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Amazon Prime Video is a major streaming platform. The mobile application is a reflection of the parent company Amazon, that is to say, one of the leaders in its field. It places itself on the same bench as Netflix, its number one rival. How did Amazon Prime Video achieve this end? Discover the secret of this exceptional platform.


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Why use Amazon Prime Video?

The streaming service from giant Amazon appeared on the market in 2006, but how does it stand out from its competitors?

Diversified services

Jeff Bezos’s company excels at standing out from the crowd with a variety of great services. The Amazon Prime Video streaming platform combines the broadcasting of multimedia content with a music streaming service called Prime Music. The winning combo can only appeal to users.

Plus, video playback is not ad-infested in any way. Added to these benefits is unlimited access to the Shop service catalogs, giving subscribers 30 minutes upfront on flash sales before they officially start.

You also enjoy Prime Reading, a library of novels, children’s books, thrillers and current affairs books. Finally, subscribers have access to the Amazon Photo app. This is unlimited storage space along with 5 Gb of data for downloading videos and other files.

A rich catalog

Amazon Prime Video invites its subscribers to take advantage of Amazon Originals. It is a specific program derived from several contracts concluded between Amazon and major studios such as Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures and Universal Studio. The agreements led to free access to the films in preview.

The platform has a sorting system that selects videos based on the user’s country. Each subscriber views different content, depending on their origin (determined from the registration form). Nevertheless, French-speaking subscribers access American films available in subtitled original version and in French version. A general video library is also at your entire disposal. It contains films from American productions.

Many other advantages

The price of the subscription plans is a competitive advantage, given the quality of the content. Users greatly appreciate the data savings they achieve thanks to a specific measure implemented. The platform has set up a consumption control system for each download and each reading.

Amazon Prime Video also offers the X-Ray functionality. This details the series and films in progress. It determines the main actors, background music and useful information about the program.

What’s new in the latest version of Amazon Prime Video?

For the sake of user experience, the platform relies on regular updates and enrichment of features.

Group viewing

The concept was inspired by the Netflix feature called Netflix Party. Amazon Prime Video has launched a co-watching option. The SVoD service invites subscribers to watch video content together and remotely. The experience is ideal for moviegoers who want to enjoy a good group movie while remaining in the comfort of their own home.

The feature called Watch Party can bring together 100 spectators around the same multimedia content. A messaging system has been installed next to the screen for discussions and comments. However, the functionality is still restricted, as it is limited to the United States.

A distinction of profiles

Amazon Prime Video deploys profile sorting. The formula combines several members of the family in a single subscription. Each member has a profile, programs, histories and watchlists. Members are limited to 6 people. Specific and adapted rules govern users according to their age and status. For the sake of security, Amazon has introduced some restrictions:

  • a parental right to the elderly
  • a report of suspicious profiles
  • the ban on selling and buying multimedia products unsuitable for child profiles

This feature is somewhat reminiscent of Hulu and Disney +.

Additional features

An agreement between Amazon Prime Video and the OCS broadcast channel was recently concluded. The signing of the contract opened the doors to many of the channel’s programs accessible from the Amazon Prime Video interface.

The platform activated innovative features such as instant language switching, subtitling and switching to HD mode (provided you have enough data). In addition to these features, you can watch the trailers and consult the synopsis before playing.

Which OS is Amazon Prime Video compatible with?

Amazon Prime Video is trying to diversify and spread its services by all means. This is why it is compatible with all multimedia devices.

Compatible OS

The Amazon Prime Video app is downloadable from its official website. It is compatible with Android devices, smartphones and tablets. Apple users are not left out, as the interface also works with iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, provided they have at least iOS 12.1.

You can make do with the online service available on Windows, Mac and Linux. Best of all, Amazon Prime Video mobile has become accessible with Google’s Chromecast devices internally and externally.

Compatible devices

Smart TVs act as terminals for Amazon Prime Video videos. The app is compatible with brands: Samsung / LG / Sony / Vizio / Skyworth / Sharp / Vestel / Philips / Hisense / Haier.

The same is true for Amazon Echo devices with a display. You can also view multimedia content from your Blu-Ray player, your game console, as well as your decoder and your multimedia player.

Amazon Prime Video has become the go-to app for moviegoers. The platform is distinguished by the lack of a free version. You must sign up as an Amazon Prime customer to take ownership of its benefits.

Subscription formulas

Signing up for Amazon entitles you to one month’s free trial, which you can cancel at any time without justification. At the end of the trial period, you will face an alternative between an annual subscription of 49 euros and a monthly subscription of 5.99 euros. Students benefit from an exclusive offer of 24 euros per year. The formula can be renewed for four years and remains valid until the end of their studies.

If you are looking for a good plan, go for the annual offer, which is cheaper than the competition. Moreover, the firm carries out a single direct debit.

Amazon Prime Video subscription procedures

If you don’t have an Amazon account, head to the site:

  • choose the option “create a new Amazon account”
  • enter your contact details
  • add a password


  • choose your country of residence
  • enter your billing data
  • add a payment method

These steps are essential in order to take advantage of the free trial period.

  • validate your information
  • enjoy services by viewing videos and series

Access from an internet box remains complex. It goes through fierce negotiations with the big operators. It should be noted that using the online service requires a good internet connection and high speed, the quality of the video and the comfort of reading are at stake.

What are the best alternatives to Amazon Prime Video?

Video streaming platforms are flourishing in the market, pitting Amazon Prime Video against several major competitors.


Amazon Prime Video and Netflix dominate the market. While Netflix is ​​the undisputed leader in streaming video, its great rival continues to gain momentum. As a reminder, Netflix appeared in Scots Valley in 1997. In its early days, the platform consisted of a DVD rental service. The rise in internet speeds has encouraged its leaders to convert it back to a streaming platform, hence its meteoric rise. Netflix stands out for the speed of its broadcasts. Users enjoy new films and series from the day they are scheduled on major American channels. The paltry cost of $ 7.99 per month is also a big plus. Finally, Netflix is ​​compatible on a PC, on a Mac, on a smartphone, on a tablet and on a game console.



Attached to the parent company Canal +, the MyCanal application enjoys a competitive advantage. It offers its subscribers unlimited access to TNT channels. Users have more than 200 TV channels available to them, which they watch live and in replay. In addition, there are video-on-demand services and services. MyCanal is available on computers, tablets, smartphones and smart TVs. It is also compatible with devices running Android, iOS and Windows.



Hulu designates a platform attached to Fox. Its accessibility is therefore limited to the United States, which hardly prevents it from competing with Amazon Prime Video.


The platform appeared in 2008, spearheaded by News Corps. This one is better known as 21st Century Fox. It encountered several difficulties during its start-up, because it had no shareholders. However, Joel Stillerman’s intervention changed that, propelling the platform to the rank of streaming cador. Hulu is gradually becoming attached to Disney, since its acquisition of the assets of 21st Century Fox. Disney then becomes a 60% shareholder and directs its audience to a younger audience.

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