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Another bill to overthrow Pix, a tool of the Central Bank. This time, the author of the proposal is federal deputy Alexandre Frota (PSDB-SP), who presented it at the plenary of the Chamber of Deputies this Thursday (30) . He proposes that banks and other financial institutions suspend transfers through the BC’s instant payment option, under the justification that criminals are using Pix instead of the “bank exit”.

Congressman Alexandre Frota (PSDB-SP) speaks at the plenary of the Chamber (Image: Cleia Viana/ Chamber of Deputies)

Pix would be suspended until BC regulation

According to the deputy toucan, the measure should enter into force and be suspended after the BC regulates the transfers of Pix.

The project proposed by Frota determines that new rules must be created about the instant payment tool, so that they contemplate “citizen safety”. The congressman still blames financial institutions and banks for possible illegal and criminal transactions.

In this way, banks could not be exempt from guilt in cases of scams on Pix or transfers made through threats from criminals, for example.

Alexandre Frota justifies the creation of the PL as follows:

“It is becoming routine to commit crimes against citizens so that values ​​are transferred violently or not so that immediate electronic transfers can be made, through the Pix modality.”

According to him, criminals are replacing the practice known as “bank exit”, where they wait for the victim to leave the bank branch to carry out robberies or kidnappings, to kidnap victims “quickly”. Victims would make transfers through Pix to obtain ransom, which “makes the process more violent” and with “unlimited psychological pressure”.

It’s not the first time a politician has formulated a bill to suspend Pix. In early September, the state deputy of São Paulo, Paulo Campos Machado (Avante), filed a proposal with Alesp (Legislative Assembly of the State of São Paulo) to ban the Central Bank tool.

The suspension would go into effect and would only end after BC presented a technical report on fraud prevention measures and security devices used to fight criminals who use Pix.

Pix now has a night limit of R$1,000

Due to the increase in lightning crimes involving Pix, and even frauds and WhatsApp scams, BC decreed a limit of R$1,000 for any transfer made during the night and night shifts — between 8 pm and 6 am. The new rule would apply only to individual and MEI accounts; companies could still transfer personalized amounts, as long as they were agreed with the client bank.

The changes in Pix already have a date to start working: the BC determined that the new limit will take effect from October 4th.

Other measures related to the security of bank transfers using Pix are expected to be implemented from the 16th of November. Among the security mechanisms are the precautionary blocking — when a bank suspends access to an individual account for 72 hours — and the notification of infringement — each bank must insert a Pix key linked to the CPF/CNPJ of a bank account — which currently is optional.

Pix has become the darling of the time when it comes to transferring money: a survey by Febraban (Brazilian Federation of Banks) shows that the tool already surpasses all other forms of combined transactions, including DOC and TED operations. The BC stated in July that more than 73 million Brazilians have already used Pix.

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