8 series similar to Pretty Little Liars for warm fans

Exhibited between 2010 and 2017 by Freeform, Pretty Little Liars captivated several people in 160 episodes filled with intense conflicts. The plot addresses a group of friends who are involved in dilemmas and problems.

With the return of the series in a new guise, developed by the same creator of Riverdale and The Dark World of Sabrina, we made a list with eight series similar to Pretty Little Liars, equally interesting, for you to watch while waiting for the reboot.

1. Scream Queens

Source: Fox

Created by Ryan Murphy, the series features Lea Michele and Emma Roberts in the lead roles for the two seasons. Both had peculiar and frightening moments with impressive performances and an interesting development for each dramatic arc.

The youthful freshness of Scream Queens very reminiscent of the mysterious vibe of Pretty Little Liars and it can certainly be a good choice for fans orphaned from the show. It is worth remembering that the cast also had the participation of Abigail Breslin, Billie Lourd, Jamie Lee Curtis, Taylor Lautner and Kirstie Alley.

two. Nancy Drew

(Reproduction)Source: The CW

The CW series is a fun and contemporary adaptation of the original series launched in the late 1970s. Kennedy McMann plays the main character.

Focused on intriguing mysteries, the production bets on a protagonist who ends up being one of the main witnesses – and suspects – of an incomprehensible murder. From there, she engages in an unbridled search for the truth that can be increasingly dangerous. In Brazil, episodes are available on Globoplay.

3. The Society

(Reproduction)Source: Netflix

As much as it was unexpectedly canceled by Netflix after season 1, The Society has very interesting characters and a good premise. The production imagines a dystopia in which several adolescents are completely alone and responsible for themselves. An overwhelming mystery that, unfortunately, did not have a plausible outcome.

4. Good Girls

(Reproduction)Source: NBC

Although Good Girls not to be starring teenagers, the series has an addictive quality that leaves anyone who sets out to watch shocked by the events unfolding.

With three seasons shown so far, it stars Retta, Christina Hendricks and Mae Whitman as three best friends who end up deliberately getting involved in the world of crime.

As Pretty Little Liars, is about how female ties can strengthen each episode, despite all the dangers and threats in the world. It can be seen on Netflix.

5. The Undoing

(Reproduction)Source: HBO

The recent HBO miniseries left viewers eager to complete the mystery announced early on. As much as the end left no gaps, many people liked how the dramatic story of Grace Fraser (Nicole Kidman) developed, discovering the whole truth about her husband.

Even though it’s not a teenage plot, The Undoing it is immersive to the extreme and manages to leave the viewer eager to know all the secrets of the plot.

6. The O.C.

(Reproduction)Source: Fox

Also known in Brazil as A Stranger in Paradise, the series addresses a class conflict, betting on the plot of Ryan Atwood (Ben McKenzie), a troubled teenager who is adopted by wealthy parents who give him the opportunity to build a new life, which, by the way, it is showered with various luxuries.

With this development, the plot bets on conflicts pertinent to the protagonist’s life phase, making some specific criticisms to various aspects of contemporary society.

7. Riverdale

(Reproduction)Source: The CW

Created by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Riverdale is based on characters from the Archie Comics comics. The adolescent plot bets on a drama filled with almost inexplicable mysteries that, little by little, are being developed and revealed to the public.

The production has KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes and Cole Sprouse as protagonists. So far, four seasons have been released on Netflix, with the next scheduled to open on January 20.

8. gossip Girl

(Reproduction)Source: The CW

Finally, one of the series most loved by teenagers in the late 2000s. gossip Girl, production based on the original story of the writer Cecily von Ziegesar. The plot follows young residents of the Upper East Side of New York and students at an elite school who develop several secrets throughout the episodes.

Starring Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick, Taylor Momsen and Penn Badgley, it had six seasons shown between 2007 and 2012. Currently, a reboot is scheduled to be released on HBO Max.

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