a new update rolled out to fix Android 11 bugs

Nvidia has just announced the deployment of a new 9.0.2 update for SHIELD TV owners, which should fix a good part of the bugs introduced with the update to Android TV 11.

nvidia shield tv update

Earlier this year, Nvidia had rolled out the new Android 11 version of Google’s operating system to all Shield TV models, including the 2015 one. cloud gaming GeForce NOW in 4K, this update had introduced a lot of bugs in the system. This prompted Nvidia to release an emergency patch, but it did not eliminate all the bugs.

Now, almost 4 months after the deployment of Android 11 on Shield TVs, they are seeing a new update arrive which should fix most of the remaining bugs. She wears the number of 9.0.2and should be available to everyone in the next few days.

What bugs have been fixed with Shield Experience 9.0.2?

According to the changelog of the update, it brings in particular improved file transfer speeds while fixing various bugs related to external storage. Additionally, Shield Experience 9.0.2 adds ” useful notifications when connecting or formatting removable storage “, without further details.

Plus more, Philips TV owners will be able to play Dolby Vision content without any problems on the latest version. Nvidia also announced audio stutter issues when playing Dolby Audio content via Bluetooth or USB headsets have been fixed.

Finally, we learn that those who encountered pairing issues between your Shield and Bluetooth controllers (like those of the Switch, Xbox or PlayStation) should no longer have any problems with this new version. Here’s a recap of all the changes coming with the 9.0.2 update.


  • Added Plex support for latest Hauppauge WinTV-dualHD DVB-T tuner (EU only)
  • Added useful notifications when connecting or formatting removable storage media.


  • [2019 SHIELD uniquement] Fixed a bug where AI upscaling could not be changed in the Netflix app.
  • Fixed an issue where other video apps were using the refresh rate set in Kodi.
  • Fixed an issue playing Dolby Vision content when Phillips TVs are connected.
  • Adds “Default to Rec. 709 for HD videos” to improve the color of videos (enabling this option may cause crashes in applications like Apple TV+ or Paramount+).


  • [SHIELD 2019 uniquement] Fixed issues with audio stuttering on Bluetooth or USB headsets when Dolby audio processing is enabled.
  • Fixed a bug where the surround upmixer stopped working after playing Dolby audio streams.
  • Fixed audio issues when connecting a headset to SHIELD 2015 controller


  • Improves file transfer speeds
  • Fixed a bug when copying files over the local network from a Mac to removable storage on SHIELD.
  • Fixed a bug where migrating data from internal storage to adopted storage would hang indefinitely.
  • Fixed an issue where files copied over the local network are not visible until after restarting SHIELD.
  • Fixed an issue where the Dolphin Emulator would not write to the NAS
  • Fixed an issue where SD card notification was showing when launching apps
  • Fixed an issue where the documents interface cannot access external storage folders.

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