A dangerous malware on WhatsApp, the Super Switch, the recap of the week

A dangerous malware is shared en masse on WhatsApp, Facebook lets leak 553 million phone numbers on Telegram, the Nintendo Switch Pro would finally be called the Super Switch, we give you the recap of the news of the week!

recap of the week

Between the Facebook leaks and the malware roaming WhatsApp, we had to be careful this week. The first actually date back to 2019, but have allowed the sale of more than 500 million phones by a Telegram bot. As for the malware, it masquerades as the Huawei Mobile app, but requires a little too many permissions from the user not to appear suspicious. For its part, SFR pays the costs of its increases… of costs, and is obliged to reimburse dissatisfied RED subscribers. Finally, we also learned about the first blocking of IPTV services in France, as well as the potentially official name of the future improved version of the Nintendo Switch.

Malware masquerading as Huawei Mobile circulating on WhatsApp

ESET researcher Lukas Stefanko says he discovered malware that spreads through the victim’s WhatsApp application automatically responding to all WhatsApp notifications with a link to a malicious version of Huawei Mobile ”. The link in question leads to a fake play store, used to download the malware. As often, the malicious application betrays itself by asking many permissions. In this way, she is able to collect sensitive information such as passwords or bank details. For now, it mostly installs adware or pushes to subscribe to abusive subscriptions. Nevertheless, Lukas Stefanko believes that the malware could quickly evolve into a more dangerous form.

android malware

Your phone number could be for sale on Telegram

At least if you have it linked to your account in Facebook. A Telegram bot, discovered on January 14 by researcher Alon Gal, makes it possible to find the phone numbers registered in the social network, for the modest sum of 20 dollars. These numbers surely come from the same security breach that led to a similar leak in 2019. Affected users live in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and in 15 other countries. “It is very disturbing to see a database of this size being sold into cybercriminal communities, it seriously invades our privacy and will certainly be used for smishing and other fraudulent activities” said the researcher behind the discovery.


France bans 8 IPTV services

IPTV services weigh 2 billion euros in Europe and the United States. We understand why the association for the fight against audiovisual piracy (ALPA) and the French television channels wish to put an end to it. It is now done for 8 of them in France: iptv-teli.com, primeplus.tv, xtream.ws, platinumip.tv and a few others. As of this week, the sites concerned are no longer accessible. “The wealth of the offer given the low subscription amount should leave users in no doubt as to the illegal nature of this type of service”, said the ALP, which welcomed this court decision after years of struggle. If it is about a first in France, this could well pave the way for other sanctions of the same type in the future.


SFR finally folds to disgruntled RED subscribers

After two successive increases in the price of their package, which is more impossible to refuse and denounced by UFC-Que Choisir, the anger of RED subscribers began to rumble. Months of struggle later some of them finally get redress and this, thanks to the trick unveiled by the Twitter account “Pigeon Telecom”. The latter indicates that it is sufficient to contact loyalty service operator by going to this link, enter their phone number and wait to be called back by an advisor. Once done, it is possible to ask to cancel the price increase, which will then take effect in the form of a discount on the next invoice. However, some testimonies state that it may be necessary to repeat the manipulation several times before being reimbursed.

Red by SFR

The improved version of the Nintendo Switch would be called Super Switch

Hitherto called Switch Pro, the improved version of the console would eventually be called the Super Switch. This information, courtesy of a Brazilian leaker, will not however be confirmed by the firm. before april, date of the end of its fiscal year. Unfortunately, for the moment, we do not know more about its technical sheet, if this is not what we already know: the console will be equipped with an OLED screen of a new SoC that will make possible the 4K compatibility. Yet it is far from being unanimous. Ruud van de Moosdijk, the founder of the Engine Software studio, believes that such a model is a mistake, because serving players with the standard version. This remains to be verified, however, Sony and Microsoft having successfully completed the exercise by having two models of the same console coexist.

Nintendo Switch Control

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