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The race genre usually walks between simulators and arcades, raise fans and generally divide the players on these sides. Hardly a speed game can please both types of gamers. Hotshot Racing fulfills this goal with praise and lots of fun and I will explain why.

Pure nostalgia

For those who lived in arcade houses in the 1990s playing Daytona USA, Out Run and Cruis’n USA you will feel at ease with the new title from Curve Digital. Londoners have already made some interesting titles, such as Human Fall Flat and Bomber Crew, only this time they hit the hand hard. What draws the most attention is that the company does not have extensive experience with racing titles, it prefers to stroll through various genres and with great competence. This is due to the polishing very well done in practically all the games that I know of the franchise. It is famous to launch a game at the right time and not put it on the market and keep updating, as we see in several other titles that look like early accesses dressed in full game.

Arcade that will please everyone

Hotshot Racing is a racing game in the style Arcadian and, its true charm, are the few polygons that build its entire backdrop. Regardless of its simplicity, the company managed to make speed pleasant to the eye, with many colors, objects and without polluting the scenery. Sometimes it makes you want to go around the circuit very slowly to notice all the details of the circuits. Dinosaurs, casinos, parks and many objects enrich the tracks in a very pleasant way. Everything is due to the versatility of art lowpoly, which made the game very polished and running consistently at 60 fps and 4K. I tested the game on a PC with i9-9900k and a RTX 2080ti video card, but I believe it should run at lower resolutions on less powerful machines with great ease. Even stressing the computer I did not notice changes or falls in framerate. The graphic quality is so pleasant that you can still see the graphic details when taking the vacuum from another car and using the turbo.

Drifts and turbos, the secrets of victory

The gameplay is the highlight of the game. Has ingredients arcades, but with intelligent and harmonious physics, it will bring together all types of players. Both in drifts (drifts), and when in contact with objects and vehicles, you will feel inside a car. Of course, you shouldn’t expect an intense simulation, since the game’s proposal is Arcadian. If you want to be even more impressed with the gameplay, I recommend using the car’s interior vision, which is a real eye candy. Now, pay attention. When skidding to make the turns and take the opponent’s vacuum it will be possible to acquire energy to use the turbo. It will be essential to win the races. The balance of the cars allows the difference between them to be negligible at the time of arrival. Therefore, when using the superpower at the right time, the chance of winning increases considerably.

Hotshot racing

I want tracks, I want to run!

Everything would be perfect, were it not for the lack of circuits and challenges. The game gives you 16 circuits, divided into 4 tournaments. Within them we have three levels of difficulty, Normal, Difficult and Specialist. In fact, I challenge you to win a race in Expert mode. It is practically impossible. In addition to the championship we also have some online modes. At the Drive or Explode, you must go through checkpoints to survive. At the Police and thief you’ll have to run away with money or catch the bad guys to get a reward. Only to play in these modes it is necessary to have at least 4 gamers connected to the internet.

Tuning successfully verified

If the game leaves something to be desired, the customization options are sensational. Hotshot Racing it brings eight drivers from different locations around the world and each with four cars to drive. With the money earned in the races, you will be able to change the clothes of the characters in the store, in addition to customizing your vehicle of different possibilities. You can change structures and colors of the hood, wheels, headlights, rear and other accessories.

Hotshot racing

Worth it?

Hotshot Racing it has everything to amuse speed lovers, whether in a real race or just to gather friends for an online game. Get ready to dance too. But rest assured, it will not be necessary to put the movement mat in the room and turn on Just Dance. Just put the headset on and listen to the soundtrack, which gives even more the feeling of nostalgia already present in the game. THE Digital Curve she already has her precious stone, it remains to be seen how much care and polish she will receive. Let’s see how much attention the company will give to the game after its launch, since the possibilities of making the useful life far away are huge.

Hotshot Racing was kindly provided by Curve Digital.

Score: 75

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