Against: from the worst to the best, according to the critic

Some experiences change our lives forever and change us. It can be an accident, a failed relationship, a graduation, or even a video game that makes you learn the real meaning of the words “frustration” and “anger”.

Today’s franchise definitely separates children from adults, there is no doubt about that. You asked, voted and here’s the Worst to Best in the franchise Against. Here are our criteria, pay close attention:

  • The notes presented are based on the Metacritic and GameRankings note aggregators. If the title was released for more than one platform initially, we will take the notes for each version and do an arithmetic average.
  • We did not find some titles of the franchise on the websites mentioned, so we looked for reviews of large foreign media vehicles and did an arithmetic average with the grades.

13) C: The Contra Adventure (1998) – 39.1 (PS1)

Launched in 1998, C: The Contra Adventure came in last. This was the second game in the series produced by Appaloosa Interactive in partnership with Konami of America. Its story takes place after the events of Against: Legacy of War, with a meteor awarded with an infestation of aliens colliding with Earth. With that, Ray Poward will come out of retirement to neutralize these damn invaders.

The game has several perspectives that change according to the levels, such as 2D Side-scrolling and 3D in third person. It keeps everything introduced in the previous game and has 3 levels of difficulty, with the game ending in the Pyramid 1 level if the player is in easy.

You can easily say that the game was a catastrophe, so much so that it was never released in the company’s homeland, Japan. In addition to having an art direction, soundtrack and horrible graphics, the mix of perspectives more hinders than helps. Many did not even understand the reason for this game to bear the name of the Contra franchise (besides the money part, of course). Your grade is 39.1.

12) Against: Rogue Corps (2019) – 49.3 (Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch)

In penultimate place, we have the most recent on the list. Against: Rogue Corps was released in 2019 and takes place two years after the events of Contra III: The Alien Wars, with Damned City in a post-apocalyptic state harboring bizarre demons that attack everything that is alive.

As in Neo Contra, his vision is isometric top down with 3D graphics. With a focus on PvE, that is, Players vs. NPCs, it features a single player story mode and online and local cooperative modes, the latter for up to four players.

The game was a gigantic vacillation and received criticism for its controls, graphics, mission structures and Season Pass content, while receiving some praise for its complex upgrade and customization system. Your grade is 49.3.

11) Contra Force (1992) – 60 (NES)

In eleventh place was Contra Force, released in 1992. The game, which is a spinoff of the series, does not feature aliens as villains, but human terrorists who threaten the lives of the inhabitants of Neocity.

It has 4 different characters and 5 levels, 3 of which are played in the side-scrolling style and 2 in an overhead view. The controls and gameplay are very similar to those of the other games in the series, with some minor differences such as power-ups.

The game is not bad, but neither is it exactly good. He has an interesting strategic footprint, but suffers from slowdowns and flickers. In addition, it was launched for the NES and, in the same year, Against III arrived at the Super Nintendo, which ended up negatively influencing his score, which was 60.

11) Against: Legacy of War (1996) – 60 (PS1, Sega Saturn)

And also in eleventh place, we have Against: Legacy of War, released in 1996. This was the first of two games produced by Appaloosa Interactive in partnership with Konami of America. The game follows Ray Poward, Tasha, CD-288 and Bubba who must end Colonel Bassad, a dictator from a small country who joined an alien entity to take over the world.

It was the first game in the series to bring fully 3D gameplay with isometric view. Excluding the type of weapon they carry and the speed of movement, the 4 characters have the same exact gameplay. Another novelty is that players’ progress could be saved using a memory card.

Even though he has that frantic firefight typical of the franchise and has good graphics, a good amount of weapons, enemies and territories, he has inaccurate jumps, slowdowns, a frustratingly large amount of enemies on the screen, which didn’t help at all assessment. Your grade is 60.

10) Neo Contra (2004) – 65 (PS2)

Launched in 2004, Neo Contra takes place in the year 4444 and is a direct continuation of Contra: Shattered Soldier. Earth has become a planetary prison for criminals and rebel politicians. From the margins of society, an order called Neo Contra appears, which should be stopped by Bill Rizer and his samurai partner Genbei Yagyu.

