an extraordinary screen?

Samsung knows how to do it when it comes to screens, it proves it to us year after year with smartphones that are always more breathtaking in this area. The South Korean manufacturer has once again outdone itself with the Note20 series, which benefits from the manufacturer’s latest advances.

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Some prefer the curved edge-to-edge screen, which offers fantastic immersion and a superior multimedia experience than more conventional panels. Others prefer the traditional flat screen, which is easier for some people to use. Here, Samsung makes everyone happy because there is a flat screen on the Galaxy Note20 and a screen that protrudes from the sides on the Note20 Ultra. Everyone can choose what suits them best. On each model, we find an Infinity-O Display type panel, that is to say without notch or upper border, the front photo sensor being cleverly hidden in a punch.

A refresh rate of up to 120 Hz

For the Note20 Ultra, we can hardly do more upscale. The very large (6.9-inch) Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen on board displays a Quad HD + definition of 3088 x 1440 pixels, or a resolution of 496 pixels per inch. Enough not to miss any detail of the image. HDR10 + certified, the panel offers much sharper, more precise and vivid color renders than average for photos, videos and games of unparalleled beauty. And it’s not over yet, as the Note20 Ultra is entitled to a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz. Scrolling and swiping the screen has never been so enjoyable. The sensations involved will also only be enriched. In short: the Note20 Ultra is the guarantee of enjoying the most beautiful and smoothest image on a smartphone in 2020.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

But the Note20 is no slouch. Its 6.7-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen is the most beautiful effect. Like its big brother, it supports HDR10 + technology, the merits of which we have regularly praised. Regarding the definition, we are dealing with Full HD + 2400 x 1080 pixels. The pixel density is 391.

The best smartphone screen on the market

To judge the quality of a smartphone screen, one organization refers to: DisplayMate, panel technology experts who test mobile screens when they are released. The Note20 Ultra has passed through the hands of these specialists, and the verdict is final: there is currently no mobile marketed to the general public equipped with a better screen than the Note20 Ultra.

In its conclusions, DisplayMate is impressed with the device, whose display has broken many performance records and logically gets the highest possible rating: A +.

Galaxy Note 20
Galaxy Note 20

The color accuracy is “visually indistinguishable from perfection”, Notes DisplayMate, who also appreciates the very high brightness available (peak at more than 1000 nits in full screen). A feature that we tend to forget but how important: who has never had trouble seeing the screen of their smartphone because of the sun? A problem that the Note20 Ultra does not know, especially since the report indicates a “lowest screen reflectance level we have ever measured for a smartphone”.

Its contrast ratio described as “infinite”Is also raised to the skies thanks to AMOLED technology. The native color gamut of the Note20 Ultra is equally exceptional: the screen covers 135% of the sRGB color space and 108% of the DCI-P3 standard, the color space of digital cinema. In games, video or even for photos, the color rendering will be perfectly faithful.

A screen also designed for productivity

In other words, the Note20 Ultra is the ultimate mobile for watching TV shows, photo editing and gaming. The responsiveness of the tactile feedback also makes it a good option for playing with the onscreen controls, although a controller will always be preferable. With the Xbox Game Pass catalog coming to Android and the Galaxy Store thanks to xCloud on September 15, 2020, it will become possible to play magnificent games on the best mobile screen available, and all on the go.

You get it, the Note20 Ultra’s panel is a gem that transforms the multimedia experience on smartphones. But productivity tasks are also boosted. Thanks to the large screen size for both Note20 and Note20 Ultra, it has never been more comfortable to use Android’s multitasking mode and Samsung’s One UI overlay. Watching a video in one half of the screen and sending a message or checking social media in the other half comes in really handy.

Samsung galaxy note 20

For artists, the combination of the high-precision S Pen and low screen latency gives artists the opportunity to put their creativity to work. Why buy a graphics tablet when you can have a multifunction Note20? Writing with a stylus on such a screen is a real pleasure, especially with a high refresh rate. Especially since a feature allows you to transform your handwritten notes into easy-to-share office text.

A screen that adapts to our needs and designed to provide the user with the best performance no matter what. Samsung has once again pushed the boundaries with its Note20 and Note20 Ultra.

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