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THE Amazon Echo Dot it’s the Google Nest Mini are the two cheapest smart speakers in Brazil. Both are compact, have microphones for voice commands and have a suggested price of R $ 349, functioning as a gateway to make your home more connected.

Despite being very similar and costing the same amount, smart speakers show their differences in sound quality, connectivity and, of course, in the personal assistant, which can be the Alexa or the Google Assistant. But what will be the best option for you? I used both and compare the boxes below.

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Design: Google Nest Mini

Echo Dot has a simpler and more traditional look, with physical buttons, four visible microphones and a colored ring that signals when Alexa is thinking. Nest Mini is more sober, with capacitive touch commands on the sides and on the top, which is covered in fabric and hides the LEDs indicative of Google Assistant.

Because it has a more discreet design and is easy to harmonize with any environment, in addition to a hole to hang it on the wall, the Google smart speaker does better here.

Connections: Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot or Google Nest Mini - Comparison

Both speakers can play music from major streaming services and also function as Bluetooth speakers, receiving signals from any paired device, such as your cell phone.

But the Echo Dot is the only one that has a 3.5 mm connection to connect an external speaker. This makes the product more versatile and long-lasting: if you want more powerful audio in the future or already have a better speaker, you can use Alexa as the brain of your system. Point to Amazon.

Alexa or Google Assistant: Google Assistant

Amazon Echo Dot or Google Nest Mini - Comparison

The story goes like this: Amazon knows a lot about your consumption habits, but Google knows absolutely everything about you, including who you talk to, what places you go to and what you search on the internet. With more data, the Google Nest Mini tends to answer more questions and in a more personalized way.

If you want to know what your next appointments are, if your favorite restaurant is open, if your flight is on time or if the bus to work is operating normally, Google Assistant can answer everything with one foot on the back, while Alexa may be more generic or may not have the information you need.

Music services: Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot or Google Nest Mini - Comparison

Of course, one of the main purposes of a smart speaker is to play music. So it is important that it works with the streaming service that you already subscribe to. Google Nest Mini can play music from Spotify, Google Play Music and YouTube Music. Amazon Echo Dot natively supports Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Napster, Spotify and TuneIn.

If you only use Google services, Nest Mini is obviously a better option. But Amazon Echo Dot is more agnostic and more likely to be compatible with your favorite music platform, so it gains a point here.

Sound quality: Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot or Google Nest Mini - Comparison

But who plays music better? In terms of volume, Echo Dot wins: it manages to reach higher levels, being able to cover larger environments and even manage a small party. Amazon’s speaker also goes further before it starts to distort the mids.

The sound profile of the smart speaker with Alexa should please more people, as it delivers a fuller sound, with more present bass. The treble also has more space in the presentation of the Echo Dot, which can be annoying at higher volumes, but gives the impression of greater definition. Neither is exceptional, but Amazon takes a point here.

Speech recognition: Google Nest Mini

Amazon Echo Dot or Google Nest Mini - Comparison

The Amazon speaker has four long-range microphones, while the Nest Mini has three. It would be very easy to make a point for Echo Dot, but Google’s smart speaker takes advantage of my experiences.

Everything works wonderfully on both smart speakers when the environment is quiet. But when a louder song is playing, Echo Dot tends to be more “deaf” more easily, failing to understand the “Alexa” activation command, while Google Assistant can still hear you from a greater distance with more clarity.

Connected house: Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot or Google Nest Mini - Comparison

Another common use for a smart speaker is to control the devices in your home, such as lamps, sockets, security cameras, televisions, vacuum cleaners and even your window curtains, if you invest in automation. Both Alexa and Google Assistant are compatible with the main brands, but Amazon takes the best for having arrived in this market before.

Alexa supports over 85,000 smart home devices and is always gaining new Skills, applications developed by third parties that expand the functionality of Amazon Echo devices. Therefore, the probability of something being compatible with Alexa is even greater than with Google Assistant.

Best smart speaker: Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot or Google Nest Mini - Comparison

For 4 to 3, Amazon Echo Dot is the best smart speaker for most people. I would recommend the Google Nest Mini to anyone who is very immersed in the Google ecosystem and uses all the company’s services, but the smart speaker with Alexa does a better job overall: it is compatible with more devices and services, is expandable and plays music with a better sound.

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