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After a long wait, lots of hype and countless character trailers, The King of Fighters XV arrived for fans of fighting games. The game is the great promise of SNK to raise the company’s recent level, as the last two games were not successful.

Just to be clear, the previous ones weren’t bad, but they had a netplay bad, which is the main requirement of any fighting game today. So much KoF XIVhow much Samurai Shodown are good games. But because they have a gameplay online bad, they couldn’t resist much time.

All that was about to change, especially after the SNK create the slogan “Shatter All Expectations” for the new title. And it is worth noting that this only happened after the fans of the series were heard. KOF XV will break all expectations created by the SNK? That’s what we’ll see next.


From the first information about the game, there was a huge expectation about the story. It was extremely hyped by the company, as something revolutionary. Can you imagine what happened? At least for me, it flopped.

Unfortunately all anticipation was not confirmed. And it would be something very difficult to happen, given what has happened in other franchises recently, such as how Mortal Kombat e Guilty Gear. Both have gone up a notch in this regard.

The history of The King of Fighters XV it’s pretty generic and, believe it or not, has only 5 minutes of pre-rendered cutscenes. They are well done, but with those endings that have always been common in the franchise, using just a few photos.

Characters and Artistic

KOF XV introduced two new characters to the franchise: Dolores and Isla. Isla has a good design, with interesting gameplay, but with a childish personality. This will certainly make a lot of people not like the character.

Yes, Dolores…. It was a hit in every way! Beautiful, with design and gameplay exquisite. I even highlight the sand attacks, which are very reminiscent of the character Geras, from the franchise Mortal Kombat.

Graphically, the game is pleasing. However, nothing revolutionary. The title features beautiful textures and high resolution. I was surprised that we have technology support Ray Tracing, although the implementation is very subtle.

The animations are well done, but they lose to other existing fighting games. The negative point in terms of graphics is due to the effects of the characters’ powers. But nothing that gets in the way of the fun and brightness of the matches.

time to shine

Now… on the question gameplay and online gaming, the SNK nailed it. The title has absolutely refined gameplay, bringing and polishing elements and animations from the franchise’s classic games.

It’s just delicious to play KOF XV, either offline or online. Everything flows flawlessly, as it is the first game of SNK to bring the much-acclaimed Rollback netcode. For those who don’t know, it’s the technology that allows opponents to face each other online over long distances without delays in commands.

And I can assure you that the implementation was very good. When facing players from other continents, during ranked matches, it was possible to play in an acceptable way. positive point for SNK.

KOF XV brings two new mechanics: the devastating attack (shatter strike) it’s at onslaught (rush combo). O devastating attack It’s a new mechanic. She spends a bar of power to perform. This attack has a guard point to hit the opponent and knock him out in a counterattack. If the player gets a perfect read, the blow can be a powerful weapon.

Me and iinvested, is a modification of a move found in the previous game. It’s a mechanic created for newbies and players with no or little experience in fighting games.

This is an automatic combo. The player just presses the light punch button while standing, and the player performs a powerful combo. The Charge will automatically use whatever power bar the player has to execute the most powerful attack available.

Before playing KOV XV, I confess that I was afraid about the way the Onslaught was implemented. But after several matches, I realized that it doesn’t affect the course of the fights and it still makes newbies feel motivated to put up good fights.

replay factor

The game brings offline and online modes for all tastes. In this question, KOF XV is complete. We have the presence of modes VersusHistory, Training, Tutorial, Replays and the Trial or Mission. The latter, very traditional in the franchise. Still have the Gallery and the DJ Stationwhich we will talk about later.

As we can see in the game’s menu, the SNK wanted to highlight the online modes, showing what the intention of this version was. Speaking of which, the mode is pretty complete. It has an online training, where the player can take a partner to practice.

In creating rooms, we have all the traditional modes and a surprise! If you’re an arcade veteran, you’re sure to like this addition. We have a mode that simulates the chip rotation. It can be played between 6 players, 3 on 3, with each player choosing a fighter.

The training mode KOF XV it is excellent. It has everything that other fighting games have, with great implementation. The menus are clear and with all the necessary options, for both casual and competitive gamers.

The Tutorial was aimed at beginner players. Despite the focus being this, I found it extremely basic, confusing and with little information for a game that intends to bring new players to the franchise.

It provides few practical explanations of how to use the mechanics. The mode only shows that a certain move exists and, through a short text, the player has to learn the actual usefulness.

It is worth noting that the traditional Trial or Mission mode, so well known in the series, is back. Here you perform a series of combos that increase in difficulty as you progress. At the KOF XVthe mode was clearly simplified, with few combos and focused on teaching casual players higher damage oss.

In other games, this part is often immensely challenging. Here it is no different. Gamers will have a hard time finishing with certain characters.

Songs for all sides

The icing on the cake goes to the DJ Station! The mode is a jukebox with over 300 songs from all KOFs to be used as you see fit. You can customize which music you want to hear in each scenario, menus and character selection

The coolest thing is that the soundtracks from other franchises in SNKWhat Fatal Fury, Samurai Shodown e Metal Slug, are also present. The mode motivates the player to dedicate himself, as the tracks are blocked. It is necessary to play the story mode with specific trios to unlock them.

Another honorable mention is that in the game’s gallery there is a very, very beautiful animated short. He was created by Masami Obari. Masami has created and participated in the development of numerous animations for other games, franchises and TV shows.

As this review is being done on the PC version, I would like to point out that the game supports ray tracing. However, it has few options for PC-only graphics settings.

The honorable mention goes to a very interesting configuration. There is the option to change the narration of the fights, making it more exciting or not. Many players did not like the narrator of the last KOFsbecause he is extremely excited.

It is worth it?

The King of Fighters XV it’s excellent where it really matters. The game delivers fantastic and refined gameplay, with intense and fast gameplay, with responsive and accurate command execution, something very different from the previous version.

As we said in the review, we have to highlight the songs present and also the excellent online modes, which were very pleasing. The game is highly recommended and, in my opinion, can be a candidate for fighting game of the year!

“The King of Fighters XV was kindly provided by SNK for this review.”

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