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Social networks have become fundamental channels for dissemination and communication with customers. However, with so many channels available today – and in each of them, several resources – it is difficult for a company to keep track of everything. That’s why there are exclusive social media management platforms, whether to schedule publications, create content, follow trends or monitor metrics. see below 8 tools that will help you manage your social networks.

cell phone on a white background highlighting social networking apps
8 tools to manage your social networks. (Image: Jeremy Bezanger / Unsplash)

Content creation and scheduling 📝

1. Facebook Business Suite

image disclosure of the business suite tool to manage social networks
Launched in 2020, Business Suite makes it easy to manage business profiles on Facebook and Instagram. (Image: Playback / Facebook Business Suite)

Facebook Business Suite appeared in 2020, but it has already gained good improvements since then.

The purpose of the platform is to facilitate the management of business profiles on Facebook and Instagram. A faster way for companies to keep up to date on their business and create communication with customers.

Among its features are:

  • overview of activities;
  • posting scheduling;
  • monitoring and data analysis;
  • ad creation;
  • quick access to other features such as Ads Manager, General Business settings, Media Library, among others.

It is worth noting here that all Business Suite features are free.

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2. mLabs

image publicity mlabs
mLabs allows scheduling and creating designs from scratch. (Image: Playback / mLabs)

In addition to allowing the scheduling of publications in these channels, for specific dates and times, with the possibility of inserting caption, hashtags and links, the tool also has mLabs Studio and Canva integrated, for the creation of new designs.

mLabs also has a calendar to monitor scheduled and already published publications, a resource for setting reminders, generating reports for monitoring social networks and a workflow with integration of the entire team.

With a free trial, the tool’s plans vary according to the number of accounts served and the level (basic and professional).

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3. Etus

etus publicity image
Etus has the paid media feature for Facebook and Instagram. (Image: Reproduction / Etus)

Like mLabs, Etus also offers scheduling of posts on the following social networks: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Google My Business.

But in addition to this service, which is the company’s flagship, Etus also has the following features:

  • paid media in posts on Facebook and Instagram;
  • custom reports;
  • centralized SAC, where it is possible to reply to all messages in a single inbox;
  • project management (workflow) for team integration;
  • capture of leads with integration to trigger emails;
  • seasonal dates calendar;
  • automatic watermark;
  • image Bank.

Etus has monthly, semi-annual and annual plans, and the amounts vary according to the number of accounts.

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4. Canva

image publicity canva
Canva goes beyond design and has a Content Planner feature. (Image: Reproduction / Canva)

The tool Canva is already well known for its design creation possibilities, with varied templates, free and paid, image and video editing features, and export to various formats.

But on top of that, Canva also has the so-called Brand Kit, space where you can save the logo, colors and fonts used by each client, a way to save time; it’s the Content Planner, space to organize and schedule publications on social networks.

It is important to note that these two features are not included in Canva’s free plan, which also has limitations in templates. But the tool makes the plan available Pro e Enterprise, with free trial, **which unlocks all functions.

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5. Postgrain

image disclosure postgrain interface to manage social networks
An interesting feature of Postgrain is the post repost function. (Image: Reproduction / Postgrain)

As the name suggests, the Postgrain It’s totally focused on Instagram. That is, the tool allows the scheduling of publications, stories and IGTVs in advance, also facilitating navigation through all the agency accounts, in a single space.

Other interesting features of the platform are:

  • interaction management (chats and responses);
  • integration of product catalog with publications on the social network;
  • profile reports;
  • support for questions and needs;
  • repost function;
  • team management.

Postgrain prices vary depending on the number of managed accounts, but the platform offers a free trial.

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Monitoring 🧐

6. BuzzSumo

image disclosure interface buzzsumo
The tool helps to monitor a brand’s reputation, as well as identify trends and audience tastes. (Image: Playback / BuzzSumo)

THE BuzzSumo is focused on monitoring performance and generating new insights for content creation. What does that mean?

This means that the tool, based on the collection of articles and social engagements, simplifies information so that it is easier to identify trends, recognize what the public likes and monitor the reputation of a brand, thus facilitating the creation of content and attracting people.

In addition, the tool has a dedicated influencer feature, which helps brands identify the ideal personalities for campaigns.

With a free, limited plan, BuzzSumo also has other paid plans that release other features: Pro, Mais and Grande.

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Data and reports 📊

7. Quintly

image disclosure quintly reports
Focused on analytics, Quintly has an API for integrations. (Image: Reproduction / Quintly)

A Quintly is a paid tool (with free trial) focused on social media data analysis with API for integrations. In other words, it is possible to follow the performance of a profile and gather insights on competitors, customers and also influencers for digital marketing strategies.

There are more than 500 metrics available through the tool in fully customizable dashboards so that you can analyze the data that is relevant to each network, following the needs of each client.

In addition to data and analysis dashboards, Quintly also has custom reports that can be created and automated, with access control to private information.

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8. Reportei

image disclosure reports I reported
Reportei offers social media data analysis and digital marketing tools. (Image: Reproduction / Reported)

A Reportei is yet another tool dedicated to data analysis, reports and dashboards from social networks and digital marketing, such as: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Google and other email triggering platforms.

It is possible to define the ideal metrics for each client and create specific templates for each account, with full control and customization. Reports can also be automated to be emailed at defined time periods.

Two other interesting features of the platform are: the possibility of analysis in text, video and image; and the so-called timeline, with reports in history format with dates for each project.

Reportei’s plans range from basic, intermediate, advanced or customized, the latter for more than 15 accounts.

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So, do you already use any of these tools or do you have any to recommend? Tell us here in the comments!

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