8 suggestions for anyone who enjoys a good movie based on real facts

Great real-life stories end up generating good movies and being very successful among viewers. Many people, situations and events are worthy of the small screens and end up making exciting movies, full of action and with a lot of reality.

It is possible to find many films in this style, and Telecine presents itself with a great difference between streamings, offering a catalog full of works based on real facts, unmissable classics and current releases.

For this article, we selected some of the most interesting features that were directly inspired by real plots and that are on Telecine. Check out:

In the wild

(Paramount Vintage/Reproduction)Fonte:  Paramount Vintage

In the early 1990s, Christopher McCandless, an upper-middle-class young man from the United States, decided to abandon his family on a journey of self-discovery. He spent two years traveling through nature, without any equipment or money to buy anything at all. In 2007, a film telling more about his trajectory was released, whose protagonist was played by actor Emile Hirsch.

Saving Private Ryan

(Paramount Pictures/Reproduction)(Paramount Pictures/Reproduction)Fonte:  Paramount Pictures

A great indication for anyone who enjoys watching war movies online, in this feature film full of impressive scenes, viewers follow a very faithful portrait of certain combats faced by soldiers during World War II.

In the plot, seven men with distinct personalities relentlessly search for Ryan, the last survivor of four military brothers. Although the original story was set in the American Civil War, the filmmakers transformed some points of the narrative into the composition of the film.

Voo United 93

(Universal Pictures/Reproduction)(Universal Pictures/Reproduction)Fonte:  Universal Pictures

One of the planes hijacked by terrorists during fateful 9/11 was targeting the Capitol or the White House. According to investigations, about four terrorists tried to divert the aircraft’s route, but were stopped by passengers who somehow sacrificed themselves for the greater good. All this can be seen in Voo United 93, which recreates the moments of anguish faced by all these people.

Detroit in Rebellion

(Hulu/Reproduction)(Hulu/Reproduction)Fonte: Hulu

In this production, the audience sees the portrait of the case that became known as the Algiers Motel Incident. In the city of Detroit in 1967, three young black men were killed and nine others reported police abuse after a task force arrived at the scene. The fact generated several protests, which lasted about five days.


(Imovision/Reproduction)(Imovision/Reproduction)Source: Imovision

Set in Chile in the late 1980s, this film is about a publicist named René Saavedra (played by Gael García Bernal), who is involved in a campaign against the dictatorial government, when there is a plebiscite to decide whether General Augusto Pinochet could continue in the power. In this way, the character is fundamental to convince the population to fight against the country’s military regime.


(Focus Features/Reproduction)(Focus Features/Reproduction)Fonte:  Focus Features

Harriet earned Cynthia Erivo a Best Actress nomination. The production focuses on the story of the activist Harriet Tubman, an extremely important figure in the abolitionist context of the American Civil War. His missions even managed to save around 300 enslaved people through a network known as the Underground Railroad. The film is part of Telecine’s catalog of new films and deserves to be watched.


(Gaumont/Reproduction)(Gaumont/Reproduction)Cast iron: Gaumont

One of France’s most charismatic clowns and one of the country’s first black artists was nicknamed Chocolate, having his story told in a film full of interesting nuances.

Gradually, the public knows more about his trajectory, facing all kinds of prejudice and subverting some stereotypes. Rafael Padilla struggled intensely to be recognized for his art during the late 19th century and if you like to watch exciting movies online, don’t miss it.

Apollo 13: From Disaster to Triumph

(Universal Pictures/Reproduction)(Universal Pictures/Reproduction)Fonte:  Universal Pictures

Lastly, if you want to watch Telecine movies today, you can’t miss this title. In the plot, spectators follow the problems faced by astronauts on the Apollo 13 mission, which took place during the 1970s. During their time in orbit, astronauts need to make strategic repairs to the spacecraft to survive in a frantic and breathtaking race .

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