Alice in Borderland: 7 Things We Hope to See in Season 2

the 2nd season of Alice in Borderland seems closer and closer, and fans are already speculating what should appear in the next episodes of the Netflix series.

As several points were left open, we made a list of the 7 events that cannot be left out of the launch, including the games, the relationship between the characters and the past of some mysterious participants.

Check out what’s not to be missed in season 2 of Alice in Borderland for the show to please the fans even more!

7. More well-crafted games

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As Round 6, Alice in Borderland it gets even better for having its plot developed around very complex games. The children’s games we know, like hide and seek, end up becoming something sinister and exciting at the same time.

For season 2, our fans are that this continues to happen in an innovative way, without repeating the structure that was used previously.

6. Development of the relationship between Usagi and Arisu

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It took a while for the duo at the start of the first season to be able to accept each other’s help, but it was inevitable. As time goes by, it’s comforting to see them overcome this barrier and come together for the purpose of staying alive.

The friendship shown in the Netflix series has everything to develop into something more in the future.

5. More information about dealers

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Fonte:  Netflix

For those who don’t remember, dealers are the people who actively participate in the creation and development of games. One of the most impactful moments of Alice in Borderland this is when Asahi reveals that he is a dealer and explains a little about everything behind his role.

However, everything gets very superficial and we are looking forward to Season 2 revealing a little more about how dealers are chosen, for example.

4. The truth about the real world

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This is one of the biggest open questions so far. Fans theorize, as do the characters themselves, about what might have happened to the real world as they were taken into that new reality.

What Alice in Borderland is an adaptation of the manga, some people have already read it and have the answer, but the audience that only follows the Netflix series will have to wait a little longer for the big reveal.

3. Arisu’s (deserved) revenge

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The protagonist loses his best friends to the cruel games and develops a strong sense of revenge when Season 1 comes to an end. He knows that the people behind those bizarre activities are responsible for the death of the ones he loves and resolves to make them pay for what they did.

This can be a little difficult considering the barriers that separate the two sides, but even so, Season 2 of Alice in Borderland you should at least brush up on this part of the plot — and we’re looking forward to seeing it!

2. What happens when the deck is completed

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Fonte:  Netflix

All the difficulties that Arisu and Usagi faced in the first season should be multiplied in the next episodes. The new cards that determine the games are rated as the most difficult, so we already know that there is still a lot of trauma for the characters to face.

But what happens when the deck is completed? Maybe one of them will be able to get out of that reality, if they have many victories, but nothing is guaranteed, since the deck may simply not be finished if it is the will of the game masters.

1. O passado de Chishiya

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Source: Netflix/Disclosure

What Alice in Borderland it has several characters, it’s really hard to focus on the story of each one individually and still continue the main plot with the games. However, getting to know a few more of them, like Kuina and Chota, makes the whole story even better.

Who still remains a mystery to everyone is Chishiya, a character who is always sneaky and focused on his own moves. Knowing a little about his past could help to understand why he acts like that, even if that might change in the future.

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