8 things about Chrono Trigger that you didn’t know

Chrono Trigger it is considered by many one of the best works of the old Squaresoft in the 16 bits consoles. His fame is so great that he ended up gaining space on several other platforms, increasing access to his content – or almost so, since even today it is possible that some will find some surprises.

In the sequence, we list some curiosities that you probably didn’t know about this RPG that literally transcended the barriers of time.

1. Pre-sale items

(Source: Amazon JP / Reproduction)(Source: Amazon JP / Reproduction)Source: Amazon JP

Pre-order items are common today, but Chono Trigger proves that we can also find this in older games.

In Japan, those who booked the game received a package containing five cards with characters’ art and also some scenes from the game. Many believe that there are only 18 of them, but Squaresoft, at the time, placed three different types of holograms on each, totaling 54 collectible cards.

2. Right decision

It is common for developers to change their mind about some aspect of a game even during the production stage, be it the plot or even the soundtrack – and in this last point, the RPG we talked about had a pretty good idea.

The video below shows a gameplay of the content present in the game’s demo (which was sent to some Japanese magazines in 1994). The most important of them: advance the play bar at about 01:03:00 and see if you will be as surprised as we are with the theme that will be played at this moment.

3. Ayla’s secrets

Who plays Chrono Trigger in the American version, let it pass, but Ayla keeps some secrets that were wide open in the Japanese edition – and ended up being cut on this side of the globe to avoid any type of censorship.

The main one is that, at the party that happens on the first night of the group in prehistory, they end up drinking a “soup” and wake up really weird the other day. However, in the Japanese version they clearly clog up with sake – a drink with an alcoholic content that is very traditional there.

(Source: Square Enix / Reproduction)(Source: Square Enix / Reproduction)Source: Square Enix

Another point: one of Ayla’s first dialogues in the game led many to imagine that she is bisexual, but it is enough to find her with Marle and Lucca in the group to realize the misunderstanding. Check out the following translation:

Ayla: I’m Ayla. Ayla likes strong men. So Ayla likes Cro [Crono].

Marle: F-stay away from her, Crono!

Lucca: She really saw something different about you, Crono …

[Ayla dá um passo pra trás e balança a cabeça negativamente]

Ayla: You are also strong. Ayla likes strong people. Whether they are men or women.

[Marle dá risada] Marle: Ohhh, so that’s what you mean.

Lucca: II have no interest in that sort of thing.

As we can see, there is nothing strange about Ayla’s speech. However, if you follow only Lucca, the last sentence can put the fighter’s tastes of the past in check and generate all the confusion.

4. Cat simulator?

Believe it or not, you can breed cats in Chrono Trigger. In addition to the initial present at Crono’s house and the other obtained as a prize at Tent of Horrors in the year 1000 AD, some more may appear at the protagonist’s house (and at the end of the game, as seen below) with some conditions.

Initially, get Silver Points at Millenial Fair events and participate in the game at Tent of Horros to get cat food. The limit is 200, and the prize is two meals in the game of 10 SP, 10 meals in the 40 SP and 24 meals in the 80 SP. It is worth mentioning that cats will eat between 0 and 3 rations each time you set foot in the first area of ​​Leene Square.

You can check the amount of feed you have on the second floor at Crono’s house. In fact, the more food you have at home, the more pussies can appear (up to 77% probability, as a limit of 11 of them) – and for each new pet that arrives you can lose between 2 and 200 rations. If they eat everything, when they step on Leene Square again there is a chance that one of them will leave (between 4% and 35%).

(Source: YouTube / Playback)(Source: YouTube / Playback)Source: YouTube

5. Masamune does not exist in the Japanese version

There is no doubt that Masamune is the strongest sword for Frog in its final version. However, despite a more oriental name, did you know that it doesn’t exist with that nickname in the Japanese game?

(Source: Square Enix / Reproduction)(Source: Square Enix / Reproduction)Source: Square Enix

The sword was named after a blacksmith named Goro Nyudo Masamune, who lived in the 13th century. However, in the eastern version of the game it is known as Grandleon – and the two brothers who give it life are called Guran and Rion (and when they are read quickly, they give the same sound as the name of the Frog blade).

In fact, the name of the triple technique Grand Dream present in the game makes a play on the name of this sword, joining the Grand (from Grandleon) with Doreen (a pronunciation close to the word Dream), the sister of Guran and Rion. As she mentions several things about dreams in Enhansa, it ended up giving rise to the combo seen in the American version of the game.

6. Manual errors

The manuals for the Super Nintendo RPG games served as a kind of guide for the beginning of the journey, but I knew that the Chrono Trigger Do you have any mistakes that can lead you to a fruitless search?

Two of them are following. In the photo of one of the saves, for example, mention is made of “The Warlock’s Castle” (which became “The Magus’ Castle ”), in addition to the Fleaver sword (the only equipment with the status shown in the photo is the Slasher). Two other minor problems: note that, for some reason, Ayla also became OM2 and Robo became Robot.

(Source: Voxel / Douglas Vieira)(Source: Voxel / Douglas Vieira)Source: Voxel

(Source: Voxel / Douglas Vieira)(Source: Voxel / Douglas Vieira)Source: Voxel

7. “Unpublished” songs

Chrono Trigger it also features some songs that were left out in the game, but ended up appearing in other ways. See below Scattering Blossoms and Singing Mountain (the first is in the music menu for the PlayStation edition and the other came as an extra on the Nintendo DS game version CD).

8. Areas eliminated in the final version

Finally, we have a video showing demonstration points that are not in the final version of the game: Singing Mountain (which would be located in prehistory), Dungeons of Zeal (where Crono and the group would pass after being saved by Schala) and Sealed Pyramid (which can be seen on the map in 600 AD).

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