A new decision on borders is coming. Zagreb and Đakovo announced new figures on the crown

YESTERDAY, 30 new cases of coronavirus were recorded in Croatia. Most in Zagreb and in the Osijek area, 12 each.

The headquarters is making new decisions today

As Davor Božinović announced yesterday, the Headquarters will meet today, which will probably change the regime on the borders with Serbia, BiH and Montenegro, but also when it comes to travel for the citizens of Kosovo and Northern Macedonia. Bozinovic announced that the decision would be based on self-isolation.

In Zagreb, an infection in a nightclub, in the House of Sports

Although the members of the Headquarters send information all the time that masks will not be obligatory, but it is recommended that they be worn indoors and on public transport, the City of Zagreb reports that they will ask for stricter rules on wearing masks and that, for example, if the Headquarters does not brought, could prohibit entry into public transport without a face mask.

In Zagreb, several infected people were in a nightclub that closed its doors yesterday. An employee at the Sports Hall was also infected, and one child was at school and at the children’s birthday party, and it was later determined that he had a crown.

186 tested in Zadar

As of Sunday, 186 people have been tested in Zadar, including Borna Ćorić, two coaches, a five-year-old child and another person.

The epidemiological situation in the Zadar area is good, so the Headquarters are asking the citizens to continue to adhere to all prescribed measures in order to maintain such a situation.

The first case was discovered on Sunday after Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov admitted to being infected with the coronavirus, and was tested in Monaco upon his return from Zadar. Along with him, our tennis player Borna Ćorić and coaches Novak Đoković and Grigor Dimitrov and one five-year-old child are also positive for coronavirus, and yesterday information arrived that Đoković and his wife Jelena are also positive.

Sisters infected in Đakovo

In the monastery of the Merciful Sisters of St. The cross of ten sisters is positive for coronavirus. On Sunday, June 21, the four nurses got a fever, which they informed the doctor who informed the epidemiologist. After that, 12 nurses were tested, ten of which were positive. Until further notice, the Day Care Center of the “Amadea” Center and the “Sun Shine – Nazareth” Kindergarten are closed. About 140 nuns live in the monastery. Several priests are also in self-isolation.


11:35 According to the data of the Zagreb County Public Health Institute in the Zagreb County until Wednesday, June 24, 2020. by 11:00 a.m., 139 people had been diagnosed with a disease caused by the new coronavirus. Compared to yesterday’s data, it is about one person more. She is from the area of ​​Velika Gorica. So far, a total of 125 people have been cured and four have died.

11:29 In the last 24 hours in the laboratories of the Clinical Hospital Center Osijek and the Institute of Public Health OBŽ, a total of 148 samples were processed, four of which were positive for the COVID-19 virus, for three people from Đakovo and one from Osijek. > More

11:12 In the area of ​​Đakovo, there are a total of 13 positive ones so far, said the Osijek epidemiologist. > More

10:49 In Zagreb, 11 new patients, for five it is not known how they became infected. > More

10:33 We are talking to the chief Zadar epidemiologist. > More

10:23 Beros said he read a study according to which the virus mutated. > More

10:20 According to the report of the NZJZ of the Split-Dalmatia County, out of a total of 59 processed tests from the SDŽ area, there are no newly diagnosed persons today. 142 people are in self-isolation. No one is in hospital at the Split Clinical Hospital, the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Split-Dalmatia County announced.

9:50 Kalinic told H1 that the National Staff had been executed and reiterated that it was mandatory to wear masks.

9:43 Plenković said at the press conference that it seems that the Headquarters will tighten the conditions for entering Croatia.

9:43 Plenković revealed that his entire family and all associates were tested and that they were all negative. > More

9:43 The National Staff announced a press conference at 2 p.m.

9:26 “I am obliged to wear masks in public transport, when going to work and on the street,” Pavle Kalinic, head of the Zagreb Emergency Office, told Index this morning. Namely, Kalinic reminds that the City of Zagreb had previously requested the obligatory wearing of masks, but such an initiative did not pass by the National Headquarters at that time. The head of this Zagreb office now says that nothing was requested from the National Headquarters, but the City of Zagreb believes that the obligatory wearing of masks should be introduced. According to some estimates, if one mask is used per day, that cost for a family of four could be up to 1,400 kuna a month.

9:20 Beros said he expects fewer people infected today than yesterday. He warned reporters in the middle of the press conference that a larger gap should be made.

9:19 The findings received this morning in the area of ​​Istria County are negative. Three positives were revealed yesterday.

9:13 “I came to thank HGSS for everything it does. Their function is very important in society. The merits of HGSS during the corona crisis should be mentioned. They contributed a lot. Over 150 employees provided over 8,000 hours of volunteering,” Beros said.

9:10 Osijek Mayor Ivan Vrkic, who has been in self-isolation for the past five days, performed a control test on Tuesday that showed he was negative for coronavirus, the Osijek City Administration reported.

8:48 The Civil Protection Headquarters of PGC said yesterday that measures must be taken urgently to strengthen the control of the arrival of persons from countries with risky areas of infection, such as BiH, Serbia, Macedonia and Kosovo. According to Chief of Staff Marko Boras Mandic, the current situation in the Republic of Croatia indicates that such measures are necessary for all persons coming from these areas, regardless of whether they are guests or Croatian citizens.

8:30 The head of the city office for social protection and persons with disabilities Romana Galić in the show Dobro jutro, Hrvatska said that there are 11 homes for the elderly in Zagreb that are under the jurisdiction of the City of Zagreb. “The new measures, following the epidemiological situation, took place on June 21. They primarily relate to the suspension of visits to our users, and the departure of users from the Home, food delivery and hygiene supplies. The day care service is also suspended. , it is still being implemented, but with minimal physical contact, “said Galic.

8:25 At a press conference at the Zagreb headquarters around noon, they will announce whether masks will be mandatory in public transport and indoors.

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