Alec Baldwin: See 7 Other Tragic Accidents in Movie Shooting

A serious accident has recently caught the attention of the entire world. During the filming of Rust, film directed by Joel Souza, actor Alec Baldwin accidentally shot director of photography Halyna Hutchins, killing her instantly. Souza was also injured behind the scenes of the production.

Although it sounds shocking, accidents like this, unfortunately, are not a rarity behind the scenes of audiovisual productions. Thus, recall some cases that have marked the history of cinema, especially due to the deaths that have already happened on some occasions.

7. Isla Fisher em Master trick

(Lionsgate/Reproduction)Source: Lionsgate

Released in 2013, Louis Leterrier’s film features a group of illusionists committed to surprising their audience, as well as developing well-articulated robberies. In one of the scenes, Isla Fisher simulated a very common trick, in which your character was tied up inside a tank full of water and needed to free herself so as not to drown.

Turns out the actress ended up getting really arrested. However, no one believed that she was drowning and, yes, acting in a visceral way. Fortunately, she was rescued in time.

6. Uma Thurman in Kill Bill

The protagonist of Quentin Tarantino’s film was driving a vehicle at high speed in one of the most important sequences in the narrative when she lost control and crashed into a tree. See below:

According to Thurman, who broke her legs and neck in the collision, the filmmaker had previously assured her that the car was safe, although it didn’t look like it. “Quentin Tarantino was deeply sorry and continues [até hoje] because of this unfortunate event”, wrote the actress recently on her Instagram when sharing the images of the accident.

5. The Harry Potter Stuntman

(Wikipedia/Reproduction)(Wikipedia/Reproduction)Source: Wikipedia

Large action sequences require the support of professionals who specialize in stunts. Stuntmen generally have specific training for this practice, but even so, they are not immune to accidents.

In the footage of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, David Holmes, Daniel Radcliffe’s stunt double in the franchise, was thrown against a wall during a flight sequence and fell to the ground. Thus, the former gymnast broke his spine and today, paralyzed, uses a wheelchair to get around.

4. Harrison Ford and his leg in Star Wars

(Flynet/Playback)(Flynet/Playback)Fonte:  Flynet

During a rehearsal of the filming of The force awakens, Harrison Ford suffered a very serious accident, as he was hit by the hydraulic door of the famous Millenium Falcon. The strength of the prop was so great that the actor was thrown to the ground and was crushed by it in the end.

Han Solo’s interpreter sustained injuries to several regions of his body, in addition to breaking his leg and undergoing a high-risk surgical procedure. Ford sued one of the producers involved in the project alleging negligence on the part of the Disney subsidiary. According to the case file, the accident was not fatal only because an emergency brake was activated in time.

3. The double of Deadpool

(IMDb/Reproduction)(IMDb/Reproduction)Fonte:  IMDb

In 2017, the stuntman Joi Harris participated in the filming of Deadpool 2 as his first professional project in the field. For many years, she developed as a motorcycle rider and had a great deal of experience with risky maneuvers.

However, Harris lost control of his motorcycle during one of the sequences in which he replaced actress Zazie Beetz and crashed into a glass window. According to witnesses, the stuntman was not wearing a helmet at the time of the collision, which made this fatality worse.

2. A movie of The Twilight Zone

(Wikipedia/Reproduction)(Wikipedia/Reproduction)Source: Wikipedia

A rather shocking case was highlighted in the news in the early 1980s. Everything went relatively well on the set of film recordings made for the classic series. The Twilight Zone.

Actor Vic Morrow was crossing a lake during a scenic storm along with two other child actors — who reportedly couldn’t be working at the time — when he was hit by the propellers of a runaway helicopter. The three died instantly.

1. Brandon Lee in The crow

(Buena Vista Pictures/Reproduction)(Buena Vista Pictures/Reproduction)Fonte: Buena Vista Pictures

Closing the list, there is a very famous case linked to the son of star Bruce Lee. Brando Lee starred in the feature film The crow in the mid-1990s. In one of the scenes, your character would be hit by a bullet, but would dodge due to some maneuvers and acrobatics. However, during filming, the scenographic weapon was loaded with a real bullet instead of a blank.

So when the actor came on the scene and the shot was fired, Lee ended up dying. To this day, many speculate that his death scene entered the final cut of the film. The director, however, has already denied this conspiracy theory.

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