After a year of immersion at the bottom of a lake, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is still working

The iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Max are real subs! A user says he accidentally dropped his iPhone Pro Max 512 GB (aie, aie, aie …) at the bottom of a lake in Taiwan – before finding it a year later thanks to a monster drought that caused the drying up of the water body. Believe it or not, the smartphone got back to working perfectly after a few minutes of charging.

iPhone 11 Pro Max
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Taiwan is currently experiencing one of its worst droughts in 67 years and Taiwanese have to contend with a stifling climate, cracked arable land… and dry lakes. Even chip production already affected by the coronavirus pandemic is being impacted – factories like TSMC’s are indeed consuming a lot of water. Now, as you know, bad news doesn’t have to be for everyone – in this case It is thanks to the drying up of a body of water that the owner of an iPhone 11 Pro Max 512 GB was able to find his device a year after having lost it.

We are in March 2020 and Chen Paddles on Sun Moon Lake. He then just bought an iPhone 11 Pro Max 512 GB, the price of which was then close to 1,700 euros and intends to take it with him. Even if the smartphone is IP68 certified, he buys a waterproof bag for 5 € that he ties around his neck.. When in Paddle, everything is a question of balance but Chen, obviously, connects the hikes and the climbs on the board. Without realizing it, this damages the cord that holds the pocket containing the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Suddenly, Chen notices that the rope around his neck is no longer pulling.

iPhone 11 Pro Max: 12 months of immersion in the lake and not a scratch

He must then face the facts: his iPhone fell to the bottom of the lake, 27 meters below – and to get the device without training or adapted equipment seems impossible. Chen decides to take the accident with philosophy. Anyway, the iPhone 11 Pro Max being IP68 certified it can, at best, withstand submersion up to 4 meters deep for 30 minutes, right? A friend reminds her of other similar stories of lost and found working iPhones and almost challenges her: “Don’t worry, you’ll see your iPhone again next year”.

Exactly a year later, drought hits Taiwan – Sun Moon Lake is at an abnormally low level. Chen then receives an unexpected message: locals found his smartphone half covered in sediment while walking around the lake.. We learn that the part of the lake where the device was found had never been dry for 60 years. Chen explains that he was so pumped up like a pile by the discovery of his smartphone that he became insomniac for a few days. The device itself was intact. The inside of the pocket in which it was protected did not contain a drop of water which probably helped the device to survive submerged for so long.

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There are other stories where an iPhone (often iPhone 11s) survived long-term immersion without any protection. The latest is a functional iPhone 11 Pro after 30 days of immersion at the bottom of a frozen lake. But there are stronger, like this diver who found a functional iPhone 11 after six months of immersion at the bottom of a body of water in Canada. However, this resistance did not prevent Apple from being criticized by the Italian courts for its “false advertising” around the water resistance of the iPhone. Apple does not specify enough, according to the transalpine judges, that the iPhone can only withstand immersions in clear water. Apple also generally refuses to repair iPhones for free in the event of water damage.

iPhone 11 Pro Max lake
Credits: Bao Fei 1 Municipality (爆 廢 1 公社) via Facebook

Source: Taiwan News

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