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Since I was a little girl, I’ve always been fascinated by the works created by Tim Burton, able to unite the scary with a charismatic side, with The Weird World of Jack being one of my favorite childhood animations, and becoming a feature that I watch to this day on Halloween. Witches and at Christmas.

So when Zoink and EA released the trailer for Lost in Random, I was completely in love with the “Burtonesque” look and the promise of a story capable of combining cute points with a good dose of macabre.

But could the game really deliver what it intended, launching itself on a childish and sinister journey, within a world full of randomness? Well, time to check out our review to find out!

luck is rarely on your side

Random’s world is made up of six cities. In the past, its inhabitants received sentient data that accompanied them throughout their lives, and all their choices, from the most serious to the most banal, were made using these numerical cubes and counting on luck.

Fonte:  Stella/Voxel

However, the queen decided that only she should have a die, and after banishing and destroying almost everyone else in a great war, she decided to decide the fate of all on her own. When a child turns 12, he must roll the real dice to find out which of the worlds he will stay in for the rest of his life.

And that’s where the adventure of Even begins, a resident of Onecroft, the lowest kingdom of all, who sees her older sister, Odd, being taken to Sixtopia — where the queen’s castle is located — and ends up leaving to rescue her. after strange visions showed that the other girl was not living as good a life as everyone believed.

Fonte:  Stella/Voxel

After running away from home and ending up in a strange decaying realm, our protagonist encounters the adorable Dicey, who will become her great companion, but who has seen better days and lost several of his numerical marks.

As they pass through the other realms during their journey, the two gradually restore the dice’s glory, as well as helping to solve some of Random’s serious problems and discovering how the royal decision has absurdly impacted the lives of their subjects.

the beauty of random

The game’s plot balances sad points very well with extremely comical moments, the narrator is a central figure throughout the title, and his comments often alleviate tense or sad moments.

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Even’s coming of age and his friendship with Dicey is something amazing, and NPCs can look scary and suspicious at various times, but they end up showing that there is more inside each of us than meets the eye, like Death, that proved to be one of the funniest figures I’ve ever seen.

Fonte:  Stella/Voxel

Sidequests are pretty simple, basically finding other people on the map or retrieving a specific item, but they help you better understand what’s happening in each realm and what its inhabitants are like. And for those who want to fully understand this fable, the collectible of Lost in Random these are pages that tell more about the past of the world and are spread across the maps, but the cool thing is that you don’t have to travel far to find them.

And proving that randomness is one of the game’s foundations, some of the conversations with the most banal characters can contain essential story details, so taking the time to talk to everyone is really important not to get lost in the end!

Always have cards up your sleeve

An action game whose combat is based on cards may seem boring or tiring, but the reality here is the opposite. To fight the queen’s minions, Even needs special cards that can become weapons, traps, shields and healing items.

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This opens up a very interesting range of strategies, giving you the chance to build your deck as you see fit. Do you like to go straight to the fight? Then the hammer and sword are sure to get your attention! Prefer to attack from a distance and lead enemies into traps? There are several cards for this too!

The coolest thing is that it’s not difficult to improve the protagonist’s hand. In the second world we are already introduced to the seller, and there are MANY coins spread across all the maps to spend in his shop. Quests can also give you cash or cards as a reward, so with a little effort you can have a combat deck that is just like you.

Fonte:  Stella/Voxel

And proving to be a “given for all trades”, little Dicey is not only suitable for battles, but can also enter small doors to rescue coins, help Even solve some puzzles and even point out at times where there are sidequest items.

Or the other way around

Lost in Random got a lot right, but it is not without its flaws. One of the biggest problems is the map, which doesn’t show Even’s exact location, but only the general area in which she finds herself. This made me run around like a dizzy cockroach several times, especially in the fourth world, full of alleys and alleys, and whose main mission required me to find and help several people.

Fonte:  Stella/Voxel

And after so many difficulties, the end turned out to be quite fast and anticlimactic. I expected something more epic, but everything ended up working out without too many problems, which was a kind of sad surprise, especially after so many complex moments and all the excitement that the game was giving while its plot unfolded.

The variety of cards could also be greater. After a certain point in the game, I had completed my album, and was no longer of use to the seller. Dicey’s mechanics are also very interesting, but little explored, with the friendly dice serving more to collect money than actually helping me with puzzles.

It is worth it?

Even with a rather quick ending and a confusing map, this action game’s journey was still extremely fun. The design of the realms and characters is amazing, and following Even’s friendship with Dicey was a delight.

Fonte:  Stella/Voxel

It’s definitely worth giving a chance to Lost in Random, and launch into this sinister universe full of randomness that Zoink managed to create so well.

Lost in Random has been kindly provided by EA to carry out this analysis.

Nota Voxel: 85

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