An infected tennis player in Zadar was with a bunch of people. Bozinovic: We are introducing new measures in the county

The final of the Adria Tour tennis tournament was canceled in ZADAR after it was confirmed that tennis player Grigor Dimitrov was infected with the coronavirus.

The Bulgarian tennis player played only one match in the tournament, but he has hung out with a large number of people in recent days.

Probably hundreds, if not thousands, of people, including a large number of children as part of Kids Day. The finals of the tournament were supposed to be played by Djokovic and Rubljev, but everything was canceled. It is known that about four thousand people attended the tournament.

Tonight, Minister of the Interior Davor Božinović confirmed for Index that new measures are being introduced in Zadar County.

“We are making a decision, as of Monday, due to the new situation, visits to hospitals and homes for the elderly will be banned,” Bozinovic told Index late tonight.

As he told us, a team of experts will be formed in Zadar tomorrow to deal with this case.

The Zadar headquarters announced everything earlier tonight.

Extraordinary statement of the Zadar headquarters

“Residents of Zadar County who suspect infection, or who have been in close contact with the tennis player, should contact the epidemiologist on duty at 098 / 332-765 and their doctor. The Zadar County Public Health Institute will introduce an additional telephone line and additional emergency services from tomorrow. We would like to remind you once again that epidemiological measures are in force, which include maintaining social distance, which is the most important in preventing the spread of coronavirus, and that we must be responsible, “said the Zadar County Headquarters.

Dimitrov has been in Zadar since Wednesday, which means that until today, when he returned to Monaco, he spent five days in the tournament and played in two tennis tournaments. But as part of other activities, he played football and basketball. First with his fellow tennis players, Đoković, Čilić, Ćorić, Zverev, etc., and later with the spectators, which was part of the Adria Tour event program.

Zadar epidemiologist on duty: People called us, we have a lot of work to do. It saddens me that people don’t stick to the measure

We contacted the epidemiologist on duty in Zadar, who is in charge of the case of the infected Bulgarian tennis player.

“The whole process of epidemiological investigation is underway and it is too early to say anything concrete. Tomorrow we have a lot of work to do, it has already started tonight. A lot of people called us, I can’t tell you the exact number, but we will have a complete epidemiological picture over the course of tomorrow, “he told us, then went on about people who had already called:

“We have been contacted by various people who have made and who have not made close contact with the source of the infection. You need to take time for everyone, listen to him, give advice. I really can’t say the number, but there will be time to count,” he added.

We asked him what the procedure was now.

“All by epidemiological definition close contacts necessarily in self-isolation. Those who have made contacts but are not defined as significant or close, they will not need to take special measures other than the usual.”

We asked him how he commented on the whole case. Was there an omission?

“I would not comment on anything, except that it is evident, regardless of the easing of measures, that many do not adhere to the prescribed measures and that saddens me as an epidemiologist. I mean first of all a measure of physical distance, and it is certainly not the only measure it does not respect, and it is still in force, ”he concluded.

The organizer of the Adria Tour was also announced

The organizer of the Adria Tour officially announced Dimitrov.

“Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov tested positive for coronavirus. A positive test was confirmed tonight in Monaco, Monte Carlo. As a precaution and in order to protect all tournament participants, visitors and organizers, the Adria team decided to postpone the grand final where Djokovic and Rubles “, they wrote and added:

“All the time we strictly adhered to epidemiological measures in places and in the countries where the Adria Tour was organized. None of the people from the organization of the tournament were in contact with Grigor or have symptoms. However, we are in contact with health professionals to ensure that all We did not want to take any risks, we decided to postpone the final match, and the concert of Petar Graša, which was supposed to take place after the finals, was postponed.

Plenković was also present at the tournament, hanging out with Čilić and Đoković who were in contact with the infected Dimitrov

The Adria Tour was also visited by Prime Minister Andrej Plenković, who pointed out on Saturday that the humanitarian tournament was “a great promotion of Zadar and Croatia in the world”. Plenković said goodbye to some tennis players in Zadar, including Čilić and Đoković, who were in direct contact with the infected Dimitrov in those days.

We contacted Krunoslav Capak, Alemka Markotić, Vilija Beroš and Davor Božinović to comment on the events in Zadar after it was discovered that Dimitrov was infected with the crown and what the next steps were given that the Bulgarian was moving among a large number of people.

Capak, after introducing himself to him, wished us a pleasant evening and broke off the relationship.

Markotic, Beros and Bozinovic did not answer our calls tonight.

