9 Zumi Zola Scandal, From Buying Toys with Corruption Money to Being Sued for Divorce When His Wife Is Still Imprisoned

Kapanlagi.com – Former homeland actor, Zumi Zola is now in the public spotlight after his wife, Sherrin Tharia filed for divorce at him. Even more sad, the lawsuit was filed to him, while Zumi was still serving a sentence in custody.

In addition to the divorce news, Zumi had also been in the media spotlight several times because of the scandal that dragged his name. The following are 7 Zumi Zola scandals that had caused a public uproar.

1. Cancel the Engagement with Ayu Dewi

Before marrying Sherrin Tharia, Zumi was known to have an affair with a homeland artist, Ayu Dewi. Both of them have even planned to go to the marriage level.

Quoting Kapanlagi.com, on Thursday (6/25/2020) the relationship was forced to fail after Zumi canceled her second engagement, a month before their marriage was held. At that time it was widely reported that Zumi unilaterally broke up her love relationship with Ayu.

Even though it had collapsed, Ayu Dewi managed to get up and find a life companion. He also now has lived happily with his small family.

2. Cancel the Engagement with Cassandra Massardi

Ayu Dewi turned out not to be the only woman who experienced the sad story with Zumi Zola. Cassandra Massardi, daughter of famous director Noorca Massardi apparently also experienced the same thing.

Quoted from Nikita.grid.id, Cassandra had a love affair with Zumi long before the story with Ayu Dewi was established. Both of them had also planned a wedding at the time. They were even said to have spread wedding invitations. However, like his story with Ayu Dewi, Zumi actually canceled the wedding plans.

3. Infidelity Rumors

After her marriage to Ayu Dewi failed in 2011, Zumi returned to the spotlight because of rumors of an affair. He was accused of having an affair with Penny Fernita Safirti. This case also entered into the realm of law.

Quoting KapanLagi.com, Bernaldi Kadir Djemat, Penny’s husband had reported Zumi Zola to the authorities. The man who is familiarly called Aldi revealed a number of evidence of the forbidden relationship between the two.

The scandal that emerged in early 2012 made Zumi, who was then serving as the Regent of Tanjung Jabung Timur, in the public spotlight. But this case did not continue legally.

4. Fire Samsat Employees

After serving as regional head of Jambi Province, Zumi Zola is still not free from various controversies. One controversy that caught the public’s attention was the dismissal of a number of government employees.

Citing Liputan6.com, Zumi fired 10 employees at the Jambi City Samsat Office in 2016. He fired the employees because they were found out not in the office during work hours. This was decided after a surprise inspection at the Jambi City Samsat Office. The sacking of 10 Samsat employees certainly led to pros and cons among the community.

5. Marahi Doctors at the Hospital

Not only fired samsat employees, a video in the previous year, in 2017 Zumi returned to the public spotlight after scolding hospital officials who were found asleep during work hours. Zumi’s anger video was viral and became a hot conversation at the time.

Quoting KapanLagi.com, in the video circulating on social media, Zumi looks unable to stem her anger because doctors on duty, staff, and nurses at the Raden Mattaher Regional General Hospital caught sleeping fast when he was doing sudden inspection. He also hopes that the officers can work according to their duties better.

6. Fire the Head of Sector

Not only fired 10 Jambi City Samsat Officers, Zumi Zola apparently also fired the Head of the Public Works Agency of the PUPR Office, Arfan, in November 2016. This was revealed in the process of corruption trial which dragged him.

Quoting Detik.com, Arfan was dismissed because it was unable to collect gratuities as targeted. But in August 2017, Zumi reappointed Arfan after he was willing to carry out the task of collecting fees from Zumi. Sherrin Tharia’s husband, who was then still serving as the Governor of Jambi, even appointed Afran as Acting Head of PUPR, after Dody Irawan resigned.

7. Corruption of IDR 6 Billion

In 2018, Zumi Zola was caught in a corruption case of gratuity in a number of projects where he became the regional head. Unmitigated the value of corruption he did reach Rp 6 billion.

Quoting KapanLagi.com, in that case, Zumi was named the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) as a suspect. He was found guilty of the case and is still serving a prison sentence.

8. Use Gratuity Money to Buy Toys

The corruption case that ensnared Zumi Zola led the governor to the detention center. In the trial process it was found that Zumi received a bribe of Rp 40 billion. Even more astonishing, the results of the gratuity were used by Zumi to buy a number of toys.

Quoting KapanLagi.com, the gratification results obtained by Zumi Zola were used to buy a number of action figures. The amount of hot money he used to buy this toy is no joke. If it is totaled, the price of the toy he bought reaches hundreds of millions of rupiah.

9. Sued for Divorce Sherrin Tharia

After a series of scandals that befell him, Zumi is now also threatened to lose his wife, Sherrin Tharia. The reason is, after fostering a shared household for 8 years, Sherrin filed for divorce.

The lawsuit was filed by Sherrin while Zumi was still serving a sentence in prison. Quoting KapanLagi.com, PR of South Jakarta PA, Cece Rukmana Ibrahim stated that Zumi had no objection to accepting his wife’s lawsuit.

Cece also explained that the lawsuit filed by Sherrin was purely due to family problems. He asserted that the divorce had nothing to do with the condition of Zumi who is now still serving a sentence.

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