A woman named Siri, Samsung vs Apple, a big danger on the Play Store, the recap

A woman asked Apple for a Macbook because her name is Siri, Samsung runs ads denigrating iPhone photos, 23 apps endanger Android users… welcome to this week’s recap!

This week, you had the choice between unusual news and security news. On the unusual side, we have seen Samsung violently attack Apple in its latest ads, serving to highlight the exceptional photo quality of the Galaxy S21 Ultra. There has also been talk of this woman named Siri who, for that reason alone, asked Tim Cook for a free MacBook. On the security side, you have been warned against Bizarro, this malware capable of stealing your bank details, and against 23 Play Store apps that seriously lack confidentiality. In the midst of it all, Microsoft announced the biggest Outlook update in years.

Samsung launches frontal attack on Apple

In showing its last two commercials, Samsung has not gone hand in hand against Apple. The goal: to prove the overwhelming superiority of the Galaxy S21 Ultra over the iPhone 12 Pro Max in terms of photography. For this, the manufacturer compared two photos of a cheese sandwich (because why not) and two photos of the Moon. In the first video, we indeed notice much more detail and contrast on the Galaxy side. But where no discussion is possible, it is in the optical zoom, which the lunar image demonstrates to us. Facing zoom x100 Galaxy S21 Ultra, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is matched with its 12x zoom.

Galaxy S21 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max
Credit: Samsung

Beware of Bizarro malware that can empty your bank account

New malware from Brazil has arrived in Europe via an aggressive phishing campaign. Attempts to steal credentials from customers of 70 banks in different European and South American countries have been identified ” explains Kaspersky. Emails sent imitate those of the tax administration and contain a ZIP file that installs Bizarro. The latter then goes close all open sessions on the browser, forcing the user to enter their credentials. The idea is of course to retrieve banking information in order to empty their victim’s account. So be careful with attachments, as always.

Windows 10 PC Laptop Pirate

Her name is Siri, she asks for a MacBook for repair

It’s that simple. “I wrote Apple CEO an email asking for a computer because I feel like they owe me this after enduring years of Siri jokes.” 29-year-old American Siri Hafso explains. Before being the world’s most famous voice assistant, Siri was a relatively common first name in Scandinavian countries. At least until 2011, when Siri came into service as we know it today. So when the young woman’s MacBook gave up, she thought it was the right opportunity to take revenge on life. She then wrote a letter to Tim Cook, Apple CEO, asking for a new computer. The answer is still pending.

Credit: Unsplash

Your data is not secure on these 23 applications

These are more than 100 million users that are affected from just a handful of apps. If you don’t know the exact name of the affected apps, you know the error that created their security breaches. “Developers often neglect the security aspect and the configuration of these services” explains Checkpoint while speaking real-time databases. The personal information of their users is therefore exposed in the great outdoors, at the mercy of everyone who knows where to look. Google and the developers have been warned of the danger, and some breaches have already been filled.

google play

Microsoft is rolling out a big Outlook update

Faster mail synchronization, more reliable shared calendars, improved overall performance : here is the program of “Biggest change to Outlook for Windows since its initial release in 1997”, according to Microsoft. No design change on the horizon, on the other hand. “This is one of those improvements that should be invisible, as it eliminates the problems, but does not change the basic functionality of the product,” specifies the Redmond firm. The update should be available to all users by next September.

Credit: Outlook

Our tests of the week

Surface Laptop 5 and Škoda Enyaq iV 80 were scrutinized by our testers this week. Microsoft’s laptop PC has quite a few flaws. Its screen certainly has edges that are too thick and it can quickly become very noisy, but it benefits from an impeccable design, good battery life, not to mention the fact that it is powerful enough to run greedy games. Its price remains a bad point: € 1129 minimum. As for the Skoda SUV, it offers a certain comfort on board and technologies of very good bills. Problem: Many of them are optional. From 45,000 €.

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