Epidemiologist Kaić: The measure of physical distance has been violated, contacts need to be found, placed in self-isolation and everything tested

Then we called epidemiologist Bernard Kaic. He did not know at first what it was about, but after we briefly explained to him what had happened in Zadar, he commented on the case.

“As a rule, the first step should be to identify all contacts of the infected tennis player, then all such should be placed in self-isolation and tested. If they develop symptoms, they should certainly be tested, if not, it would be good to test again to see if someone is asymptomatic positive.” , he said briefly.

We asked Kaic if this was a mistake.

“According to the instructions for outdoor sports competitions published on the official website of the CNIPH, we have clearly stated the recommendation that a distance of at least 1.5 meters must be maintained between the athlete and the audience. If the infected tennis player did not adhere to it, yes, this is an omission “, added Kaić.

“It is theoretically possible that Djokovic infected Plenković”

Dimitrov played basketball with other tennis players on Thursday, among others, he was in close contact with Djokovic. On Saturday, Prime Minister Plenković visited the Zadar tournament and said goodbye to Đoković, that is, he was in his immediate vicinity.

“Basketball is a sport where there is close contact, that’s for sure. But it doesn’t have to mean that Dimitrov infected Djokovic or any of the other tennis players during that game. But if Djokovic and Dimitrov were in close contact playing basketball, two days later the prime minister was in contact with Djokovic, there is a theoretical possibility that he transmitted the infection to him, “said Kaic.

“There is no obligation to test for people coming from Serbia”

“Now there is no choice but to assess exactly who Dimitrov was in contact with. Put his contacts in self-isolation and test them all, there is no other. It is very important to identify all contacts, not to miss anyone. However, I must say that nothing of this it’s not really surprising, I see at every turn that people are not adhering to the measures. “

In the end, we asked Kaić if it was necessary to test tennis players who came to Zadar from Serbia, ie Belgrade, where the increased number of new patients has been a big problem for weeks.

“Actually, no. There is no obligation for testing or quarantine for people coming from Serbia,” he concluded.

Director of Višnjik about the infected Dimitrov: Fortunately, he was not among many people

The director of Višnjik, Denis Karlović, also spoke about everything.

“Goran had some digestive problems and felt bad, so along the way he was tested for the crown, although he did not have any symptoms of the disease, but he was negative. None of the other players or people involved in the organization had symptoms,” Karlovic told Zadarski. the sheet adds you:

“I was not in direct contact with Gregor Dimitrov. Fortunately, the Bulgarian tennis player was placed on a yacht in Pakostane, so he only came to play matches and did not hang out with people on Visnjik too much,” Karlovic concluded.

Dimitrov, meanwhile, traveled to Monaco, from where he reported with confirmation that he had coronavirus, and before arriving in Zadar, he was on the Adria Tour, which took place in Belgrade.

It is known that Serbia has had a problem with the increased number of newly infected with coronavirus for days, but so far there is no additional information on whether Dimitrov introduced the virus from Serbia or became infected in Croatia.

The director of the tournament, Goran Ivanišević, also spoke about everything, saying that the cancellation of the finals was due to the “safety of all involved”.

“This is the best possible decision. We must pay attention to the safety of all involved. Those who were in contact with Grigor will be tested. We are waiting for instructions from the authorities. I was tested by chance three days ago and I am negative,” said Goran Ivanisevic. tournament director.

As can be seen in the photos below, Dimitrov has been very close to people in recent days. The measure of social distancing was certainly not respected, and there was – hugging each other and everything else that goes with sports.

This news comes on the same day that the National Civil Protection Headquarters of Croatia convened the first press conference after a few weeks of not having a large number of newly infected people.

However, as an increasing number of new cases was recorded in Croatia, the Headquarters today tightened measures in Zagreb and three counties – Osijek-Baranja, Zagreb and Split-Dalmatia counties, and visits to hospitals in Zagreb, Split and Osijek were canceled.

The measures have already entered into force.

And the Istrian Headquarters also expressed concern about the new situation. Today, Istrian mayors sent a joint appeal to citizens, Istrian guests, but also to the National Civil Protection Headquarters, in which they demand the introduction of new measures for the entire country.

“As we expected, new cases of infection have appeared with the opening of borders and it is to be expected that there will be more. We have entered a phase of coexistence with the virus that requires constant involvement and urgent response to specific individual cases. the golden balance between the health security of all our citizens and guests, and the continuation of economic activities “, said the leaders of the executive power in Istria, as reported by Glas Istre.

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