9 apps to help you study on your smartphone

create a routine studies it cannot always be an easy task, since in addition to having dedication, it is necessary to find an adequate way of organizing yourself to study all the content provided for the tests. Fortunately, technology has created ways that can help.

Currently, there are a number of apps educational devices for smartphones and tablets, which bring different ways to help their users to focus and achieve their goals in their studies. Therefore, for you to know them and enjoy all these benefits, we have brought you a list of 9 great apps.

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1. Duolingo

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Duolingo is an application dedicated to teaching languages, with complete courses in English, Spanish, French and many others. By betting on an innovative method, focused on conversation, the app has become popular all over the world, winning the hearts of those who love learning new languages.

As several entrance exams, competitions and masters require knowledge in a foreign language, it becomes a great option to learn the contents and rock your studies.

2. Trello

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When it comes to organization, Trello is one of the best options out there. Through the platform, users can add the necessary tasks to be completed on the desired day, week or month. As an example, you can define all the content to be studied in a certain period, programming the software to send notifications reminding you to complete the tasks on time.

Another great advantage of the application is the possibility of also accessing it on your computer, allowing you to organize your study routine from multiple devices.

3. RevisApp – Enem and Vestibular

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RevisApp has a large amount of high school content on its platform, making it a great option for those who need to review content for exams. one and the main entrance exams in the country.

A great advantage of the application is that after studying the subject, the student can focus on hundreds of exercises on the subject, fixing the learned content even more.

4. AppBlock

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AppBlock was designed to help its users to stay focused on the activities they need to develop, whether related to studies or work. For this, the app blocks notifications from apps that cause great distractions, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and others.

To make sure that the individual does not respond to the temptations of spying on social networks, he also keeps access to the apps blocked, allowing them to be opened only at the times defined by the student for breaks or completion of daily studies.

5. ENEM 2021 Questions and Entrance Examinations

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A great way to stay calm during the tests is to familiarize yourself with the questions and how it works. To this end, Questões ENEM 2021 and Provas de Vestibulares brings together questions that fell in the competitions of large universities in Brazil, so that its users train and put into practice the content they have learned.

The app allows you to create simulations and answer questions only for the subjects you want. Through the filters, it is still possible to determine which institutions you are interested in viewing the questions.

6. Evernote

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Evernote works like an online notebook, where you can create a folder for each subject you need to study and organize the content of each in a practical and fast way. It has compatibility with several image, audio and video formats, and can be an excellent way to store recorded classes or slides for presentations.

In addition, the app also allows you to highlight important parts of a PDF and create annotations on the highlighted section.

7. Basic Physics – For ENEM, Engineering and Schools

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Physics can often be a big challenge for students who have difficulty with the exact sciences. Therefore, aiming at teaching the subject in a light and functional way, Basic Physics – For ENEM, Engineering and Schools brings the content of the discipline in an illustrative and interactive way.

After learning the content, the app gathers questions on the topic so that students can immediately start putting what they have learned into practice.

8. Notion

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Similar to Trello, Notion is another application designed to organize your activities. However, it goes even further, bringing with it tools for creating tutorials, mind maps and presentations.

As it has a large number of functions, Notion is considered by experts and users to be an interesting way to plan different areas of life.

9. Writing Enem Grade 1000 PRO

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Enem writing is a topic that can bring great distress to students who are in the period of vestibular, since it has a strong impact on the grade used to compete for university vacancies.

Therefore, the Enem Nota 1000 PRO essay presents several tips on how to build a good essay, bringing examples of texts that won the much-desired grade 1000 from their brokers.

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