25+ Adobe Photoshop Shortcut Keys To Make Editing Faster And Effective!

25+ Adobe Photoshop Shortcut Buttons – Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular image processing or editing software. Its ability to edit with a variety of cutting-edge tools makes this software the most recommended for image editors. For people who are already proficient and professional in using this software, they usually use the “shortcut” technique to speed up editing. Besides being fast, this method is quite effective in its function in using the right tools.

However, for beginners or people who are still unfamiliar with the software, of course they do not know yet when manipulating images in Adobe Photoshop, there are shortcut techniques which with this technique make editing activities faster and more effective.

25+ Adobe Photoshop Shortcut Keys To Make Editing Faster and Effective!

Adobe Photoshop Shortcut Keys

Therefore, as a beginner or someone who is still unfamiliar with editing techniques in Adobe Photoshop, you need to know the following shortcut keys in order to find out what are the actual functions of the available tools. In addition, you can make this discussion as a basis for early learning in Adobe Photoshop. For more details, let us consider the following.

1. “F” Shortcut Button

This button functions to change the display mode in the worksheet. There are three modes in this button, namely normal display, full screen or full screen with a black background.

2. “X” Shortcut Button

If you want to change the colour on a worksheet, just press the “X” on the keyboard. This button will exchange colours between background and foreground. This button is perfect for use if you frequently do masking shortcuts because they are very useful.

3. Shortcut Button “D”

If you want to restore the foreground and background colours to their original black and white colours, the “D” keyboard button is very useful for you to enable.

4. Shortcut keys ” Ctrl + ” + ”  or Ctrl +” – “”

Use the CTRL + “+” (plus) or CTRL + “-” (minus) buttons to zoom quickly.

5. Shortcut Button ” Ctrl + 0″

Fit on Screen, the intention is that the worksheet you want to edit can be displayed in accordance with the screen size of your PC monitor so that the view is more suitable.

6. Shortcut keys ” Ctrl + Alt + Z”

Usually, we also want to go back using the process Ctrl + Z which means the command undo, while the shortcut key with the combination Ctrl + Alt + Z means you can go back one step further each time pressing this combination. So if you feel you made a mistake in a few steps back, just press this shortcut button.

7. Shortcut key ” Ctrl + Shift + N”

Used to create a new layer in a worksheet.

8. Shortcut Button ” Ctrl + A”

Make a selection of all objects on the canvas.

9. Shortcut Button ” Ctrl + D”

Use this combination to deselect all images.

10. Shortcut Keys ” Ctrl + E

This button is used to unite or combine all the different layers. But, first, you have to select it first by holding down the “Ctrl” key then selecting the layer and after that, you just use the shortcut key “Ctrl + E” to unite everything.

11. Shortcut keys ” Ctrl + Shift + E”

Merge visible alias combines all visible layers into one.

12. Shortcut key ” Ctrl + G”

So that the layer can be organized neatly according to the group, then this button is used to create a folder so that the layer can be included here.

13. Shortcut key ” Ctrl + T”

Free transform, aka the function of the shortcut key “Ctrl + T” you can zoom in, rotate, shrink the object with this button. There are a few tips, make sure you also while pressing the “Shift” when you want to enlarge/shrink the image so that the object remains precise.

14. Shortcut key ” Ctrl + J”

New layer via copy . Used to duplicate the active layer (selected) into a   new layer.

15. Shortcut key ” Ctrl + Shift + I”

Invert selection. Contrary to select all, this command selects the object that is not selected.

16. Shortcut Keys ” ]” or “[“

To enlarge or reduce brush size. But make sure the brush tool is activated.

17. Shortcut Keys ” }” or “{“

Lower and increase the softness of  a brush by 25%.

18. Shortcut key ” Ctrl + Alt + 0″

If you feel confused about what is the actual pixel value of an image, then you can use this shortcut button.

19. Shortcut keys ” Opt + Shift + Ctrl + R”

To render.

20. Shortcut keys ” Ctrl + Alt + Shift + K”

If you forget the shortcut combination, use this shortcut key combination and Photoshop will show help for the keyboard shortcut command.

21. Shortcut Keys “Ctrl + Alt + C”

This shortcut button is used to change the size of the canvas ranging from inches, pixels, centimetres, percentages and more accurately.

22. Shortcut Keys “Ctrl + Alt + I”

Used to change the entire size of a worksheet that has become an image.

23. Shortcut key “Ctrl + Shift + S”

To save the image again, but with the format and directory adjusted.

24. Shortcut Button “Ctrl + R”

To display a ruler or ruler.

25. Shortcut Keys “Shift + Ctrl + B”

For colors that are adjusted automatically (auto color).

That’s the shortcut button that was explained at this time. Hopefully this discussion can be used as a basic learning from Adobe Photoshop, especially for beginners and those who are still lay. Happy learning and trying!

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