all you need to know about the QR Code “digital reminder book” for restaurants and sports halls

As of June 9, 2020, restaurants, sports halls, and other places open to the public that are not affected by the health pass will have to set up a QR Code called “digital reminder book” that customers will have to scan via TousAntiCovid before using enter. Here is everything you need to know about these QR Codes.

Deconfinement is becoming clearer in France, and from June 9, 2021, restaurants, bars and cafes will be able to reopen their rooms, as well as fitness establishments and other closed places. Restrictions will continue.

In restaurants, the reception level may not exceed 50% of the usual capacity of the establishment. In addition, there may not be more than six people around the table, children included, and drinking while standing is prohibited.

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What is the “digital reminder book” QR Code?

At the entrance to certain places deemed to be at high risk of contamination which are not otherwise covered by the Health Pass, visitors will have to enter their contact details in a “reminder book”. The idea is to collect the names, first names and contact details of customers so that they can easily be contacted again if a contact case has been discovered during their visit.

The problem is that paper reporting was conducive to misrepresentation, not to mention the fact thatit can waste too much time entering establishments and seems too intrusive. This is why, before the second phase of deconfinement on June 9, 2021, The TousAntiCovid application has a “digital reminder” function.

TousAntiCovid QR Code digital reminder notebook

Concretely you enter your details in the application. Scanning this code at the entrance of establishments that request it simply records your details on a digital version of the reminder book.. The difference is that the data is anonymized and stored locally.

How to scan the QR Code “Digital reminder book” at the entrance of restaurants and sports halls?

The government has already implemented the functionality in the app. To use it it’s very simple:

  • Open AllAntiCovid
  • Go to category AllAntiCovid Signal
  • Touch Scan a QR Code location
  • Touch I scan
  • Scan the establishment’s QR Code

Should you scan a QR Code when eating on the terrace or when going to the cinema?

smartphone restaurant

From June 9, the terraces can reopen at 100% of their capacity and are no longer subject to a limit of 6 people per table. The curfew being moved to 11 p.m., it is the return of the service in the evening almost as before the pandemic. Note also that hotel restaurants and bars will be subject to fewer restrictions and may reopen at 100% of their capacity after this date.

Movie theaters are also excluded from the obligation to scan a QR Code at the entrance. The capacity of the rooms is limited, and, even if they are closed places, the cinemas are constantly ventilated by air conditioning systems. The risk is therefore less than in a confined closed place.

What personal data is collected by this QR Code system?

The paper reminder book collects your last name, first name and phone number. But the operation of the digital version is smarter and more protective of your personal data. At no time, in fact, do you transmit data to a central server, except for an anonymized code if you are declared positive.

When you scan a QR Code, a facility code, date, and time of your visit are saved to your local phone. At regular intervals, a central server sends all smartphones equipped with the application an anonymized list of codes of places visited by people who test positive.

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Thus, if an infected person has visited a place where you are, the application can compare the data locally with that of the server and display an alert without your personal data having left your smartphone at any time.

Do I have to scan a QR Code at the exit? How is the length of attendance calculated?

It is not necessary to scan a QR Code at the exit, to avoid collecting too much personal data, and to be less intrusive. The calculations of attendance times will necessarily be a little arbitrary. For example, l‘Application will consider that your visit will have lasted two hours, if you go to the restaurant, regardless of the actual duration of your visit.

Is it really secure?

A priori, yes. As we explained above, for the customers, the data is kept locally, and the alerts are generated only by comparison with a list of anonymized codes representing the declared contact cases stored on a server. In the event of a hacking of the central server, the risk therefore seems rather limited.

What if you don’t have a smartphone or forgot your smartphone at home?

If you don’t have a smartphone, broke it or forgot it at home, you are not excluded from restaurants and gyms. It will simply take spend a little more time filling out the paper reminder book at each visit.

What if a case of COVID-19 started at a gym or restaurant you went to?

If only one person has tested positive and the app believes you may have come into contact with them, the app will display an orange alert. A test will then be recommended.

If several people have tested positive in a place you have frequented, the application will display a red alert, and you will be prompted to confine yourself.

Restaurant Covid Italy
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How long will the French digital reminder book remain in effect?

This is the whole question. Since the start of the pandemic, France has chosen to put in place measures that are often incompatible with those of neighboring European countries, even though in the rest of Europe the member states are collaborating more to integrate their applications and reporting systems. and screening.

Gold, from May 19, it could very well be that we start talking about a lifting of the measures. On July 1, moreover, a European health pass will be implemented. However, this pass has nothing to do with what is covered in the reminder book, it is closer to the French Sanitary Pass.

We can also wonder how European and extra-European tourists will be able to gain access to the system. As it stands, despite its operation on QR Code, the digital reminder book only seems to work via the French TousAntiCovid application.

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