Even though it is 3D, the player will rarely need to aim at the 3 dimensions, the stages have different camera angles, the player cannot jump, the dash and spin have been added and there are 7 stages in total.

The game was praised for its gameplay, the simultaneous action of two players and some big bosses, but there is not much content, the weapons are poorly balanced and there are heavy slowdowns, mainly in the two player mode. His grade is 65.

9) Super Contra (1988) – 75 (Arcade, NES, PC)

Super Contra, released in 1988, is the second game in the franchise to hit the market. A year after the battle with the organization Red Falcon, Bill and Lance are sent on a mission in which they must recover a military base taken by aliens, who are even controlling the minds of those who resided there.

Super Contra it can be played by one or two players simultaneously and maintains the structure of its predecessor. It has some changes and novelties, such as the ability to control the height of jumps, weapon upgrades and stages with an overhead perspective.

In the arcade, the American and Japanese versions have a small difference: while the western one finishes after the end of the last phase, the Japanese one returns from the beginning after the final credits. In this second loop, the points, weapons and lives continue and the difficulty is automatically placed on the hardest.

The critics evaluated that he managed to improve some points of his predecessor and bring a great experience for hardcores players. The problem is that it doesn’t bring much news in relation to the Against, which made him score 75.

8) Hard Corps: Uprising (2011) – 75.5 (Xbox 360, PS3)

Eighth, we have Hard Corps: Uprising, launched in 2011. Even without having the name of the series, it is both a spin-off of Against: Hard Corps as a prequel to the original Contra, released in 1987. The game follows an elite group that must execute a desperate plan to save the world.

It has two game modes, Rising and Arcade. The first has several points that can be collected to buy upgrades and customizations for both weapons and clothes and for the skills of the characters. The second is more difficult and has no shops to buy improvements. Several moves, such as a dash in midair, have been added and the player can load two different weapons and switch between them, just like in Contra III.

The game was praised for its great gameplay, its creative level design, its fun bosses and the fact that it uses only one screen to play coop mode. The criticisms were for the absurd difficulty curve and the limited number of checkpoints, which ends up bringing a lot of repetition to the game. Your grade is 75.5.

7) Against ReBirth (2009) – 76 (Nintendo Wii)

Against ReBirth was released in 2009 for the Wii through WiiWare, which was like an Xbox Live Arcade. In the game, Bill Rizer and Genbei Yagyu have to travel back in time to stop villains who have done the same with evil objectives of world domination.

The game goes back to its roots, with sprite-based visuals and 2D side-scrolling gameplay. It accepts up to two players simultaneously, it has the Contra III two-weapon system but it does not have the classic flamethrower. If the player chooses to play easy, he will not be able to face the big boss and not see the real ending of the title.

It turned out not to be a great game, mainly because of its marketing method, but it pleased most of the old school players who had played the first games in the franchise. Your grade is 76.

6) Against: Shattered Soldier (2002) – 78 (PS2)

Against: Shattered Soldier, launched in 2002, is a sequence of Against: Hard Corps, which had hit the market 8 years earlier, and Bill Rizer and his new partner Lucia, also known as Bionoid LCR, must end a new threat: the terrorist group Blood Falcon.

The game follows the classic gameplay of the series, which was in effect, if I may say so, until the release of Against: Legacy of War. It is almost entirely 2D side-scrolling with fully polygonal graphics, its controls are similar to those of Contra III, the power-ups have been replaced by 3 permanent weapons and it has several endings.

The game really pleased to return to the origins of the franchise, bringing good gameplay and a great replay factor, but it sins for the very short duration of less than 5 hours and for the old-fashioned design. Your grade is 78.

5) Operation C (1991) – 80 (Game Boy)

Operation C, released in 1991, was the first game in the franchise to reach portable consoles. In it, we accompany Bill Rizer in the task of neutralizing enemy forces that are hiding alien cells at its base.

