How to Activate the Split Screen Feature on Samsung 2020

How to Activate the Split Screen Feature on Samsung Smartphones – Samsung is one of the companies that pioneered the split-screen feature presented on a smartphone.

How to Activate the Split Screen Feature on Samsung Smartphones

Before Android smartphones, in general, we’re able to multitask split screens, the early generation Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was able to do split screens on a variety of supported applications.

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But finally, Google also presents the multitasking split-screen feature on the Android 7 Nougat operating system so that it can be enjoyed by more Android smartphone users until it remains available today.

Meanwhile, the way to split screen on Samsung smartphones has changed with the development of the operating system and the appearance of the interface from time to time.

For that, I will give a tutorial on how to do a split-screen on a Samsung smartphone with the One UI interface as follows.

How to Activate the Split Screen Feature on Samsung Phones

  1. First, you can activate several applications that you want to use on a Split Screen
  2. After the application is active, then you can press the Recent button at the bottom of the screen with the 3-line icon
  3. Once the button is pressed, it will display the Recent Apps or applications that have been opened earlier
  4. Next, you can tap on the application icon that you want to select
  5. After pressing the application icon, several menu options will appear and you can choose Open in Split Screen View
  6. Then the screen will be divided into two and you will be asked to choose other applications that will enter Split Screen mode
  7. The result is two applications will be in one screen that appears on half the screen above and half the screen below

How to Activate the Split Screen Feature on Samsung Phones

Thanks to the presence of the Split Screen feature, you can run two applications at the same time on one screen. In other words, you can do multitasking activities more easily.

For example, Split Screen allows you to search for material on the internet in a browser application while simultaneously typing an article in the WPS document editor application simultaneously without having to move around.

But for the record, not all applications already support this feature. If an application does not support the Split Screen feature, then the Open in Split Screen View menu will not appear for later. For me personally, this feature is quite useful when I have to make an article on a smartphone.

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Actually the Split Screen feature is not only owned by Samsung smartphones but can also be enjoyed by Android smartphones version 7 Nougat and above in a way that may be different.

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