An Oppo smartphone explodes, billions of passwords hacked … here is the recap ‘of the week

8.4 billion passwords have been published in the wild. The battery of an Oppo A53 has exploded in India. WhatsApp is developing a new method to identify an account. A new settings menu is in development for Windows 11. Apple forced to pay millions a customer, victim of two lustful technicians … Welcome to the recap ’of the week!

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This week, the news was again rich in new products, surprising leaks and information of all kinds. But, like so many times, it is the security topics that are of greatest concern. We are talking about computer security of course, like this incredible 8.4 billion password leak, discovered in a file posted on a hacking forum. Security which also involves simplifying the tools that will allow us to protect our data.

And that’s what Microsoft seems to be working on with Windows 11 and Facebook with WhatsApp, as you can read below. But security is also expressed in other areas, such as self protection. We want as proof two unusual stories, and fortunately rare. First that of this user of an Oppo A53 injured by his smartphone. Then that of this Apple customer whose identity was spoofed on the Internet by two technicians who infiltrated her iPhone.

The biggest password leak in history

This is the biggest data breach in history: 8.4 billion usernames with passwords have been published on the Internet. They certainly do not all come from the same hack. Cyber ​​security researchers who discovered this file on a popular hacking forum say it was compiled. They are gathered in a text file which weighs more than 100 GB. Imagine the number of lines it represents to arrive at such a weight. Of course, Internet users from all countries are concerned. And, since today there is only 4.7 billion Internet users in the world, chances are you are too.

password leak
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Oppo smartphone battery explodes in India

In India, an Oppo smartphone exploded in the pocket of its owner who was seriously burned. This is a A53, a rather entry-level model. The incident took place while the smartphone was not in use, but on standby in the victim’s pocket. On the snapshots shared by the victim, you can clearly see the outlines of the component that seems to be the cause of the incident: the battery of 5000 mAh. A failure is believed to be the cause of this explosion, which appears to be an isolated case. Oppo has officially opened an investigation to determine the causes of this mishap.

oppo smartphone explodes

WhatsApp develops a new authentication method

WhatsApp is developing a new method for identify an account that you transfer from one smartphone to another. Today, when you install an account on a new phone, the system sends you a code via SMS, which you must then enter into the app to complete the installation. This new method requires no human interaction: the application initiates a call to the number entered by the user, then checks the call log to see if the call is actually present. And There you go. This method is compatible only with Androidbecause apps do not have access to the call log in iOS.

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The settings menu of the next Windows will be easy to use

The next major Windows update is called ” Sun Valley “. It seems so important that some already call it Windows 11. Among the changes brought by this new version of the operating system is a new settings menu. The goal is to finally forget the famous control panel, which has already been transformed with the latest iterations of Windows (Windows 8 and Windows 10). It would be as much a cosmetic facelift as it is a new organizational layout. The goal: “to help the user find what he is looking for at a glance”. A bit like smartphones.

Windows 10

Apple pays customer abused by technicians

Apple poured several million dollars to a client who filed a complaint against the firm. A sordid case that unfolded in 2016, but only discovered recently. The victim sent his iPhone to Apple for repair. The two technicians, employees at Pegatron and in charge of repairing his iPhone, used the latter to impersonate and post naughty pictures and video of the victim on social networks. The lawyers asked Apple for $ 5 million for the damage caused. The amount paid was not made public.

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Our tests of the week

This week, the editorial staff of PhonAndroid published three tests. An electric car. A connected accessory. And a video game. The first is the Opel Mokka-e. The second 100% electric vehicle of the German brand, it is also its first SUV. A more affordable alternative to the Peugeot e-2008, it offers good range, but is not without small flaws. The second is the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6, a connected bracelet offering a larger screen and good battery life, but which suffers from an increasing price. And the last one is Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart, exclusive to the PS5. A very good platform game that takes advantage of the console’s technical platform really well. All served by an artistic and technical direction of the highest caliber.

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