Adão Negro: meet the cast of the DC movie

After 10 years of advertising to play the character in theaters, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will finally play Black Adam in the new DC movie. Known in the comics as a villain, in the film he must be presented as an anti-hero who seeks to clear his name.

The production will also feature the Justice Society, the first major team of heroes in the publisher’s comics.

Meet now the production cast and their respective roles.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – Black Adam

Source: Dwayne Johnson/InstagramSource: Dwayne Johnson/InstagramSource:  Dwayne Johnson/Instagram

Leading the list of highest paid actors of 2019 and 2020, The Rock is one of the biggest movie stars today. In DC’s new film, the actor will be the protagonist of the feature.

In the comics, Black Adam is Shazam’s main enemy and has the same powers as the hero.

For the cinema, the character must start the plot as a villain until becoming an anti-hero, similar to the story of the HQ Novos 52 in which he is presented as a slave who uses his powers to get revenge against the tyrant that dominates his homeland.

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Aldis Hodge – Hawk

Source: Guy At The Movies/DisclosureSource: Guy At The Movies/DisclosureSource:  Guy At The Movies/Disclosure

In addition to Adão Negro, the production will also present the Sociedade da Justiça, a classic group of comics. Among its main members is the Hawk, who is the reincarnation of a powerful prince of Egypt.

In the film, the character will be played by Aldis Hodge, an actor who participated in Hard to Kill 3: Revenge, Stars Beyond Time and a night in miami.

Pierce Brosnan – Mr Fate

Source: IGN/DisclosureSource: IGN/DisclosureSource:  IGN/Disclosure

Archaeologist Kent Nelson explores Nabu’s tombs and absorbs its powers. Returning to the US as Mr. Doom, Nelson uses his new skills to fight crime and form the Justice Society.

Pierce Brosnan will be responsible for playing the hero. Known for his role as James Bond in some films in the 007 franchise, the actor can also be seen in Mamma Mia! and an almost perfect nanny.

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Quintess Swindell – Cyclone

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The youngest of the cast, the actress started her career in 2019 in the series euphoria and thieves. In the DC movie, she will play Cyclone, granddaughter of heroine Red Tornado. After being kidnapped and infected with nanobytes by scientist F.U.Turo, the character becomes able to manipulate air currents, creating tornadoes, hurricanes and cyclones.

Noah Centineo – Atom Crush

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Netflix darling, Noah Centineo is well known for his romantic comedies such as the trilogy For All the Boys I’ve Loved and The Perfect Date.

In his debut in the DC Universe the actor will be the Atom Crusher, a hero who inherited from his grandfather Cyclotron the ability to modify his molecular structure. That is, it can change the size and density of your body.

According to the actor, the origin of the character in the film will be very similar to that of the comics, in which his grandfather’s criminal past is the main motivation for his heroic attitudes.

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Sarah Shahi – Adrianna Tomaz

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The actress began her career in the 2000s with small TV appearances until she gained prominence in the first season of Alias: Codename Danger.

After his success on the show, Shahi began to appear in major productions as Supernatural, The L word and Chicago Fire. The actress has already participated in a DC project, being responsible for giving voice to the villain Nevasca in young Justice.

In black adam she will play Adrianna Tomaz, a historian fighting in the fictional country’s Kahndaq resistance group.

In the comics, the character is rescued by Adam in one of his missions to destroy a slave group. The two end up falling in love and he presents her with the amulet of Isis, giving her strength, speed, ability to fly and control over the elements of nature.

black adam hits theaters on July 29, 2022.

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