Amazon Prime Video: 10 Horror Movies You Can’t Miss

Horror cinema is full of creativity, having films that were eternalized in the memory of fans and frightened many people because of their truly ghastly sequences. Like it or not, the genre still draws the public’s attention for numerous factors and streaming platforms do not fail to include in their catalogs some works of the type.

So we’ve selected ten of the best horror movies available on Amazon Prime Video to watch right now. Check out!

10. The Vast of Night

(Amazon Prime Video/Playback)(Amazon Prime Video/Playback)Fonte:  Amazon Prime Video

Original from the Amazon platform, The Vast of Night is set during the Cold War, when the space race between the Americans and the Soviets intensified.

In the plot, two teenagers who work at a telephone station notice strange noises every time they need to use the radio. From there, they get involved in discovering the mystery behind these sinister frequencies, most likely linked to extraterrestrials.

9. Halloween: The Night of Terror

(Compass International Pictures/Reproduction)(Compass International Pictures/Reproduction)Fonte:  Compass International Pictures

Directed by one of the great masters of the genre, John Carpenter, this film deals with a real massacre organized by an inconsequential psychopath and full of tricks. Viewers then learn a little more about Michael Myers (Tony Moran), who would have killed his sister fifteen years earlier.

After fleeing the scene, he returns to his hometown to murder more people, causing fear and anguish in all residents, especially when considering his mask.

8. Deadly Games

(Lionsgate/Reproduction)(Lionsgate/Reproduction)Source: Lionsgate

Starting one of the most violent and bloodiest franchises of the genre, Deadly Games was quite successful during the 2000s. The first title addresses the despair of two ordinary men when they wake up chained inside a bathroom.

As time goes on, several psychological games occur, mostly because a serial killer has taken them prisoner. The only way to escape is to deal with all the traps set by Jigsaw (played by Tobin Bell).

7. We need to talk about Kevin

(Artificial Eye/Reproduction)(Artificial Eye/Reproduction)Source: Artificial Eye

Based on the book by writer Lionel Shriver, with great performances, We need to talk about Kevin tells the story of a mother (played by Tilda Swinton), who has several problems dealing with her son, Kevin (Ezra Miller).

From a very young age, the boy demonstrates to be antisocial and violent, making his mother very afraid of him. Everything then culminates in an extremely brutal massacre, which has severe consequences for her.

6. The ring

(Toho/Reproduction)(Toho/Reproduction)Fonte: Toho

Released in the late 1990s, The ring it was quite successful in its country of origin, causing great interest by a large part of the public, which, at that time, had not yet ventured into horror productions outside the Hollywood axis.

Later, a remake was released, titled The call. However, there are big differences between both productions, with the Japanese feature being considered the best of all for its narrative rawness.

5. possession

(Lionsgate/Reproduction)(Lionsgate/Reproduction)Source: Lionsgate

In the beginning of the last decade, several horror movies were interested in telling new stories related to exorcisms and demonic possessions. A franchise, even, rose amid so many projects.

Nonetheless, possession, available on Amazon streaming, was one of the first features to put the subject in the spotlight. In the plot, the protagonist and her youngest daughter are involved in a completely macabre affair, involving an old box and strange behavior.

4. Hellraiser

(Entertainment Film Distributors/Reproduction)(Entertainment Film Distributors/Reproduction)Fonte:  Entertainment Film Distributors

Clive Barker has also established himself in cinema (and literature) as one of the great names in the genre. Hellraiser, released in 1987, has impressive narrative power, showing how a single character could cause discomfort to everyone else, apart from the audience, of course.

There are several striking sequences in this film, especially when its protagonist is put on the scene — after all, its look is pretty ghastly in itself.

3. shark

(Universal Pictures/Reproduction)(Universal Pictures/Reproduction)Fonte:  Universal Pictures

Another classic of the genre could not be left out of this list either. In 1975, Steven Spielberg released shark (Jaws, in the original), which, due to so many problems in its practical filming process, generated intense feelings in its audience, mainly by the omnipresent figure of the title animal. With a terrifying soundtrack, the construction of fear is done gradually.

2. the blair witch

(Artisan Entertainment/Reproduction)(Artisan Entertainment/Reproduction)Fonte:  Artisan Entertainment

Within horror, there are some interesting subgenres, among them Found Footage. As the name suggests, these films would be built from traces found by other people. One of the first framed within this style is the blair witch, which opened in theaters in the late 1990s.

Many people were in doubt about the veracity of what was being watched, after all, the precarious mode of production brought the narrative closer to the audience with great success.

1. Suspiria

(Atlas Consorziate/Reproduction)(Atlas Consorziate/Reproduction)Source: Atlas Consorziate

To close the list, a classic by Dario Argento — which won a Hollywood remake in 2019. Upon arriving in Germany, young Suzy (Jessica Harper) begins studying at the famous Dance Academy in Freiburg.

There, sinister things happen while classes are taught by an enigmatic teacher. Several bizarre elements are put on stage, precisely to provoke fear and tension in the audience.

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