9 Super Nintendo gems that were only released in Japan

The list of games for Super Nintendo is certainly quite expressive in the United States. However, if we cross the information between what was released in the land of Uncle Sam and in Japan, we will see that our Japanese friends had the opportunity to enjoy many more titles.

With that in mind, the team at Voxel prepared another list focused on games released only in Japan for Nintendo’s 16-bit console and that stayed there (in this case, we are not considering those that have reached other platforms in some way, like the first Star Ocean Where Seiken Densetsu 3for example).

Without further ado, check out the following link:

1. Bahamut Lagoon

This is a game with the classic DNA of Square that unfortunately reached the end of the Super Nintendo’s life and never appeared on this side of the globe.

In this adventure, the player is invited to control a group that has in its favor the possibility of creating dragons to help in battles. These creatures can also evolve in different ways according to the items used to feed them, generating a title that many would certainly like to see here in an official way (with the new wave of remakes from Square, who knows now the thing doesn’t disenchant ?)

2. Treasure Hunter G

Another RPG that brought the Square seal on its cover, Treasure Hunter G puts him in control of Red G and Blue G, two brothers who decide to go on an adventure to try to find their father.

One of the great things about this game, which has a very refined graphic style, is the fact that its confrontations mix action, turns and strategy. However, the only chance that players on this side had to enjoy the title was by appealing to fan translation, as it is yet another game released at the end of the Super Nintendo’s life.

3. Magical Pop’n

For fans of platform games, this is certainly an entry that was sorely missed in the American market.

Here, the idea is to control a princess who must progress laterally through different stages. Along this journey it is possible to acquire different weapons and these enable new ways to advance through each of the stages, greatly increasing the replay factor of this title.

4. Shin Kido Senki Gundam Wing: Endless Duel

Very popular in Japan, the series Gundan received a very neat fighting game that, unfortunately, gave the air of grace in an official way only on the Japanese version of the Super Nintendo.

Produced with great care, it owes nothing to the great classics of the genre available for the console. In addition, it has a good story in its main mode and even brings the opportunity to challenge friends to epic fights in versus mode – which certainly makes it one of the best combat games released for the console.

5. The Great Battle V

This is perhaps one of the most different settings for a Japanese game, given that it takes place in a setting of the Wild West.

Controlling different characters, the idea here is to advance through scenarios jumping from one side to the other while shooting buckshot at any prankster that gets in the way — and with the right to some lost bosses along the way.

6. Gunple: Gunman’s Proof

Another one that arrived very late in the Super Nintendo life cycle, but ended up catching the attention of several Japanese players.

With a very colorful graphic style, it can be considered a kind of title inspired by The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Curiously, even some elements seem to have been inspired by the title starring Link, in addition to bringing several moments that bring him very close to the humor seen in Earthbound. Too bad it never officially arrived on this side of the globe.

7. Mario’s Super Picross

Virtually all games starring Nintendo’s mustachioed mascot ended up on the American market, but with Mario’s Super Picross things were a little different.

The idea here is quite simple, and involves solving several puzzles that, when solved, reveal a very cool drawing involving the plumber in red robes. In conventional mode, the game even offers help warning of errors, but if you go to Special, the help falls apart.

8. Super Bomberman 5

The series Bomberman It certainly was a big hit around the globe, which makes us question one thing: why the hell is the fifth game in the franchise? Super Bomberman for Super Nintendo never arrived on this side?

This is really a shame, considering that this game has improved in many aspects everything that we could see in its predecessors and even had an option that allowed creating a character to use in the adventure.

9. Mickey and Donald: Magical Adventure 3

We will close this list with a platform game that, at least for the protagonists, would already justify a launch in the American market.

Anyway, this platform game for Super Nintendo is very beautiful in terms of graphics. In addition, it offers a tailored challenge for those who had already enjoyed other titles starring the duo, especially those who have clothes capable of granting different abilities to the protagonists (something that appears very strong here too).

And you, do you remember any other good Super Nintendo game that was only released in Japan? Leave your contribution in the space below for the comments, and take the opportunity to also see our lists of the best RPGs and best fighting games on the console.

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