a shortage of stock for smartphones, TV and consoles is expected before Christmas

The shortage of components affecting electronics will create stockouts at Christmas. And this also applies to computers, game consoles, smartphones and connected televisions. And according to the boss of ARM, it could even make Christmas shopping very complicated. He even goes so far as to advise consumers not to wait until the last minute to make them.

There may not be an electronic gift under the tree this year! Photo credit: Unsplash

We often talk about it in our columns: a shortage of chips is affecting the world of consumer electronics. We felt it strongly for the first time when the last video game consoles, Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. Nintendo’s latest console, the Switch OLED, is not spared, since its production has been reduced by 20% according to some estimates.

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After the game consoles, we have felt this shortage a second time with the last generations of graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD which have been monopolized by cryptocurrency miners. These were quickly very difficult to find in stores. Obviously, the shortage also affects other sectors, such as the car Where television.

Smartphones are not spared. Several studies, relayed last week in our columns, affirm that mobile sales fell by 6% in the third quarter of 2021. SoC production difficulties worsened during the summer, information confirmed by the main founders: Intel, Nvidia, TSMC and AMD. The latter even estimate that the supply of chips will not return to normal before 2023.

If you haven’t bought your Christmas presents, you’re going to be disappointed

These pessimistic forecasts were corroborated this week by Simon Fresh, the boss of ARM, the British company that develops the eponymous architectures that you find today in almost all processors for smartphones. The latter spoke during the Web Summit 2021, a conference organized in Lisbon. During his speech, he explains that this is an unprecedented crisis.

Two of his remarks are interesting. First, he says the difference between component supply and demand has never been so extreme. The delays between an order and a delivery of chips can reach in some cases 60 weeks. That is to say more than a year! Then, he explains that there will not be enough products in store to meet all the needs for the holiday season: “ if you haven’t bought all your electronics yet, you might be disappointed », He asserts. And this while we are at less than 9 weeks of Christmas holidays.

The causes ? Covid, Huawei, teleworking, launch of 5G …

According to him, the cause of this shortage is a combination of several factors. First, the global epidemic. She forced households to equip themselves for the telework, home school, the remote communication and the entertainment in confinement. Then, the increase in demand for cars, which are increasingly connected.

But that’s not all: the tension between the United States and China, the massive storage of components by Huawei to circumvent its embargo, the global launch of 5G (accompanied by a massive renewal of smartphones), as well as the low global capacity of component production. Large companies invest $ 2 billion every week to build factories. But it comes far too late.

Source : BBC

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