All the actors of the series and their Instagram!

Check out the list of actors and actresses from The Order Season 2 on Netflix and where to follow them on Instagram!

The Order Season 2 is available on Netflix in France ! With this its lot actors and actresses, and you are probably wondering where to follow them on Instagram. We are here. The coming season follows Jack and his fellow knights. Whose memories were erased at the end of the last season. They are trying to integrate into their secret society and understand why the Order is looking for them. If by any chance you want to know all the info concerning the third season, it’s here.

Who are the actors of The Order Season 2 and where to follow them on Instagram?

Jake Manley

The actor Jake Manley Resumes Role As Jack Morton. He is the protagonist of The Order who was once a member of the two supernatural societies. The Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose and the Knights of Saint Christopher of the Werewolves.

While the first season ended with the erasure of Jack’s memory. It seems that, since the trailer, Jack and his friends will begin to remember the death of his grandfather. Black magic used by the Order and the reasons why its members wanted it to be forgotten. He recently starred alongside Bella Thorne in the thriller Infamous and is scheduled to star with Emma Roberts in Netflix’s romantic comedy Holidate. If you want to follow him on Instagram @jakemanley.

Sarah Gray

Sarah Gray resumes her role as Alyssa. She was in love with Jack in the last season before erasing his memory in the last episode.

It seems that the season 2 of The Order will see Alyssa try to get closer to Jack once more and convince him and his former knights to join the Order as they could be powerful allies. Until they find out the truth about their memory loss and the fact that they were previously members of the Order’s rival society. You may have seen it in, iZombie and Legends of Tomorrow. His Instagram @thesarahgrey.

Katharine Isabelle

She plays the role of Vera Stone. The Grand Magnus of the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose. Having taken over after Jack’s father died last season.

The The Order Season 2 will see her direct the Order and induct Jack, Randall, Lilith and Hamish into the secret society. If you want to follow her on Instagram @thekatharineisabelleproject.

Adam DiMarco

The actor resumes his role as Randall. A resident advisor at the University of Belgrave, Randall was a member of the Knights of St. Kitts and werewolf. Before his memory is erased at the end of the first season.

The season 2 of The Order will see him join the Order and attempt to bring down society from within after recovering his memory. You’ve probably seen it in Sabrina’s new adventures. If you want to follow him on Instagram @adamdimarco.

Devery jacobs

The actress resumes her role as Lilith. Another member of the Knights of St. Christopher whose memory has been erased. During the season 2 of The Order, it looks like she’s going to try to stop the apocalypse from happening with the other Knights. You can follow her on Instagram @kdeveryjacob.

Louriza Tronco

She resumes her role of Gabrielle. Gabrielle is a member of the Order who played a big role in foiling the Knights and erasing their memories. At the start of the second season of The Order, it looks like she became Jack’s girlfriend.

The actress and Canadian singer Louriza Tronco appeared in Museum Night and Supergirl. If you want to follow her on Instagram @lourizatronco.

Anesha bailey

The actress will play the role of Nicole. She seems to be a new character who is interested in love with Lilith during the season 2 of The Order. To follow the new actress on Instagram @aneshabailey.

Hoping that this guide will have helped you better know the characters and where to follow the The Order Season 2 actors on Instagram !

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