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Allugator, an electronics rental company, opened new investment lots in iPhones 13 promising returns of up to 300% of the CDI (Certificate of Interbank Deposit). Who offers investments on Apple’s latest smartphone model is Allugator Invest, the startup’s financial services arm. The titles can earn 18% to 20% per year, depending on the type of contribution made by the user.

iPhone 13 line models (Image: Disclosure/Apple)

Allugator Invest explains how to invest in iPhones 13: a person buys a lot of products to be rented by customers for 36 months. After the loan expires, these devices are resold, generating an income for the investor.

With the price of the iPhone 13 in Brazil, it is likely that many Brazilians will end up renting the latest generation cell phone from Apple. This makes the investment in cell phone lots even more disputed; the ones that Allugator Invest makes available last until the night of Black Friday, on Friday (26).

17% to 20% return on iPhone 13 investment

In a statement, Allugator Invest presents two investment options in lots of iPhone 13: Simple Interest and Bullet — a format in which the investor only receives income after the device is resold.

To encourage investors, the startup’s investment arm opened the first batches of the iPhone 13 early this Wednesday (24th). They have an exclusive offer of 19% annual return for first-time buyers — 1% more than the standard return. If the value of the contribution exceeds R$ 70 thousand, Allugator Invest promises 20% remuneration on the rent.

Investments made in batches of the iPhone 13 return 300% of the CDI. The index follows the Selic rate, remaining 0.10 percentage point below. In other words, with the Selic at 7.75% per year, the CDI is at 7.65%. Therefore, a 300% yield results in an annual return of 22.95%.

According to Allugator Invest, this investment option was planned to attract from the boldest investors, who are looking for more profitable options, to the more conservative ones, looking for low-risk investments.

The company’s securities are regulated by the Central Bank. On the website, Allugator emphasizes that all the assets of the company and its partners, in addition to the iPhone 13 themselves, serve as a guarantee for the contributions made by the investor. The company says it issues a Bank Credit Bill (CCB) in the name of the person applying the money.

The startup also explains that all its customers undergo a credit assessment to avoid defaults, and that it is necessary to pay for the devices even before receiving them.

Black Friday has a 30% discount on iPhone 13 rentals

Rates of return on iPhone 13 investments are up on Allugator, even if only by 1%. In October, the company promised a return of 17% in contributions from the Apple device, which could reach 19%.

With an eye on Black Friday, the startup has 50% promotions on iPhone rentals in the first three years.ês months of loan on the device. Subscriptions for the last three generations of the Apple smartphone are currently priced as follows:

  • iPhone 11 128 GB – R$216.34 per month
  • iPhone 12 128 GB – R$ 326.29 per month
  • iPhone 13 128 GB – R$ 346.34 per month

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TB's findings: real curatorship of offers, no tail stuck (Image: Guilherme Reis/Tecnoblog)
TB’s findings: real curatorship of offers, no tail stuck (Image: Guilherme Reis/Tecnoblog)

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