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In recent weeks, customers of Submarino, Americanas, Shoptime and Sou Barato cards have been reporting that all loyalty programs of Americanas SA (previously B2W) and Cetelem bank have been terminated. The notice is the same for all users: “as of 03/05/2022 there will be no more accumulation of new points for purchases made.”

Americanas Card awarded points in the Smiles Program, now discontinued (Image: Disclosure/ Americanas SA)

The notification sparked outrage. Multiple customers of the four cards spoke on the networks about the abrupt end of the accumulation of points. The most common criticisms concern the absence of future plans to replace terminated loyalty programs.

In addition, there are several criticisms regarding the current situation of points already accumulated, which need to reach a certain amount to enable the redemption of rewards.

In this way, the company informed, without further details of why, the termination of the programs:

  • More smilesfrom the Americanas card
  • more leaguesfrom the Submarine card
  • Shop+from the Shoptime card
  • +How cheapfrom the Sou Cheap card

O technoblog contacted Americanas SA, but did not receive a response until the end of this article.

All these loyalty cards and programs were result of a partnership between Americanas SA and the bank Cetelem, which, by all indications, appears to have been discontinued. The warnings are almost the same for users of the four cards:

As of 03/05/2022 there will no longer be the accumulation of new points for purchases made on the website (Americanas, Submarino, Shoptime and Soub) or in other establishments accredited in the Program (Sorrisos, Léguas, Shop+ and +Que Barato).

This means that the your card will not score after that date. But do not worry. Points accumulated until 03/04/2022 remain valid for use and with the original expiration date.”

Americanas SA notification sent to loyalty program participants

Difficulty completing points

No Complain here, several topics have been created in the last few days about the end of the programs. Most complaints are still unanswered, but users were unhappy for not being able to complete the required amount of points to redeem your rewards.

“I joined today to use the Mais Sorrisos program coupon… but a message appeared saying that the program is closed. It was gathering points and, now that I could use it, they simply send a message saying that the program no longer exists. And how am I as a consumer?”

User of the Americanas card on Reclame Aqui

“I am a customer of the Shoptime card (Banco Cetelem) and I participate in the Shop+ loyalty program. I was waiting to accumulate 30,000 points to exchange for shopping vouchers (few points were missing, well under 500). It turns out that, summarily, the program “frozen” the accumulation of points…”

Shoptime card user on Reclame Aqui

“I have 10 thousand leagues on the Submarino card and the program will end. I can only redeem 7500 leagues for R$50. What about the other 2500 points? What I’ll do? I only made the card because of the loyalty program… Are you going for another benefit instead?”

Submarino card user on Reclame Aqui

in the community of technoblogone user noted that he was surprised by a “frustrating notice” no app do Submarino:

“In a dry way, the store informs that the card will stop accumulating points in its loyalty program on 03/05/22. No further details of what will come next and what the cards are for.”

He also said that, as a customer, he noticed that his Submarino card is not offering any installment payment differential compared to the others.

The user claims to have contacted Cetelem bank employees via WhatsApp, who confirmed that the partnership with Americanas SA was being discontinued. However, they said that your card will be active until it expires, but it is not decided what will happen after that.

New program “Mundo Ame” will be launched in April

Ame Program will be expanded to
Programa Ame will be expanded to “Mundo Ame” in April as Americanas SA’s new loyalty points system (Image: Reproduction)

Without an official position from Americanas SA on the matter, speculations and questions arise: with whom the customers of the Americanas, Submarino, Shoptime and Sou Barato cards will stay?

There is another possibility on the horizon. Americanas SA is about to launch a new loyalty program christened “World Love”. Its release is scheduled for April 2022, with no set date yet.

According to the company, the new program would work “like a game”, fulfilling “missions” to earn benefits. According to the Mundo Ame regulation, the benefits include the so-called “Turbo cashback”. It is a modality that, according to customer engagement in the loyalty program, the amount returned is increased.

Therefore, the terms and conditions of use of Ame have also changed. Americanas SA justifies the modification by stating that, from the launch of the new program, the registration in Mundo Ame will be linked to the Ame Digital app. That said, the cancellation of one also implies the suspension of registration in the Ame app.

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