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Coming to an end another busy week in the world of technology and games, and the most talked about subject in technoblog was our special on game translation. At TB community, a question about the cost-benefit of the AmazonPrime also generated debates among the members. Check out these and other subjects for the period between January 15th and 21st.

TB Comunidade #103 (Image: Reproduction/Tecnoblog)

Top 5 TB Community Discussions

  1. Amazon Prime: subscribe?
  2. Are there wall sockets with USB-C?
  3. Fun fact: bought the original Windows XP “autumn” wallpaper image
  4. Do you think cable TV will cease to exist?
  5. Nubank: someone used data from a virtual card of mine that was canceled

On TB community, a user interested in subscribing to the services offered by Amazon raised a debate about the real cost-benefit of the service. Among some who like and find the subscription viable, others find the service a little “weak” compared to rivals.

Do you also have this doubt? Access the topic in Community and draw your conclusions.

In addition, our friend Douglas raised an interesting question that may be the question of other people: are there wall sockets with USB-C?

Star+ app on iPad (Image: Lucas Braga / Tecnoblog)
Star+ app receives content from ESPN (Image: Lucas Braga / Tecnoblog)

Some users brought models that can be found on Mercado Livre and some others available outside Brazil — let’s face it, it’s not very common in Brazil, but it’s a good one. To know more details about models, installation and efficiency of these devices visit our Community.

Finally, do you think that pay-TV will cease to exist? This was another question that our members debated throughout the week.

Alisson Santos raised this issue because Disney closed some channels in recent days and transferred content to streaming services. Could it be a trend? Leave your opinion.

The 5 best discussions about Tecnoblog agendas

  1. Games are not English courses (and they shouldn’t be)
  2. TSE considers banning Telegram in Brazil to fight fake news in elections
  3. Fine for downloading torrent in Brazil? Beware of “copyright trolls”
  4. Microsoft announces purchase of Activision Blizzard, owner of CoD and Overwatch
  5. Google Wifi Review: The mesh router that caught the tram walking

Regarding the discussions on the guidelines produced by the technoblog, Felipe Vinha’s special report on the translation of games into Portuguese was the most commented topic of the week. Should companies be more attentive to Brazilian fans, or are games in English important for human development?

See all the details of this market and even how much this investment in translations costs a company in the article published on TB.

Another subject that may bring new agendas in the future is about the TSE’s consideration of banning Telegram in Brazil during the elections. It is known that in recent years a wave of misinformation has reached several countries and most of the time messaging apps are the main vectors of this content.

Telegram app (image: Ivan Radic/Flickr)
Telegram is at risk of being blocked in Brazil (image: Ivan Radic/Flickr)

This thought has been made because the owners of the platform do not respond to communications issued by the federal agency. To know more details, Pedro Knoth tells you in the article published on January 19th.

Finally, one of the most talked about topics around the world was the purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft. Although the values ​​​​have not been officially disclosed, rumors point out that the company of Bill Gates disbursed something around US$ 70 billion in the acquisition.

One of the most traditional in the sector, the company bought by Microsoft owns securities Call of Duty, Diablo, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Guitar Hero, between others.

That’s all, folks! These were the most talked about topics of the week. Don’t forget to follow the technoblog and participate in discussions in the Community.

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