the background. This is because games are forced to quit when the wallpaper is changed in the background. This is shown by a user report on the September Google Issue Tracker and a test performed by XDA-Developersthis Wednesday (3).

The site tests were carried out on a Google Pixel 6 Pro. The list was also made up of a wide variety of titles, such as Call of Duty: Mobile, Genshin Impact, Minecraft e PUBG Mobile, after the record that mentions other games. And, in all cases, the games crashed when the wallpaper was changed.

Google Pixel 6 com Android 12 e interface Material You
Google Pixel 6 with Android 12 and Material You interface (Image: Press Release/Google)

Why do games crash when changing wallpaper?

The “failure” drew attention this weekend due to a publication by the CommonsWare. Based on the Google Issue Tracker report, the site questioned the fact that by changing the background on Android 12, app activities are “destroyed and recreated”. Shortly thereafter, a Twitter user (@cketti) revealed a commit on Android Code Search that details this behavior.

The commit description states that, in fact, there is a mechanism that forces the app to close so that it returns to its “natural” state. Apparently, the feature aims to avoid problems in changing Material You colors when choosing a new wallpaper. But there’s a problem with all this: developers can’t lock it to prevent their apps from restarting after the switch.

This treatment is different from what is intended for dark mode. When enabling dark mode, apps can also be forced to be closed precisely to avoid problems in activating the new theme. But unlike Material You colors, developers can choose whether the behavior will be applied or not.

This mechanism can mainly affect those who use apps that automatically change the wallpaper. And it is precisely the scenario observed by XDA-Developers: if you’re playing on mobile and the change happens in the background, the game crashes. And so far, there seems to be nothing to stop this behavior.

Google Pixel 6 with Material You interface (Image: Publicity/Google)
Google Pixel 6 with Material You interface (Image: Publicity/Google)

Changing wallpaper can cause chokes on Android 12

There is another implication behind the Android 12 wallpaper change. Also on Wednesday (3), the XDA-Developers revealed that changing wallpapers can still cause chokes on the cell phone. But for that to happen, you need to enable automatic image change in a considerably short period of time.

The experiment also took place on a Pixel 6 Pro. By programming an application to change the background every ten seconds, the mobile had compromised performance. The crash may be related to the Material You’s dynamic colors. After all, the new tones are applied by changing the background.

The website even notes that this is an unusual scenario to happen. However, this factor can still cause real problems for users, especially on cell phones with more limited data sheets. In this case, this behavior can even prevent access to the configuration to stop the automatic switch to avoid chokes.

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