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Those who work at home, in front of the computer, may find it difficult to set up a comfortable work environment. After all, in addition to the ideal posture, which helps to avoid future pain and problems, some items are also important for your setup to become as healthy and welcoming as possible. So that you can leave your workstation a 10, check out some important ergonomics tips and see how to apply them in your home office.

Home office station (Image: Photo by Ken Tomita on Pexels)

what is ergonomics

Understanding the concept of ergonomics and how to apply its principles in the work environment is fundamental for the comfort and health of a professional, especially if the worker in question performs his home function and needs to set up his workspace himself.

That said, according to physiotherapy student Ana Paula Secolo, “ergonomics can be defined as the science that studies the relationship between human beings and other elements of the work environment and their profession”. Which, in practice, means that it is a broad term used to talk about everything that aims to improve the well-being, performance and development of a worker in his space of professional activities.

To give you an idea, these working conditions are so important and necessary that they are even supported by law: Regulatory Norm nº 17 defines the necessary requirements that must be followed by employers, thus ensuring that an environment is as conducive and comfortable as possible. for your employees.

Logitech ergonomic keyboard (Image: Patrick Capanale/Unsplash)

Ideal ergonomic conditions in the home office

But what about when we work from home and we are the ones who need to create a comfortable and welcoming setup? How to implement ideal working conditions with available resources?

For starters, sitting with a proper posture at the work table, especially if we spend a lot of time in front of the computer, is essential to avoid occasional pain or problems such as repetitive strain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Ana Paula gives tips to always check if the elbows are parallel to the keyboard, if the neck or even the body is not excessively inclined, if the wrists are in a straight position and if the feet are parallel to the floor. In the latter case, by the way, if the position cannot be reached by adjusting the chair, the famous footrests should come into play, which are essential to avoid lower back pain and even varicose veins!

In addition, the work table itself is a very important item in this process, as its position and height must be adjusted to the physique of each one. Here at Tecnoblog, we have already written a text on how to choose an ergonomic table that is ideal for you and your needs.

Another point of total attention is where we will sit, after all, a good chair, which has a back with support for the lumbar, inclination, mobility and good material is as important as a table adjusted to our height. Here at TB we have also talked about all the important points to be evaluated when purchasing an ergonomic office chair.

Requirements for an ergonomic office chair (Image: Reproduction/ErgoPlus)
Requirements for an ergonomic office chair (Image: Reproduction/ErgoPlus)

When it comes to the use of a computer or notebook, that is, the screens that will be the main focus of our attention during the home office, Ana Paula lists a series of simple ergonomic measures that must be adopted during its use.

The first one is about not being glued to the screen: the ideal, according to the student, is to “position the machine at a distance between 45cm and 70cm from the line of sight”, which may require you to need a support for the computer to can be adjusted to the ideal height.

In addition, an anti-glare screen helps you rest your eyesight, as well as take breaks from time to time and focus your attention on other objects or activities. “Doing stretching, listening to music, reading something… All this helps to promote relaxation during breaks”, explains Ana Paula.

I don’t have an ideal setup: what to do?

Whether due to lack of space or financial conditions, it is more than understandable that we are not always able to achieve all these ideal conditions and items in our workplace. In these cases, regardless of what could not be put into practice, there are some measures that can be taken to help improve the ergonomics of our home office.

Among them, Ana Paula highlights work activity and the importance of getting up from time to time to stretch. “We shouldn’t sit around for long periods of time. The ideal is whenever possible to take breaks, change postures and make labor gymnastics a frequent practice in our daily lives”, he points out.

In addition, the student recalls a point not always mentioned, but which also makes a big difference to our workstation: making it as warm as possible, humanizing it with objects that make us feel good. After all, good items and machines are important for good service, but the touch and personality of each are what make a truly welcoming environment.

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