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It starts this Monday (21) the Amazon Prime Day, when the retail giant cuts the price of several products for two days in a row for those who subscribe to Amazon Prime. On this first day, highlights go to Fire TV Stick 4K, 10th generation Kindle and connected home devices like Echo with Alexa and voice-controlled smart lamps. The offers also include games, computer items, books and much more.

Kindle, Echo and other Amazon products are on sale (Image: Vitor Pádua/Tecnoblog)

This is the second year of Prime Day in Brazil and the lower price list for the first moment includes discounts reaching 43%, when taking into account the official cost of the product within Amazon – which tends to be close to other competing retailers for on here.

Promotion has Echo with Alexa, Fire TV Stick and Kindle

Amazon’s discounted devices include the Fire TV Stick 4K with remote control that comes with built-in Alexa; the 10th generation Kindle, for reading your ebooks with a backlit screen; and the Echo Show 10 with a swivel screen, which works as a security camera and can control smart lamps via Zigbee. These are the prices:

There are more Echo devices with Alexa being sold at a discount since Sunday (20), as well as the Fire TV Stick Lite. Check out:

Connected Home Items on Amazon Prime Day

Smart Wi-Fi Lamp Positivo on Amazon Prime Day (Image: André Fogaça/Tecnoblog)

Smart Wi-Fi Lamp Positive (Image: André Fogaça/Tecnoblog)

Also highlighted are smart home items that can talk to Alexa on an Echo of life or even from the TV, for voice activation. The list includes several Smarteck switch models, with 43% discount and that can only turn on the light in one room, or even control the speed of the ceiling fan.

The well-known Positivo smart lamp is once again among the products with a promotional price, no longer costing R$83 to be purchased for R$64.90 – a 23% discount on the previous price. Philips Hue also appears on Amazon Prime Day 2021, with a smart bulb receiving a 30% reduction on yesterday’s value, reaching R$ 244.90.

Check out some of the main items on sale below:

  • Elsys Wi-Fi Desk Lamp: of BRL 354.49 for BRL 285 (20% discount)
  • Smart Wi-Fi Fast Positive Mesh Router Kit: from BRL 499.00 to BRL 369.90 (26% discount)
  • Smart Wi-Fi Lamp Positive: from BRL 83.90 to BRL 64.90 (23% discount)
  • Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance Base lamp E27 110V: from BRL 349 to BRL 244.90 (30% discount)
  • Smarteck Wi-fi Digital Lock: from BRL 1,599.00 to BRL 999.00 (38% discount)
  • Smarteck 4X2 Switch″ Fan: from BRL 349.00 to BRL 199.00 (43% discount)
  • Smarteck Switch 4X2″ 3 Modules: from BRL 239.00 to BRL 167.00 (30% discount)
  • WiZ smart smart downlight panel: of BRL 285.90 for BRL 215.00 (25% discount)

Computers, games and books at a discount on Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day 2021 (Image: Publicity/Amazon)

Amazon Prime Day 2021 (Image: Publicity/Amazon)

Amazon Prime Day will also have several other categories on sale:

Computers and Electronics

Video games, DVDs, Blu-ray and music

  • video games: up to 20% off consoles, accessories and games from brands such as PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo
  • Song: CDs and vinyls with discounts of up to 40%
  • DVDs and Blu-ray: save up to 30% on multiple titles
  • Musical instruments: up to 30% discount on instruments and accessories from brands such as Blue, Tonante and Audio-Technica


digital entertainment

  • Amazon Music Unlimited: Prime members who haven’t tried Music Unlimited can get four months free
  • Prime Video: discounts of up to 70% on selected Prime Video Channels channels
  • Kindle Unlimited: Prime members who haven’t tried Kindle Unlimited can get two months free, with access to over 1 million ebooks
  • Prime Reading: Free access to popular titles on Prime Reading in June
    • non-violent communication, by Mashall Rosenberg; I’m the Legend, by Ricard Matheson; and We, by Yevgeny Zamiatin

Amazon Prime Day is valid for Prime subscribers

Most promotions will last until the end of this Amazon Prime Day, usually until 23:59 the next Monday (22), but some have a shorter deadline. One is the Philips Hue lamp, which is in effect for just 24 hours.

As with other promotions, stock tends to be limited for some products. Anyone who accesses the store can view the items at a reduced price, but the lower price is only applied to the cart for Amazon Prime subscribers – which costs R$9.90 monthly or R$89.90 per year.

Transparency note: the links above have an affiliate code. By clicking on them, prices do not change, but the vehicle can earn a commission from Amazon.

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