After all, is there a really slimming remedy?

There are no shortcuts to to lose weight. yes there are medicines that can help a person who is in the process of losing fat, but none of them works alone and the results are based on many factors.

Doctors and nutritionists can prescribe medicines that accelerate metabolism, favor fat burning, inhibit its accumulation, reduce appetite, combat fluid retention or even control anxiety.

Many people have the desire to lose weight due to aesthetic pressures (Source: Unplash/Huha Inc.)Fonte:  Unplash

Despite the interest of science in the search for a remedy capable of solving the problem of obesity, the ones we have available to date still depend on each organism and its effectiveness has to be analyzed individually.

What is slimming?

First of all, it is necessary to make it clear that weight loss and weight loss are different things. A person who loses weight is one who loses part of the fat that is accumulated in the body.

Fat, however, is far from being a great villain. It is an important reserve of energy for us. There are healthy ranges of accumulation of this substance for each type of person. It only becomes a danger when it is present in excess.

To the to lose weight It is possible that there is weight loss, but it is not the rule. That’s because our weight is due to the sum of everything we have in the body, including muscles and bones. And fat is the lightest among them.

Why lose weight?

Weight loss can be motivated, in the first place, by health. Another great reason that can lead a person in the pursuit of this goal is aesthetics.

Obesity is a risk factor for the development of several diseases and that is why many doctors recommend that people stay within the ideal percentage of body fat.

But attention is needed. The diagnosis of obesity is not and cannot be given based on appearance. The amount of fat percentage is measured by a medical professional or nutritionist, able to make the calculations based on the type of body of each one.

What is the path to fat loss?

There is only one possible path, without shortcuts, to weight loss. If fat is our natural energy reserve, it is necessary to increase the demand for it, forcing the metabolism to burn this stock.

Two strategies can be adopted for this, and they are usually taken together. The first is to reduce the consumption of calories. In this way, our body has to resort to what it has already accumulated to keep functioning.

This reduction need not be drastic. Gradually decreasing portion sizes and removing highly processed foods may be enough for some people. Remember that all food has nutrients, and none of them is a villain.

The second method to burn fat is to increase daily energy expenditure, and this can be done through physical exercise. THE World Organization of Health recommends that the practice of activity should be at least five days a week.

And the meds?

No medicine said to lose weight will work without the previous steps being taken. Therefore, before resorting to these solutions, it is necessary to establish a training routine and adopt a healthy diet.

Once this is done, a doctor or nutritionist may recommend drugs as a therapeutic aid. This is because some people tend to accumulate more fat and it can be more difficult for them to lose weight.

Remedies for this purpose include drugs from pharmacies, natural substances and even homemade preparations.

Weight loss is often confused with weight loss, but they are not the same thing (Source: Unplahs/i yunmai)Weight loss is often confused with weight loss, but they are not the same thing (Source: Unplahs/i yunmai)Fonte:  Unplash

Among pharmaceutical preparations, most are made up of appetite suppressants, such as sibutramine, saxendra and lorcaserin hydrochloride. these medicines tend to help reduce calorie consumption.

Medicines that prevent fat absorption such as orlistat can also be prescribed. This pill is recommended for obese patients with associated risk factors who need more immediate intervention.

Among the homemade ones are green tea, which has antioxidant properties and caffeine, capable of accelerating metabolism. Foods containing glucomannan, chitosan, spirulina can give you a greater feeling of satiety and contribute to reducing food portion sizes.

Homemade teas can help the process, but they won't work alone (Source: Pixabay/congerdesign)Homemade teas can help the process, but they won’t work alone (Source: Pixabay/congerdesign)Source: Pixabay

Although in Brazil there are medicines that help in the weight loss process, they are still viewed with disbelief, even among doctors. It’s just that fat loss is a very complex process.

In addition, its use can often be frustrating. The adequacy of eating habits and the practice of exercises are the attitudes that really lead to change. The use of medication is just a cane that slightly improves the results. But many patients end up placing a lot of hope in them.

Furthermore, none of these drugs leads to the cure of obesity. This health condition it is much more complex. It is even necessary to demystify the prejudices that an obese person does not lose weight due to lack of will or laziness. Often the cure for a problem is beyond our hands.

Therefore, if any person, whether obese or healthy, intends to lose weight, the first step is to seek a doctor. Only he will be able to indicate the best way for you, and will refer you to a good nutritionist and a physical educator.

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