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Vivo announced last Sunday (9) a commitment to update its own smartphones for three years in a row, a rule in force from the next releases on its top-of-the-line models. The move is similar to that taken by Samsung, but less comprehensive when compared to its Asian competitor.

Vivo X60 Pro (Image: Press Release / Vivo)

The Android world has always been unreliable when it comes to updating software for the operating system, even though it knows that the greatest importance lies within the security patches released by Google or the manufacturers. Samsung started to tidy up the house when it started to promise three years of updates for a considerable number of devices, along with four years for corrections involving protection of the device in the hands of the owner.

Now the Chinese Vivo follows a very similar path, delivering the same amount in years updating the phone to a new Android, but putting three years for updates on security patches sent by Google.

“Featuring top-of-the-line hardware, X-line devices are built to last and we want to make sure that our customers get software support that matches their expectations,” commented Yujian Shi, senior vice president and chief technology officer at Alive.

“We always innovate with the user in mind. With this proposal, we are making a promise to our consumers so that they can enjoy a premium smartphone experience for a long time and continue to benefit from the latest software resources ”, adds the executive.

According to the company, this policy of software updates for Android is only valid for the markets of Europe, Australia and India. Another factor that limits the reach of updates for longer is in the cell phone model, since only devices of the X line and released after July this year are guaranteed. All the rest of the same range of more expensive and present devices on the market at this time, continues as it was before.

Which manufacturers promise Android updates

Until recently, basically only Google had a more fixed calendar on Android updates for their devices, from the old Nexus and going up to the latest with the Pixel line. Even so, being almost the only company guaranteeing some regularity in updates, the search giant’s policy involves only two years for all models.

Samsung entered this great list of companies that show concern for the consumer in the second half of last year, when it promised three years of updates for a considerable number of intermediate and top-of-the-line devices, and then put four years with updates for the patches of security launched by Google or the Korean brand itself.

HMD has put a two-year warranty on Android updates on Nokia, including even the most economical models of the brand, while representatives of the X line receive three years of updates. LG came to promise something similar just before leaving the smartphone market.

The most recent addition to this beautiful list is also the Chinese Oppo, but in a similar step to Vivo. She commented to the press that Find X3 went from two to three years with news from Android coming to the device – there is even the possibility of adding an extra year to the commitment.

The year 2021 is marked as a great time for those who want to buy an Android and keep the device updated for longer, whether in the security of patches or even in new features of the operating system itself. Finally.

With information: Vivo and The Verge.

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