Android 11 finalized, Windows 10 fixes its SSD problems, the Xbox Series X has an official price, the recap of the week

Android 11 is finally available in a finalized version, Microsoft is correcting a bug related to the management of SSDs, the Xbox Series X and Series have a release date and a price … We take stock of this week’s news!

Android 11 Xbox Series X PC Windows 10

Another busy week of announcements and rumors has passed. The start of the school year is definitely busy. Pending Apple’s keynote, which will take place Tuesday, September 15 from 7:00 p.m., other tech “majors” have unveiled their battle plans for the weeks and months to come. Microsoft, Huawei, Google… We debrief everything that has stirred up the world of new technologies this week.

Google Releases Finalized Version of Android 11

After a few months of beta testing, the final version of Android 11 has arrived. On the menu: a new space dedicated to conversations, notification bubbles for messaging applications, an interface to better manage connected devices, better security management, etc. The version in question is accessible primarily to Google Pixels, which take advantage of exclusive features, notably linked to Google Maps or intelligent responses in messaging applications. Rest assured, other devices will benefit very quickly: you will find a list of all Android 11 compatible smartphones in our dedicated folder.

android 11 available final version new features

Xbox Series X and Series S find a price and launch date

Microsoft drew before its competitor Sony: if we are still waiting for the price of the PS5, which could be around € 600, the prices of the Xbox Series X are now known. The console will be marketed at a price of 499.99 € from November 10, 2020. Microsoft also took the opportunity to formalize the little sister of its console, the Xbox Series S. And it too has found a price: the Series S will be sold for 299.99 € and will be released on the same date for the Series X. A really very attractive price for a latest generation console. And as a bonus, Microsoft even offers to purchase both consoles by subscription. We let you discover all this in our article:

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

Microsoft fixes a big bug in Windows 10 that could damage SSDs

Microsoft released a small update for Windows 10 this week with the sweet name of Build 19041.508. This update is mainly dedicated to fixing a bug that has plagued Microsoft for a long time. Last January, an issue with the Windows 10 Optimizer tool was spotted by users of the Windows Insider program. If the developers of the OS tried to patch it up, it reappeared in May with the 2004 OS update. The problem in question? The Disk Optimization Tool was unable to record the date when the last maintenance took place. The operation was therefore repeated daily, when it did not need to be. In short, if the problem had persisted, the SSD could have been damaged over time. The bug has therefore been fixed by Microsoft via an update and shows you how to download and install it on your PC in the easiest and fastest way possible.

Windows 10 SSD bug fixed

Samsung is working on a transparent smartphone

After recently unveiling its Note 20 lineup, and while waiting for its next Galaxy S21 (or S30?), Samsung is not falling asleep on its laurels. The South Korean manufacturer is currently working on a new completely transparent smartphone! A patent has even already been filed with the USPTO, the US office in charge of patents and trademarks. The diagrams show a device with a panel with zero opacity, but it is not yet clear where the various components of the smartphone will be housed (in the border, perhaps?).

Samsung: transparent smartphone

All our tests of the week

This week has been marked by the testing of two smartphones for the public and for totally different use: the Poco X3 NFC on the one hand, and the Galaxy Z Fold 2 on the other. On the one hand, there is a smartphone for less than € 250, which benefits from a good battery life, a pleasant design and a latest-generation mid-range processor. And on the other hand, we discover Samsung’s new iteration of the folding smartphone, which is really appealing and which promises to offer its users new uses. Price of the beast? A little over 2000 €!

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