The game is very similar to its predecessor, Super Contra, with 5 phases, 3 with a side-scrolling perspective and 2 overhead. It was the first game in the series to have auto-fire as a default, which resulted in the exclusion of the Machine Gun power-up. In addition to it, the Laser Rifle was also removed, but a new one, called the Homing Gun, was added.

The game was highly praised for its gameplay, controls, enemies, weapons and music, but the fact that it is very similar to Super Contra and does not have a multiplayer option displeased the critics. Your grade is 80.

4) Against 4 (2007) – 83 (Nintendo DS)

From one portable game to another. Against 4, released in 2007, is a direct sequence of the series games released for the NES and the Super Nintendo, the story follows a new alien entity, called Black Viper, attacking the planet Earth, which causes the Earth Federation to send its 4 Contra Force’s best soldiers to end this threat.

The game has a gameplay very similar to the first games in the series, so much so that it ignores mechanics introduced in more recent games, such as Shattered Soldier and Neo Contra. It has an Arcade mode, which is the main one, and the Challenge, which is released after the completion of Arcade on any difficulty. Just like in Super Contra, it is possible to get the same power twice, which releases an improved version of that weapon.

Analysts liked the challenging and addictive level design, the battles with incredible bosses, the large amount of extras and the mixture of nostalgia with new content, but they criticized the short duration, the lack of a multiplayer and the frustrating difficulty at times. His grade is 83.

3) Contra III: The Alien Wars (1992) – 83.6 (SNES, Game Boy)

Third, we have the most well-known game in the franchise. Contra III: The Alien Wars, released in 1992, accompanies Bill Rizer and Lance Bean who aim to defeat the aliens that invaded the planet and started a war against the human species.

As in other games already mentioned, its levels are divided into the side-scrolling perspectives, which is present in 4 phases, and overhead, which is in 2 phases. In addition to walking and shooting everything that moves, the player can pick up power-ups ranging from new weapons to temporary protection shields. At the end of each level, a boss must be defeated to progress on the adventure.

Analysts praised his graphics, the use of Mode 7, the soundtrack, the weapons, the sound design and the level of difficulty, but some analysts disagreed with the latter, saying that he became extremely frustrating at times, making him want to give up . Even so, the game arrived on our podium and got a score of 83.6.

2) Against: Hard Corps (1994) – 87.5 (Sega Mega Drive)

Second, we have Against: Hard Corps, launched in 1994. The story takes place in 2641, with a hacker infiltrating the city’s security system and reprogramming robots to bring chaos to the city. With this, a group called Hard Corps, formed by Ray Poward, Sheena Etranzi, Brad Fang and Browny, are assigned to take care of this situation.

Among the many new features that Hard Corps brings, we have the exclusion of overhead perspective levels, the possibility to choose between the available characters, cutscenes that tell the story, the ability to slide, the possibility to carry up to four different weapons and different paths that they are made according to the decisions made during important moments of the plot.

The game was highly praised for its beautiful graphics, its protagonists, its intense action and its beautiful visual effects. The only thing criticized was its extremely frustrating difficulty, but that was to be expected. His grade is 87.5.

1) Contra (1987) – 90 (Arcade, NES, PC)

And we got to the first place with the first game in the series. Against, launched in 1987, takes place in the future, more specifically in 2633, a time when an evil organization, called Red Falcon, plans to destroy all of humanity. Because of this, Bill Rizer and Lance Bean are assigned to their base to destroy everything.

The game contains 3 perspectives: side-scrolling, a pseudo-3D and one with a side view but with a fixed background. The entire game can be played on two players, each controlling one of the 2 protagonists. The standard weapon is a rifle, but it is possible to pick up others through power-ups. As the stages are full of opponents, the difficulty is due to dodging enemy attacks, since any contact with your shots or even with them makes the player lose a life.

Critics were impressed by the quality of the game, praising its gameplay totally focused on frantic action that won many hearts and chips. The game was such a success that Konami did not wait to launch its sequel, Super Contra, which hit the market the following year. If it weren’t for your extremely challenging difficulty, your score could be higher, but 90 is not to be complained about.

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