Alice In Borderland: All Season 1 games in the series

Alice In Borderland is one of the most famous deadly game series on Netflix and has conquered fans all over the world with its remarkable plot, memorable characters and several breathtaking games.

The challenges of each of the Alice in Borderland are divided into cards: spades for power games; sticks for teamwork; diamonds for reasoning; and hearts for psychological games. Furthermore, each number also represents the game’s difficulty (the higher the number, the more complicated).

Thus, the games in the series are classified by different difficulties, considering some crucial factors, and are totally random. Participants only find out what will happen when they play.

Check out a ranking with all the hardest games from Alice In Borderland while you wait for the new challenges of the 2nd season of the Japanese series.

6. Distance game (four clubs)

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The distance game is the most “simple” of Alice In Borderland and could easily be resolved by Arisu (Kento Yamazaki) and his companions if they had thought more about the instructions. That way, they wouldn’t have to run so much.

The panther that appears during the game is what ends up making it more difficult, but it is not known for sure if she was really part of the dynamic. As it was a stick game, they didn’t need to test their strengths and should just work as a team.

If the two other players had backed off while Arisu discovered the bus was the target, they might have read the word “goal” on the vehicle long before and survived.

5. Lamp set (four of diamonds)

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Fonte:  Netflix

This game is also not as complicated as the next ones, and as it is a game of diamonds, Arisu would only need to have thought a little more about the logic of the dynamics.

The player needed to find out which button turned on the lamp while the water level rose and, for that, he just had to notice which of the lamps had heat residues, so he would know which one was the right one. And that’s exactly what he did to get through the challenge.

A fact that proves the ease of this game is that the executive (from Praia) who was in the room knew all the time what the correct answer to the challenge was.

4. Game of the dead or alive (three of clubs)

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Fonte:  Netflix

The dynamics of this game are quite simple. Arisu and his companions must choose a door between the two arranged and, if it is the wrong one, everyone will die and, if it takes too long, everyone will be burned alive.

Although it seems like a simple concept, the pressure and running time make this event very complicated for players.

After a few deaths, Arisu manages to use his photographic memory and calculates the size of the building based on a model he had seen at the entrance, making a relationship with the correct door. Thus, he manages to save everyone using his intelligence for this.

3. Tag game (five spades)

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Fonte:  Netflix

Despite being a classic for children’s games, this tag game turned out to be more complicated than expected. Players who were supposed to hunt down opponents wore horse masks and rifles, while the others needed to not only survive the gunfire but also figure out which room was right in the building to save themselves.

The big twist is that the players responsible for hunting opponents needed to kill them to survive and, therefore, Arisu ended up having no choice but to murder someone in order to stay alive.

2. Hide and seek game (seven of hearts)

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Arisu and his teammates enter this game thinking they could all survive together, but that’s not what happens. As it is a heart game, it ends up playing with the players’ psychology.

Each of them receives a phone and, among them, one is designated as “wolf” and the rest as “sheep”. The sheep must become a wolf by making eye contact with it, as only those with wolf status will survive in the end.

The end of the game ends up being sad, with the teammates sacrificing themselves so that Arisu can move forward.

1. Witch Hunt Game (ten of hearts)

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Fonte:  Netflix

The Witch Hunt Game is the hardest and deadliest game of Season 1 of Alice In Borderland. And that happens, as hundreds of players are instructed to find the “witch” who killed Momoka (Kina Yazaki), a resident of the place known as The Beach. Thus, the entire building becomes an arena for the game.

The game fulfills exactly its role and pits people against their own friends and allies, until Arisu reveals that Momoka, in fact, was the witch all along and that the game is only for killing each other. In the end, everyone is shocked to realize that they killed their own allies during the challenge.

Which games should appear in season 2 of Alice in Borderland?

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