8 tips to use the full potential of the Xbox Series X / S

The new generation is finally among us! The most current Microsoft consoles arrived on the 10th of November worldwide and are already giving something to talk about since the news and first impressions began to be shared and fans began to understand the true technological advancement of the machine.

As expected, in addition to the technical improvements of the various components of the console, such as cooling, SSD, GPU and CPU, which make gameplay possible at higher resolutions and at high frame rates per second, other features were not left out.

Therefore, Voxel has separated a series of tips for you to make the most of your Xbox Series X / S, even if you haven’t put your hands on it yet. Follow this guide full of information with us:

Subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass

This tip seems obvious to an Xbox owner, but it is important to note, since the service has only grown and improved over time, including several games of all genres to enjoy on the console, PC or Android for a very good value a month.

And even though the Game Pass has only developed, many customers have yet to realize the benefits of the service and Series X / S first-timers may not even know it exists.

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Netflix for games continues to expand its possibilities and one of the recent innovations is the addition of EA Play as one of the services, offering dozens more games like Anthem, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and many others. And the new “toys” from Microsoft will not be left out. Several old and new games can also be played on the Xbox Series X / S, which only gets better, especially if you are a fan of the company and also have a PC to play with.

Control and enjoy Quick Resume

Now, we look back at the console itself. One of the most interesting features that the new generation enables is the fast loading of games and programs on your Xbox. Quick Resume is a function created by Microsoft for the user to enjoy his library with almost imperceptible exchanges from one game to another.

One of the most promising features on the console allows you to run a race on the Forza Horizon 4, switch to a mission in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, go to the FIFA 21 for a quick start and then go back to exactly where you were at Forza, what is awesome.

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However, of course, functionality has its limitations. For example, you can lose some games along the way if you open something like half a dozen games or more, and it’s not a feature that works so well in games multiplayer, as you can be disconnected or return to the main menu when you return to the game.

Customize the system and make it even more beautiful

This is a simple tip, but it can completely change your experience on the Series X / S. Do you know the standard Xbox color scheme? You can change it directly from the main screen by tapping the View button to open a full set of customization options.

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The options range from adding or removing elements from your home screen, shuffling them to look the way you like, to changing your color and background with a list of options that adjust the aesthetics of the operating system.

Go beyond the standard system

We’ve been aware of the power of Microsoft machines for some time. We already knew that it would have from 8GB to 16GB GDDR6 between the Series S and X and that storage could reach up to 1TB on the most powerful console.

However, it is possible to purchase a storage expansion card to almost double the size of the storage you will have available. There are already some options like this in Brazil, such as the card created in partnership with Seagate.

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It is not yet clear whether it is possible to use another type of generic storage or if it will be possible in the future, but it is a good investment if you do not like having to delete something or re-manage your space to download a large game, especially the new generation ones. , which are getting bigger and bigger.

It is also worth remembering that backward compatible games can be played from an External HD with USB 3.1 (the one with blue input), which allows you to not take up space on your SSD with old games, reserving the internal device only for new generation games .

Another very important tip is that, although the new generation games do not run directly from an external drive, you can store them there. As well? Let’s say you want to free up space and delete Gears 5: there is no need to delete the game, you can allocate it on the external hard drive so you don’t have to download it again in the future. And when you want to play, just transfer it back to the SSD.

Activate the Auto-HDR function for backward compatible games

All retro games, original Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, now have Auto-HDR for compatible TVs, which improves image quality without losing the original artistic vision.

You can completely change your experience with the new Xbox with 4K HDR TVs with support for HDMI 2.1. It is through these beauties that you will be able to make the most of the technical capacity of the console, with native Ultra HD resolution with frame rates of up to 120 FPS. And, of course, enjoy the old games too.

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If you have a monitor or TV with these functions, go to Xbox settings> General> TV and Video options. This is where you adjust the resolution, refresh rate and HDR settings so that you experience the best possible image quality. HDR functions can be activated as standard, but it is always a good idea to check if it is already on.

Bad internet speed? See how to solve

This is a tip, but not about console functionality. That’s because some users have encountered internet connectivity issues on the Xbox Series X / S. This is a small bug that slows down the download speed of games and applications from the store, which causes a lot of slowness.

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However, it is possible to solve with a very classic and simple solution: restart the console.

Download the Dolby Atmos app

There is a somewhat “hidden” application in the Microsoft store that improves audio on the headset. Dolby Atmos presents sound improvement in several titles and just download the app from the Store. Then go to General, Volume and Audio Output, Headphone Format and choose Dolby Atmos.

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The program can be downloaded for free, but it has a paid version that further improves the audio system, and can be purchased only once to use forever.

Explore a little bit of everything

The new Xbox Series X / S is still a semi-explored and new territory. Although we understand a good part of the main functions, some tricks are always left out until a user discovers a completely new way to enjoy the console. We will still see some updates and improvements for the Microsoft machine and the features tend to increase.

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Still, don’t miss the opportunity to explore this new world and take a look at other extra features of the console:

  • Filter your games by generation, such as games enhanced for X / S and backward compatible. You can also sort by genre, storage location and resources multiplayer;
  • If you have the previous console, you can easily sync your Xbox One controls and, of course, do the opposite and use the Series X / S controller on One;
  • The screen capture has improved a lot on the new console. Saving settings and options when capturing or recording a game scene can be changed to not be saved to Xbox Live or the standard storage SSD.
  • Like the Nintendo Switch, the Xbox Series X / S has a feature called universal zoom, which allows you to zoom in on a location on the screen at any time to see it better.
  • The new console has, by default, a pause reminder, so you can set a kind of alarm that alerts you after a certain period of time playing. It can be useful, but not so much at the beginning, where you won’t want to leave your Xbox …

Did you like our tips? You already have your Xbox Series X / S and found a secret that can help players? Share with us in the comments. Let’s find out everything about him together!

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