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99 revealed on Wednesday (2) the new version of its application, which gained augmented reality features and integration with Google Street View to help passengers and drivers meet more quickly. The platform also announced a digital portfolio with 220% of CDI and new tools for partners to control income.

Augmented reality of 99 is already used by Didi Chuxing (Image: Press Release / 99)

The application adopted augmented reality to help passengers in very busy locations. The feature, which is already offered in China by Didi Chuxing, owner of 99, enables the cell phone camera and displays arrows with the path to be followed until the starting point. The functionality will start testing at Confins airport (MG) in December and will be taken to Santos Dumont (RJ) and Guarulhos (SP) airports in the first quarter of 2021.

The company says that in the future, it may expand the augmented reality feature to other locations. In the meantime, it will be possible to identify the starting point of the trip with photos from Google Street View. The platform will use the images to give more references about the boarding location and try to reduce the chances of canceling the race. The resource will be released to everyone in January 2021.

Race Monitoring (Image: Press Release / 99)

Race Monitoring (Image: Press Release / 99)

In the area of ​​security, the app won the Race Monitoring feature. Similar to what exists at Uber, it detects unexpected changes and stops on the route. If it identifies something suspicious, the platform asks if the change was agreed or if there is a risky situation. Depending on the answer, the app offers the options to call the police or enable audio recording.

With the new version, the app also gained an updated interface to help users choose between the seven categories of the service: 99Pop, 99Poupa, 99Taxi, 99Top, 99Comfort, 99Entrega and 99Shareha.

99 updated application interface (Image: Press Release / 99)

99 updated application interface (Image: Press Release / 99)

99Pay yields 220% of CDI

The company also gave more details about 99Pay, a digital wallet that offers a 220% CDI yield and can be used to pay bills such as water, electricity and cell phones. According to 99, the goal is to offer an alternative for unbanked users. Today, about 70% of travel on the platform is paid for in physical cash.

With 99Pay, the expectation is that passengers and drivers will avoid money and have more security. The tool also serves to make instant and free transfers for users. In early 2021, it is expected to be integrated with Pix to allow payments with the new Central Bank system.

99’s digital wallet has been in operation since August. Already available in Curitiba, Londrina, Maringá, Porto Alegre, Cuiabá, Campinas, Piracicaba, São José dos Campos and Uberlândia, the digital wallet is expected to reach more users in the first half of 2021.

99 has assistant for drivers

In its announcement, 99 also said that the driver app will get a tool for drivers to manage their earnings. The Earnings Assistant, as it was called, offers detailed history with payments received in the past weeks and data that helps in decision making.

Earnings Assistant for drivers (Image: Press Release / 99)

Earnings Assistant for drivers (Image: Press Release / 99)

The Earnings Assistant presents information about the demand curve during the day, dynamic prices and regions with campaigns that can be advantageous to drivers. The feature also allows you to set weekly earnings goals and reminders with times when earnings may be higher. According to 99, it will be released to everyone in January 2021.

In addition, the application now has Loja 99, an e-commerce area that should be released on December 15 first in the cities of Santos and Jundiaí, in São Paulo. In the section, the platform will highlight to partners’ drivers the offers of companies such as car rental companies, cell phone operators, phone brands, gas stations and insurance.

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