8 tips to get the most out of Google Duo

With the growth of video calls around the world, due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the search for applications that satisfy people’s tastes has increased considerably.

Google Duo is one of these video conferencing tools that can help with meetings or virtual meetings. With features different from the other apps, it will be able to please Greeks and Trojans.

Since last year, the software has received updates and news to implement its communication with other people, including very interesting features. Below we will show the main ones:


Using the pattern WebRTC, Duo achieves real-time communication with the web. In this way it will allow you to make video, voice calls and even transfer files without the need for plug-ins.

The most interesting thing is that all calls made by the application are encrypted, that is, not even Google can know the content of your conversations.

Respects your data plan

Do you usually make videoconferencing calls outside the Wi-Fi network? If the answer is yes, Google Duo has a feature that automatically limits the sending of data when using a 4G network.

Automatically, the application decreases the connection to 1 Mbps, not consuming so much of your data plan. It is worth mentioning that when doing this, the image and the quality of the conversation can worsen significantly. However, don’t worry.

In the Duo settings it is possible to change the data consumption, leaving it limited or not, regardless of the form you are using.

Quick registration

To use the Duo just have the cell phone number in hand. It will not be necessary to fill in those gigantic forms with name, email and password, let alone confirm that it is you. The system is very similar to that of Whatsapp.

After registering your phone in the application, remember that you will not be able to use it at the same time in another location. If you have to do this you will need to log out of the previous account.

Improve image quality

On its support page, Google presents several tips to make your meeting perfect. As much as the Duo adjusts the brightness of the video, it is important to use a well-lit place, so that your call is benefited.

It is worth mentioning that it is possible to use the front or rear cameras, depending on your preference. Google stresses the importance of connecting to Wi-Fi before initiating the call so as not to lose quality. Since last year, the app also allows you to use effects and filters in video calls.

IOS, Android and web

Rest assured, Google Duo is present in the main operating systems on the market. It is possible to download the application for IOS and Android.

If you want to use it via a computer, Duo has a web version. All features present in device mode will be present on your computer.

Screen sharing

Since the end of last year, the Google Duo has received a screen sharing feature. In this way, the person with whom you chat will have the possibility to view everything that is available on your smartphone.

To activate screen sharing, just be in a conversation via Duo and click on the three dots (bottom right) of the screen and choose “Screen sharing”.

Knock Knock

One of the coolest features of the Google Duo is the ability to see the image of whoever wants to connect a video call, even before answering it. The system works only for numbers already registered in the application. The tool is like a peephole on the doors of the house.

On Android, the functionality allows you to see who is on the other side of the screen, even with the phone in locked mode. In iOS, this will only be possible when the iPhone is unlocked or if you leave the application open and ready to be used.


Another very welcome feature in Google Duo is the possibility to check the entire history of video calls, through the Telephone app, which is already integrated in most Android phones.

To do this, you will need to allow access to your call logs through Settings> Applications> Duo> Permissions.

Do you have any other tips that can improve the Google Duo experience? Enjoy and leave in the comments below.

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